Where's The Kaboom?

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Where's The Kaboom?
Location(Target site of the run)
Factions Involved
Night Claws
Sophie Whitehead


Johnson hired runners to foil a humanis terrorist plot. We are informed of the security and after some negotiation take the job.


The johnson is a wealthy healthy successful businessman who married into the humanis family via his supermodel wife. Only after some time does he find out how truly crazy this chapter of the humanis institute is. Or really, the entire organization.

He needs the runners to acquire enough evidence to not only stop the coming terrorist bombing. But also locking everyone, especially his wife, behind bars and out of his life so he can keep earning money and dating this elf on the side.

The Meet

The johnson is Lucas Davenport, a mundane. International Urban Sports Union Comissioner. Urban Brawl Head Honcho and the husband to Sophie Whitehead of the humanis chapter house. (Found through matrix data search)

While a confident man in almost any social situation he tried to come off as nervous. As if he was new to the business of hiring shadowrunners. He asks the runners to foil a humanist terrorist plot and find enough evidence to lock everyone up. This job is difficult since he knows that the evidence is hidden inside a data-vault which has a bio-lock. Sophie whitehead (his wife) is one of the people with the authorization to open the lock. The johnson also offers the advice that Sophie will 100% go to a Vashion fashion show at the mall.

We decided on a price for our services and made the deal.

The Plan

Screw the mall, it's high security drek. Knowing the location of the house we decided to do some recon at night. We go in, pick up the wife. Then go to the chapter house to bust into the datavault with the bio-key (Sophie) in hand like a dufflebag. We grab the info and pass it on to a police contact.

The Run

We drive in with barely any notice of the camera's and a spoofed license number after Night fell. Night Crawler lived up to his name and, with some help reaching high places, hacked the camera's. Inside the matrix he secured vision by looping the feed and opened the doors for Rabbit. She casually walked inside and stunned Sophie with a powerful nerve strike, picked her up and delivered her to the car. But not before she got spotted by the johnson himself. After a "sssshh" from Rabbit he decided that drinking himself in a coma was the best way to go.

The chapter house itself was easy to hack into and besides multiple, multiple, i mean MULTIPLE secret doors. The datavault was found. Not before encountering a lone guard. A quick decapitation by whip and he was nothing but a smear. The hacker inspecting the touch-pad by TOUCHING it activated the alarm. If released an alarm would go off. Tobias getting enough of his panic decided to crumble the device to make the panic go away. Dropping the body into their torture chamber they start opening the data-vault. A few minutes and the data is ours. As well as rigging the detonators to never go off. Mission succesful.


The johnson was asleep when his wife was dropped in his bed. She is none the wiser. Tip came through and everyone involved got arrested. The cop got a nice promotion out of it.


24.000 Nuyen and 4 Karma

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Creepy humanis bastards. This was a boring run, all i had to do was walk in, walk out and pick up my paycheck. Drek Humanis.