Trolling humanis for fun

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Trolling humanis for fun
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Koi some single A security corp


Roadie hires koi for a personal run against humanis in Snohomish. the bears den of the hate group, the plan was to gather evidence of them being awful and give it to one legal eagle so he can build up a strong case and get the leadership behind bars for a very long time. in and out, no fuss no muss. and somehow it actually worked!


koi is sleeping in at 10am as a day jobless samurai is wont to do, when he recieves a call from Roadie asking to meet up at a fancy itilain place that is used to have shady meetings on the regular. koi being tired and a free spirit does no checking on this place before heading in a bit early and waiting

The Meet

surprised and relieved to be meeting a old friend koi and roadie mingle and shoot the shit easily, koi ordering his salad seems to make roadie cringe which only makes it so much more enjoyable to the young runner. they talk about why they are here. roadie has a friend, a young girl who goblinzed and whos parents and family are heavily involved with the flaming sword of humanis, she knows their up to nothing good and wants to help stop them before they hurt more people. Koi agrees without a seconds thought to ask for payment because frak humanis

The Plan

the plan was originally to hit 4 targets. two homes of members to find photo evidence of them and their connection with the flaming sword and to plant listening devices to take recordings of their conversations, one garage where several bikes of the 88 biker club (a partner of the flaming sword, a hate go gang basically) and to plant plastic explosive their to ruin their bikes for good, and lastly a old school printing station where propganda was made in mass and put up everywhere, a data tap was to be planted their to allow a decker (Echo) to access the files and systems hidden away. Koi convinced roadie to change the plan somewhat by guilting him and calling him "the cop in the movie who does things by the book", adding the bonus objective to print some propaganda of their own and letting the humanis drek heads find piles of pro metahuman messages for them Monday morning. waiting for nightfall and meeting in a parking garage with multiple floors, and the team all met, koi was introduced to the girl whos parents are up to no good, Echo, a pinkish red skinned troll teen with a deck and a lot of skill using it, the plan was shared and after some time to wait for a fourth member who didnt show because "he was grounded" the team was forced to pick up the slack, koi would hit a house and the printing press, roadie the garage and the last house, echo would stay in the car and deck.

The Run

The first was getting into the house to plant the listening devices and to take photos when a dog in the backyard came up to him and gave him his ball as koi was using the auto picker on the back door. after opening the door he played fetch for a bit and then went inside letting the dog in where it proceeded to zoom around the house in a adorable way, koi hurriedly tried to do his job here before leaving out the back door into the backyard, leaving the door open and hoping the two residents would think they left the door open

at the printing press koi ambushed a guard at the back door to get him to open the door and let him in, the guard was scared out his mind so koi took a peice of gum out his pocket and offered it to him. calming the guard to much since koi dropped his gun to do so and the guard tried to make a demand of koi, koi countered by reasoning with the man that hes working for humanis and does he really want to be helping them? after a roll it turns out he did not, so he would help koi get to where he needed to go if koi helped him steal some valuables in a safe upstairs. the two easily managed to get up to the high class office, koi planted and hid the wire tap, then opened the safe and they made their way down and out, the printing press coming to life as echo started spreading the good word. the vaulables where left in the guards site hidden by a tree and koi took a suitcase full of papers and data chips, it may have needed to be bashed in with a crowbar before the goods where retrieved but they where, the suitcase was left in the woods. and koi drove off, like a grandmother at 20 miles per hour


after meeting up at the parking garage they shared a update. it turns out the papers and data chips had a lot of information about flaming sword front companies and the paper trail on how they made their fiances, a bonus for legal eagle and sadly koi may have influenced Echo to much into how amazing the shadowrun life really is, roadie was not amused but they parted ways without shooting each other so that was nice


5 karma

Legale eagle for koi as a 4/1 contact

8k in gear roadie lifted from the 88s


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


man i am not as subtle as i should be, but i got to play with a dog and make the world a better place, so best run ever basically... roadie kinda opened my eyes a bit, im not sure i agree with everything he believes. but he HAS beliefs...i think its time i got some to