Wardog's Taproom

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Wardog's Taproom
Rundown bar in North Tacoma
Owner is rumored to be an ex-shadowrunner, but that may just be the chrome
Location Creatorkurczdmadman
IC OwnerWardog
NeighborhoodTacoma, near the docks
Background Count1 (Shamanism)


The bartender and proprieter is Watchdog. Rumors are that the place is going under, but.... that's been true for almost 2 years now. No one knows how it stays in business

Distinctive Features


This bar is located about 5 minutes south of the Tacoma docks. The exterior is a simple brick cube, with an AR logo with a simple text proclaiming it to be Watchdog's Taproom. There's an image behind the logo that looks like a raging bulldog. You get the distinct feeling that whoever put it together knows very little about using the Matrix.


The interior is dimly lit (dim lighting) and there are only a few patrons, most times of the day. At night, it might be about half-full, playing some western-inspired music. There's a jukebox in the corner. The jukebox itself is non functional, but there is an ARO menu that pops up as you approach it that you can use to request a song. Watchdog is pretty much always bartending, but he at night he is also assisted by a female human in her early 30s.


When a meeting is setup, a particular drink is given as a codeword. Runners order the drink, and Watchdog generally just jerks a thumb at a door labeled Employee's Only. For secrecy's sake, it is best to perform these meeting when the bar is not super full (usually between 11 AM and 5 PM, the Happy hour crew hits around 6) Through the employee's only entrance, past several kegs, there's a door which buzzes as they get close (a camera is watching them so that Watchdog knows when to buzz them in). The room is shielded by a Faraday Cage and a F6 Astral Barrier (set by Spitfire).

IC Information

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Watchdog is a local bar, owned by an ork.
3 The bar is not affiliated with any organizations. It's rumored that Watchdog used to be a runner, and that the bartender who's there on some evenings is an old running partner.
6 Watchdog is a wiz decker who retired. He never did like being showy, which might explain the nondescript logo. The second bartender is a current runner named Spitfire and a decently powered mage. The bar's main source of revenue is it's meeting room, which is shielded from both the matrix and astral.

Area Knowledge:Seattle Table

Threshold Result
1 It's one of the bars near the docks in Tacoma
3 Kinda rundown and not super popular, it's a wonder the place is still in business.
5 This particular bar is actually a popular location for clandestine meetings, due to the discretion of the owner and the private room in the back.

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