Whats That Coming Over The Hill

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Whats That Coming Over The Hill
Part of GM ryncewynde88's Plot Line Hunt for Saeletra
LocationA Private Matrix Room, The Matrix
An Abandoned Warehouse in Puyallup, Seattle
Result Successful investigation of Eliza and Bethany, known jointly as Elizabeth, and their rat hordes.
Factions Involved
Commanders and leaders
Casualties and losses
Many, many rats Some Devil Rats 1 Demon Rat (Beta)


A well-known data broker known as XXv0y4g3rXx wanted a place investigated.


The meet took place on the Matrix, led by xXv0y4gerXx, whose persona appears to be in the form of an unbelievably good-looking male pirate. Information was provided, to the best of the Johnson's ability: there was an anomaly in both the Matrix and the Astral at the same coordinates, and he wanted the group to investigate and return with a recording of the events that took place.


The runners first determined what the typical noise ratings of the area were by asking locals. They then secured countermeasures and went to investigate further.

They found a small abandoned warehouse with boarded-up windows and an unusually low Noise rating. Barbarian could sense a background count dulling his reflexes and making him feel a little ill.

Photon sent in a drone to scout out the interior, where they discovered some mundane rats, a demon rat, and a pair of identical twin girls who were either human children or gnomes. They all seemed to immediately notice the small drone, which then returned to the van.

As the team discussed these events in the van, normal-looking rats started to appear around the van. After a few minutes of this, the team decided to get in there and investigate properly. As they stepped out, the rats disappeared (non-magically, just rats in an alley)

Barbarian led the way, followed by Suitor and his drone, and Photon jumped into her Steel Lynx. Immediately inside, standing on some boxes, were the twins, who proceeded to evade questions, while speaking in unison. Shortly after, they disappeared deeper into the warehouse, giggling. This theme continued as the team moved deeper into the warehouse to follow, until they attempted to unload several bullets into one of them. She responded violently with magic before retreating again. The runners followed.

The runners were ambushed by several mundane-looking rats, some devil rats, and one of the twins, the other nowhere to be seen. The runners took down the twin in front of them non-lethally before she had a chance to fight back and then proceeded to engage in a frenzied fight with the swarming rats, a battle the Demon Rat joined part-way through.

Suitor was affected by the Pollution caused when the Steel Lynx unloaded suppressing fire and turned about a dozen rats into pink mist, but managed to stabilize himself before it became too serious.

Both Barbarian and Suitor contracted a disease from the presence of the Demon Rat, but did not succumb to it before they had killed it. Problems occurred when Photon switched to her rotodrone and the rats and the other twin took control of her Lynx, using its suppressing fire to suppress her team mates. Not long after, however, the rotodrone managed to knock out the other twin with Stick'n'Shock, and the remaining rats were either killed or driven off, some of whom carried the unconscious twins with them.


The Johnson was disappointed that they did not find anything more interesting than a dissonant technomancer and her toxic mage twin sister, but paid them the previously agreed amount nonetheless, and gave them a commcode should they have need of his services.


Player Characters


2 Karma and 16000 Nuyen. Added XXv0y4g3rXx as a contact, owed 1 favour. Purchases occurred.

AAR: I was hired to investigate a certain location in Puyallup where distortions in both the astral and the matrix were observed. Upon tracking down the place we found a pair of creepy looking dwarf twins who spoke in weirdly and forced us to play a game of twisted hide and seek. By game I mean navigating through a maze while under the attack of devil rats, emerged rats and a dozen other kinds of annoying vermin. Each time they got away. I was sick of playing their games so finally I unloaded all my fury on them. Fuckers survived, but I got one of them good, felt like I punctured a lung.


2 Karma and 16000 Nuyen. Added XXv0y4g3rXx as a contact, owed 1 favour.


7 Karma and 6000 Nuyen. Added XXv0y4g3rXx as a contact, owed 1 favour. Purchases occurred.