Tully Monster

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Tully Monster
LocationThe Resonance Realms
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven The City
Funk Tully Monsters
Casualties and losses
None None


The technomancer Funk's first journey into the resonance realms, in which they faced their trial from the great firewall. Dropped into a crowded, polluted, non-euclidian city, Funk ate some ramen and watched a fellow technomancer get dragged off by bioaugmented drones. He followed behind, staying hidden long enough to watch that technomancer be fed into a nightmarish machine. After being spotted by one of the drones, Funk narrowly escaped into a sewer and met with another runaway. They ate some hot dogs together, and Funk resolved to take the only way out he could. If he couldn't go back up, he'd just have to delve further down. After jumping into a bottomless pit, he got to see a well of pure resonance flow around him before getting kicked back out into the matrix.


As a massive heat wave tore through Seattle, Funk cooked in his air conditioning-less apartment. He jumped into the matrix as a way to escape, and traveled to a lovely host styled to look like a cool aspen forest. While enjoying the scenery, his field of view was suddenly spammed with hundreds of glitchy travel advertisements. Out from behind a tree came a humanoid being of mashed together road signs, a high level courier sprite. The sprite spoke in cut together commercials, and asked Funk if he'd like to go on a trip. Funk agreed, and payed the sprite's charge of 50 nuyen. The scrap metal finger touched Funk's persona, and he was pulled into the resonance.

The Meet

As Funk began to process what had just happened, he realized that he stood in front of a gigantic wall of swirling red code. His persona was reflected in the wall, and as he approached he could feel its eyes boring into him. He reached out to touch the wall, and as soon as his persona made contact he was consumed by it. His vision was consumed by red, and he was once again sent deeper into the resonance.

The Plan

When Funk came to consciousness again, he was in the middle of a gigantic city. There was no sky; the buildings folded in on each other in ways that shouldn't be physically possible. He fought down his panic as he realized that he was in the middle of a dense, massive crowd. His persona had taken on the appearance of his meat body, and it shared all the same sensations. He elbowed his way to a packed ramen shop to get a reprieve, and got some purple soup that smelled like durian. As he ate, he watched a strange creature of metal and flesh scan the crowd with its two eye stalks. Another flew by, carrying in its claw a person that Funk somehow knew was a technomancer. Funk decided to follow, willing his meat body away and taking to the sky as his true persona.

The Run

Funk followed the monster for about 20 minutes, managing to stay out of sight. Along the way, he watched as the buildings' millions of residents tossed trash out into the crowd. The city was a mess of garbage and pollution, the acrid air stinging the lungs. Funk saw the monster's destination, a gigantic factory with hundreds of bottomless shafts leading into it, and watched them drop off their technomancer cargo. He decided to use a complex form to find out the building's purpose, and got treated to a firsthand view of the horrific experiments being conducted within. As he reeled from the vision, one of the monsters spotted him.

Funk ran for his life, narrowly avoiding the thing's gnashing claw. Unable to hide, he launched a data spike that bounced off its armored hide. The monster delivered two strikes in quick succession, each leaving a tooth implanted in Funk's persona. As he scrambled to find a way out, he noticed a rather conveniently placed sewer grate on the side of a building. It was ajar, and a quick hack on the fly let him duck inside of it as the monster bore down on him. The grate slammed shut behind him, and after a few minutes of falling he wound up in a dank sewer tunnel. He was greeted by a man grilling hot dogs.

After erasing the marks on him, Funk sat down for a chat with this scraggly sewer man. The man, James, was a native of the city and another fellow technomancer. He had also been caught sticking his head where it didn't belong, and wound up in the tunnel to hide from the monsters. He chatted with Funk about where he came from, and why the hell he decided to visit here. James explained that Funk was stuck; the only ways out were up into the city, or further down into the unknown. Neither seemed very enticing, and thus James had been living in this sewer for years. After thinking on it for a moment, Funk decided he'd rather take his chances with the unknown. James gave him a radio and wished him a safe journey as Funk approached a seemingly bottomless pit. After jamming for a moment to some classic tunes, Funk jumped.

He fell and fell through the void for what seemed like hours, before finally coming out into an ocean of pure resonance. Waves of data crashed together randomly, but the code around Funk pulsed in time with the music. He was seeing the matrix in its purest form, and for a long moment he just basked in it. Then, the resonance kicked him right back out. He dropped back in front of the great firewall, James's radio still clutched in his hand. The courier sprite appeared again, and asked for a review. Funk gave them three stars.


As Funk jacked out of the matrix, he went to the living room and hugged his dad. He agreed to talk about things later, and went back into his room to start shopping for box fans.


  • 10 karma
  • Discount on submersion grade 1
  • Optional contact: Expedien the free sprite at loyalty 3

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