Who Let the Pets into the Damn Novacoke

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Who Let the Pets into the Damn Novacoke
Part of The Narcotic Menagerie
LocationTacoma, Redmond and Bellevue in Seattle
Status Threat Level: Milk-Run
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Novacoke-fuelled Anteaters
Good Boy
Bunga raya


Pets escaped a Drug Lord's home and got into his stash, they're now rampant across Seattle. Firstly, come and find the Anteaters who got into the Novacoke!


Exotic Animals owned by a Drug Lord have broken out and got into his stash. They're now performing drug fuelled shenanigans across Seattle.

The Meet

Johnson was met in a small clearing in Tacoma. He's an animal trader and offers the job to Pell, Good Boy and Bunga Raya. They negotiate pay and an extra bit of Critter Gear.

The Plan

Track down the 3 Anteaters that were seen in Redmond, Tacoma and Bellevue. Using tracking, spirits and general sense capture them and return them to the Johnson.

The Run

The first Anteater, Maellay (a is silent) was an albino found in a food storeroom at Tacoma docks. Pell had used a Beast Spirit to command the Anteater to follow. They found him after Raya used his spirits to see dock workers moving away from that shed, Maellay seemed to have broken in an started eating whatever he could, leaving many holes in walls in the process. He eventually crashed, making it easier for the Runners to move him.

Good Boy and Bunga Raya tracked the second Anteater, Bellaye, through the streets of Bellevue. Eventually they had tracked her to a back alley where she had found a box she turned into a shell. She hid inside and Good Boy jumped on her, lowering her logic and getting his head stuck in the box's head-hole to lick Bellaye's face. A beast Spirit was used to deliver her back to the Johnson.

Finally, the third Anteater, Pellay, was found in a Comedy Club in Redmond. In his Novacoke induced state he let out strange screeches that were funny to the Gangers. They put a fedora on him and fed him different drinks (and possibly more Novacoke) and believed him to be a strange fuzzy-comedian. Once again the Anteater was commanded to walk off stage, where the Gangers applauded him. Due to the spell he was also easily ferried back to the Johnson, though he refused to let the Runners take his hat off.


Anteaters were all safely delivered back. Though the Runners found out there were more pets on the loose.


- 8k Nuyen + 2 Karma


- 2k Nuyen + 5 Karma


- Take Beastmaster as a 6/1 Contact


- Via negotiation everyone got a Critter Training Kit

- Good Boy got extra head pats

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


...Well this was just awkward all around.

I didn't know novacoke would interact that extremely with anteaters and in such a varied manner as well. Hope they didn't get too damaged from this experience.