War in Heaven

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War in Heaven
LocationRedmond, Seattle Metroplex
Status Threat Level: Semi-Prime
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Omega Dawn
Frag Face Omega Dawn Adept
Omega Dawn Decker
Omega Dawn Gunner
Omega Dawn Mage
Omega Dawn Rigger
Omega Dawn Squad Leader
Casualties and losses
Adept, Gunner, Mage, Rigger
This was an initiation run.


In which Frag Face survives an attack by Omega Dawn, engaging in an epic battle in the skies before quite literally going to ground and escaping by the skin of his teeth.


Frag Face is... well, a walking war-crime, and has amassed a sizable bounty on his head during the course of his long career of murder-hobo-ing - unfortunately for him, some of the friends of the HTR forces he's killed over the years have teamed up to ruin his day/life.

The Perfectly Ordinary Day Where Nothing Bad Happened To Anyone

The day begins with Frag Face taking a casual stroll through the outskirts of Glow City in order to soak in some radiation and power up his "area of effect damage". He can feel the Shark in his mind, telling him that there is excitement and violence to be found out in the Barrens today, and so is eager for a good scrap with his trusty YNT rampart on his arm and newly acquired jetpack on his back, the betakami buzz keeping him alert and ready for anything. As he strides towards Sophocles, having heard there's some good fun to be had there recently, he hears the whirring of a VTOL's engines in the sky above him, and looks up to see a craft blotting out the sun, bellowing out "Omega Dawn will rise!" from its speakers as it aims an assault cannon right in his direction. Frag Face just grins, knowing he's about to have a very good day indeed.

The Plan, Such As It Is


The Clash of the Titans

Seizing the initiative, Frag Face activates his jetpack and blasts his way straight up towards the VTOL, smashing through the bottom and right into the midst of a squad of slotted-off HTR goons in full FBA; naturally, they take issue with this, lighting him up with bullets, spells and magical punches which he proceeds to shrug off with his usual swagger while changing his sparring song. While the decker supports the team with calibrations and IATFs, the rigger pouts about not getting to use his assault cannon and instead begins flying the craft at full speed towards the outskirts of Touristville (the Omega Dawn team intend to dump Frag Face's mangled body into the street as a warning to all the SINless scum that no one is safe from their wrath).

Unfortunately for Frag Face, Omega Dawn are a cut above his usual caliber of foe, with a near-miss with a nerve strike and a close-call from a slay ork spell putting him on his toes; unfortunately for the mage, Frag Face spots him out and proceeds to delete him from this plane of existence with a well-placed punch. The squad leader rallies his troops, who dogpile Frag Face and begin to overwhelm him with the fury of their assault as his bio-monitor provides running updates on the injuries he's accrued. With the VTOL shaking from the furious fight and going at speeds it was certainly not designed for, Frag Face makes the bold choice to employ the power of smash, forgoing attacking the goons to instead do as much damage as possible to the craft.

The gambit pays off as the VTOL is quite literally ripped apart in mid-air, the debris sent plummeting to the earth just outside Touristville and attracting the attention of onlookers for miles around. The rigger is killed immediately by the massive biofeedback damage while the rest of the squad engage their parachutes - Frag Face meanwhile uses his jetpack to stay aloft. A mid-air battle ensues as Frag Face takes pot-shots at the falling goons with his machine pistol (his assault rifle having been bricked by the decker), with the Omega Dawn memebers respond with machine gun fire and grenades - their adept nearly hits Frag Face with seven-7, however he manages to throw it right back at him before the wireless trigger goes off. Before he can celebrate this victory however, his jet pack's fuel line is clipped by machine gun fire, causing it to explode on his back and sending him plummeting towards the earth.

Now both in a berserk rage and laughing with maniacal glee, Frag Face and the seven-7'd Omega Dawn adept continue trying to kill one-another before the former triumphs over the latter (though at the cost of his trusty YNT rampart, which finally cracks in half after soaking the impact of a whole bandoleer of grenades). With the ground quickly approaching, he has just enough time to slap a stimpatch onto his neck and aim a smashing blow at the oncoming pavement, crashing through the asphalt and into the sewer below.


Against all odds, Frag Face survives the impact, though he breaks many bones in the process (which he fails to notice due to his pain editor, though his bio-monitor does its best to tell him regardless); with a single box remaining on his physical condition track and the clock ticking on his drug/stimpatch crash, he knows he's not going to be able to to continue the fight, even with his mentor screaming in his mind to finish them all off. Making his escape through the sewers to the OU, he smashes his way through the tunnels in an attempt to leave an obvious trail, leaving grenades behind him for pursuers; the subsequent explosions confirm that the surviving Omega Dawn members are hot on his heals. Being in no shape to engage, he instead calls for assistance from Queen Elizabeth XXIII, a free spirit who he has given karma to before, and been rewarded with a token from her. A beast spirit is sent to make a bargain with him, and he agrees to a debt of 10,000 nuyen and 5 karma (as well as a favor to be paid at a later date) in exchange for the concealment and movement powers being placed on him to help facilitate a quick retreat while the spirit leads Omega Dawn on a chase in the opposite direction.

Quickly smashing his way through the deeper levels of the OU, Frag Face manages to locate Skraacha territory and make his way to Warboss, who recognizes his fellow trog based on his reputation for applied violence. Telling his tale of glory, the ork and the troll immediately bond over their shared passion for murder and mayham, and after confirming that he wasn't followed Warboss orders his cronies (Mr. Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy among them, who Frag Face has met previously) to take the heavily injured ork to receive medical attention. Once he's patched up, Frag Face undergoes initiation into the Skraacha and has people sent to his old apartment to recover his things (they thankfully manage to get there shortly before Omega Dawn kicks in the door and burns it to the ground).

The residents of Touristville spend the next several days scavenging whatever VTOL parts and mill-spec equipment the Omega Dawn survivors didn't manage to clean up, and one lucky barrens rat finds the bits of Frag Face's old shield to take as a souvenir of the day. Commlink and drone footage of the battle makes its way into the hands of KSAF and is broadcast widely. Frag Face's bounty is also increased again, and a manhunt is on to try to track him down - the next time he leaves the OU will likely be very interesting for all involved.


  • IG6 discount
  • 15 karma
  • 2 CDP
  • 2 Public Awareness
  • 1 Street Cred
  • Warboss (C6/L4 Fixer) as a contact
  • Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy (C3/L3 Tough Guy) as a contact
  • Skraacha membership
  • +10 Skraacha reputation
  • +10 Streets of Redmond reputation
  • Wanted bounty increased to 400k, now on the radar of Omega Dawn

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

"Thank you very much for your contribution to science! Thanks to your valiant efforts, any claims of my mortality are even further disproven, and I continue to reign eternal! You are, of course, always welcome to have another go, scientific rigor and all that, just make sure the next VTOL is even more explodey." - Frag Face