Voice Among the Tide

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Voice Among the Tide
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp


Voiceless was asked to help with some work in La and who knows what could go wrong.


The Meet

Voiceless who had been requested to meet in a small town where they would discuss the portions of the job and what needs to be done for them to achieve it and be able to reach their goals. which was basically bodyguarding one of them stars she always is constantly getting in trouble and therefore they would have the means to arrive in LA but that is just where the problem just started to rise

The Plan

There was a plan to make sure that the target is safe and not harmed due to his own actions and other people wanting to get back at him.

The Run

Doing a few antics has made sure that the target does not put himself eventually they would head to a club where he would spend a good amount of time and cause some problems. thankfully the runner was able to notice that the person they were meant to be guarding was grabbed by a few individuals and dragged outside with a small engagement happening and therefore led to but target being saved before they were fully kidnapped by unknown assailants. this eventually led to a small little media exposure due to distance overall nothing big and apparent came out of this aside from a minor firefight


All stayed normal with a new trid showing up with a surge, that looked a bit like the runner.


16k (8 RVP) 5 Karma 1 Public Awareness

Voiceless get Mundane Ascension rewards

Optional Ramon optional 5/3 (RVP 7) (edited)

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