Waffle King

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Waffle King
LocationAl's Waffle House, Tacoma
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Al's Waffle House Koche Security Services
Newbie spider Bored Koche Security guards


Catseye, Koi and Gh0st break into a waffle house to steal the perfect waffle recipe.


Mr. Johnson has received word that a competing breakfast place to his, Al's Waffle House, has developed the perfect waffle recipe. Wanting to... spread the recipe around some more, he hires some runners to steal a copy for him.

The Meet

The meet occurred at the Johnson's own restaurant. He tells them about what's going on and what they're out to steal.

The Plan

After gathering all the information they could, the runners decided to sneak into the waffle house after dark and take the recipe then.

The Run

Gh0st started by doing a matrix search to get more info about the Waffle House. The team then went to scout the place out in person. Gh0st took a look at the place's host while Catseye and Koi checked out the restaurant in person, and sampled the waffles themselves. Koi planted Catseye's fly-spy on the wall in the restaurant for later use. They then left and waited for the restaurant to close and the employees to leave. Gh0st then went back into the host and started unlocking maglocks and looping camera feeds so Koi could sneak his way through the waffle house to Al's office. Inside he found the filing cabinet that held the waffle recipe, which he opened with his autopicker. He took a picture of it, reset the cabinet and made his way out. The team contacted the Johnson and sent him the recipe, and made off with their payment.


Al's perfect waffle recipe get spread around, and even more people get access to delicious waffles.


12,000 nuyen

3 karma


A copy of the perfect waffle recipe

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Gh0st: It was a little boring but I haven't ran in a bit so it was nice to stretch my virtual bones a bit in a relatively safe host, plus that waffle recipe is amazing!


My only regret is not thinking of more waffle related puns. Really not bad money for some B&E work for a place that doesn't even have a night shift security guard(s). Doubt I'll see this Johnson again, which is a shame but I guess all my runs can't be food related