Troubled Tanamyre Treading Water

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By Richard Skarsgard, Global Business News

Posted on 2079-01-11 at 11:24:10 UTC

Tanamyre Resources could be looking at a merger after end of financial year profit margins have plateaued.

The Australian AA corporation could be facing reclassification soon as Corporate Court auditors assess the validity of its extraterritoriality.

Tanamyre’s main revenue stream has been impacted significantly with the recent expansion of Saeder-Krupp Mining co. Australasia into their home turf.

This marks the fourth year of substandard yields. While still remaining profitable, they have been unable to meet annual targets.

Chief Executive of Tanamyre Resources Peter Lawler said the company’s recent expansions will protect the company from the upcoming audit.

“We’ve recently been expanding heavily into the Asian and American markets,” he said. “We’ve been busy consolidating in Hong Kong, Jakarta, Seattle and Los Angeles.”

“Our portfolio remains diverse, expansive and international.”

Zeta-ImpChem’s recent interest in the Australian company, along with Eastern Tiger and ESUS, have been the top of discussions around the flatlining corporation

“Well obviously all options are on the table,” Mr Lawler said. “But Australians want a home grown company to be their battler on the world stage. We’re proud of where we’ve come from and we’re going to keep giving it a fair go.”

In a controversial move, corporate court auditors have joined forces with the Australian Intelligence and Security Enforcement agents to perform the audit.

Minister for Home Affairs Andrew Mutton said the AISE play an important role in enforcing national law.

“AISE protects Australian borders, including corporate borders. If Tanamyre was to be restructured, then it’s important for a swift transitionary period back under Australian laws,” Mr Mutton said.

The controversial move has sparked major outcry, however the move has significant popular support.

The audit is scheduled to begin in early 2080, with an estimated finish date of mid year 2082.