Which Witch Wishes Witches Well (Part 1)

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Which Witch Wishes Witches Well (Part 1)
LocationMaplewood, Seattle
Result Successfully stopped the PI who was performing illegal surveillance of Juniper Jones
Factions Involved
The Empress
Creedus Maximus
An unlucky dwarf
Commanders and leaders
Juniper Jones
Casualties and losses


Juniper Jones a talismonger hires shadowrunners to find information on who or what is spying on her and according to her, seems to pose a danger to her life.


The Wicker Wicca, an Awakened Hangout where all the furniture is wicker, passively aspected towards Wicca, BGC 1. They serve wheatgrass, etc, and seasonal plants, grown here naturally (well, magical assistance). It's an indoor/outdoor brunch place that's open from sunrise to sunset. Oddities to its opening times: Open from sunrise the day before each full moon to sunset the day after. Also open over the entire of each solstice and equinox. Juniper takes a hit of Shade (which she just happens to have lying around because Talismonger) and projects to the meet.


Immediately after the meet the team notices a suspicious food truck parked near the awakened hangout. The team investigates the truck (owned by a dwarf, an aspiring member of Creedus Maxixmus) to get spooked (because he's the one spying on Juniper) and drive off. The team chases him down, knocks him out and convinces him not to spy on Juniper on behalf of a certain Salvador Pittman.


The team was able to successfully track down, interrogate and threaten the dwarf to call off the surveillance on Ms Jones


8000 nuyen, 3 karma. Juniper Jones can be bought as a contact for 4 RVP, out of the rewards

Player Characters


AAR: Some witch asked me to meet at her usual hangout, but didn't show up herself, well not in person. She projected there. Said something about some dude wasthcing her and her life is in danger. Turns out some dwarf in an empty food truck was spying on her. An empty food truck outside an eatery, really. Must have been a shit spy. Anyway, we chased him down, scared him shitless and let him go. I doubt he'll ever go after her again.