Whiskey Bottom Saloon

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Whiskey Bottom Saloon
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The Whiskey Bottom Saloon is a small country bar in Snohomish on a particularly woodsy stretch of highway. it looks like a relic from the 1980s, all wood paneling, old style neon signs, antique oil lanterns and candles for decorative lighting. It is frequented by game hunters and blue collar workers for the most part.

Distinctive Features

Nature Trail: There is a small nature trail nearby that loops around a small pond in a clearing behind the bar.

Secluded: The bar is secluded from any other building on a small highway, surrounded by the forest.

Humanis Exclusion: One of the few places in the district that particularly exclude open and known Humanis members.

Moonshine: The place is so small and out of the way that local law enforcement rarely checks up on the place, making it a prime spot to sell illegally stilled booze from the likes of Roscoe West.

IC Information

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Threshold Result

Area Knowledge:Seattle Table

Threshold Result
1 A small, out of the way bar on a deserted highway in the wilderness of Snohomish.
3 The owner outright does not serve anyone openly involved with Humanis and other racist policlubs. Fights and shootouts have occurred over this policy.
5 The bar is so far out in the sticks that KE hardly bothers to show up unless it is an emergency, and even then the response time is poor. This makes the location popular among smugglers, particularly moonshine runners.

Runs Featuring This Location

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