Warehouse Assault

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Warehouse Assault
LocationTacoma Warehouses
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven The Collective (A ganger group)


A small time gang in Tacoma has refused to make a deal peacefully with Charybdis, so she has decided that some respect is deserved and will teach them why.


The Collective has been flooding low income areas with low quality drugs that are causing harm to both the prices and buyers, after several attempts at negotiation the local gangs turn to Charybdis. A dryad who has recently set up a neutral grounds for gangs to make deals. After she was rudely told to frag off, she decided to hire some runners to teach them what respect is.

The Meet

The players are all sent messages through their respective fixers to arrive at a book store, called The Monster's Den, after hours. They all show up to the meet on time to find that the store does not have a single AR anywhere on it, and see the wooden door swing open inviting them into the dark and gloomy store. Initially they are amazed by the amount of physical books on display throughout the store they are quickly horrified as the several "decorative" statues come to life and all begin parroting the word password louder and louder. They state the password and are lead down a set stairs hidden behind a bookshelf where Charybdis is waiting with teas and muffins sitting offered, after a quick rundown the team manages to bump the pay through some quick negotiating and begin planning out their attack.

The Plan

The team was going to scout out the public host to find which exact warehouse they are in and then scout around the warehouse itself to figure out what the security is like.

The Run

The team arrives on site of the public parking for the warehouse district, and Vikar has his spirit scout for any magical defenses, which none are found, while R-33 begins digging through the public host to try and find which specific warehouse they need to drive to. He manages to find the file in a nested host and cracks it shortly after being discovered much to his dismay Tar Baby IC start spawning, this is only the first off him being detected while hacking. They head to warehouse 34 and slowly begin scouting the outside with R-33 begins poking the personal host for this section and is quickly detected causing the team to all charge in. Quickly dispatching the gate guard it becomes a shootout between the gangers inside and the team outside only ending after Vikar drops both a F6 Ball Lighting and a F8 Ball Lightning, learning their lesson after tanking the first spell they all take off running for cover. Giving the team long enough to clear the astral and decide that they dealt enough damage after killing two gangers and quickly escape the scene.


The team manages to get clear of the Cops and limp their way back to The Monster's Den where they are thanked for their work and paid for their job. Charybdis received a message promptly in the morning from the surviving gangers asking for forgiveness.


8000 Nuyen

4 Karma

Optional Contact: Charybdis 4/1

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Vikar: Just another simple job, i send a few spirits around and learned something about it when we hit it...And dropping down a few power spells can make you a big target, if you are a mage remember to clean up and don't leave a trace or the cops will track you down and back into jail.