What Rogue Armour's Made Of

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What Rogue Armour's Made Of
Part of It's a Small Underworld After All
GMKeeper M
LocationGoose Prairie, SSC
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Juggernaut Aztechnology Seattle
The Incredible Behemoth The DILLO Elijah Watts
Nadia Watts
Casualties and losses
None None (KO'd) None
This was played out in a thread in the PBP channel on the Discord server.


The Incredible Behemoth's reputation has outgrown Seattle. A small Salish-Shidhe Council village besieged by a juggernaut contacts two of her fixers to deal with the Awakened armadillo, both of whom recommend her. She does so well she also nets a second job while in Goose Prairie, this time against Televisa Seattle…


Some six metres wide, five tall, fourteen long, juggernauts - armadillo-derived paracritters - only differ from the "base stock" in terms of some dermal spikes upon the tank-like back and the size.

Oh, and the eating habits. They eat anything, including inorganic matter, causing severe damage anywhere they go. They don't have the best eyesight, more than making up for it with other senses, including smell, armor capable of shrugging off smaller rocket launchers and stomachs to put ogres to shame. If not for the destruction through marching and eating anything, they would seem outright docile, uncaring of most threats since they can just ignore gunfire. If something does succeed at hurting them… Ghost help you.

Goose Prairie tried to gain government support, but they wouldn't risk the 'dillo rampaging. That's how Aleshanee Yoomee sought shadowrunner assistance. The Televisa Seattle bigwig couple staying in the Bumping Lake Resort, the Azzie-owned enclave on the other side of Bumping Lake, also offered Wyome Whakan a chance to hire Behemoth to steal a sneak-peek at the script of a documentary about her syndicate to see if they should take any action.

The Meet

Overwatch and Chloe Green both reach out to Behemoth, putting her in contact with Aleshanee Yoomee. After a video call, the runner agrees to take the job, reaching Goose Prairie with the Johnson and her bandit friend Momo under five hours.

The Plan

There, after setting up at the Golden Goose inn and meeting Nirvelli Yoomee, she takes her drugs and sets out into the woods to track the juggernaut down.

The Run

This is a two-parter. Successfully tracking the enormous paracritter down, catching it busy calmly bulldozing Bumping Lake Campground infrastructure like kayak shacks and boats, she activates a number of punchy adept powers and charges it. Through luck and skill, stun damage knocks it out cleanly in a single punch. Calling the J with good news, she secures the animal's safety at the Fort Lewis Zoological Gardens through Sylvia Woods, Director of Paranatural Breeding Program.

Then, a party with live music is thrown in her honour at the Golden Goose, with Wyome Whakan approaching her with an offer of breaking into the Bumping Lake Resort, locating the script of a documentary about her syndicate Televisa is making under the guidance of Elijah and Nadia Watts. She wants it discreetly photographed, with the original left intact. Behemoth strikes the deal and swims across Bumping Lake under the cover of darkness.

The Azzie-owned enclave boasts high, if discreet, security, including wards, spirits, Awakened corpsec etc. Behemoth cases it and manages to slip past two plant spirits' defences, tricking a camera and vaulting over the 7-m wall. Next, she locates the house where the Wattses are staying, picks the high-quality maglock and enters the building. After examining the ground floor (and discovering some e-books she copies and real chocolate she snatches to sweeten the deal, literally), she creeps up to the first, successfully avoiding waking the sleeping couple up. She finds the script there, photographs it and returns it onto the desk.


Exfiltration is equally stressful, but once more, she avoids detection. The maglock is put together, hiding all traces of the run. When she emerges on the beach by Bumping Lake Campground after swimming back, the drug crash comes, but she calls the J, getting picked up, paid in full, meeting her twin brother and returning to the inn. She spends a week vacationing there before going home, having earned the villagers' respect and 10000¥ richer.


20 RVP total:

  • 4000¥ from Aleshanee Yoomee (2 RVP)
  • 6000¥ from Wyome Whakan (3 RVP)
  • 2 CDP
  • The e-books and chocolate
  • The possibility of purchasing First Impression at chargen price (11 RVP)
  • The remaining RVP as karma
  • The ability to purchase any of the following via RVP (subtracted from run rewards totaling 20 RVP) or own karma/CDP:

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