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WildCat Portrait.png
Gunslinger Adept
A cyber-age cowgirl who believes that
"true" gunslinging involves the classics:
wheelguns and lever action rifles.
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Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
PriorityMetatype - E
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - C
Resources - D
Number of Runs:1
Runs since Rent:1

Character Information


Callie Clanton (AKA "WildCat") is "willfully anachronistic". Having grown up near Dodge City, Kansas in the UCAS, she was steeped in the culture of the Old Wild West from an early age and resents that the world has become so dependent on technology. She's not a complete Luddite, but she uses the bare minimum amount of tech possible to facilitate a relatively typical life in 2081. In addition to being an expert with long guns and pistols, she is also an learning gunsmithing so she can do her own custom work. Her pride and joy is her "unbrickable" vintage Onotari Vagabond and it goes with her on every job she takes. She's no slouch behind the wheel and is pretty well versed in the various ParaCritters of North America.


Outlaw Rep - She wants her name to mean something on the streets. She particularly wants to garner respect for herself and others that prefer a more "low-tech/no-tech" approach to trigger pulling.

Self-Improvement - Despite playing up the cowgirl angle, she has no talent for outdoor "frontier living". She means to change that. In addition, she begrudgingly admits that a little boning up on computers and electronic hardware may come in handy.

Retirement - Ideally, she'd like to put some money aside for her own ranch. Someplace quiet, safe and out of the way in the country.


Callie's mother, Susan 'GhostEyes' Travers, was a runner on the lam after a job went south in Denver. Her father, Martin Cline, owned a modest farm near Dodge City, Kansas. They met in a bar, one thing led to another and soon they were a typical Midwest family with a baby girl on the way.

Her father was a fan of classic video shows and movies from the 20th century, so she was raised on shows like Hee Haw and The Rifleman. Her mother, seeing Callie's enthusiasm for vintage guns, started teaching her how to shoot at an early age. Soon, she became a rising star in the Youth division of the AAAC: the Anachronistic American Arms Competition. (The sport of Cowboy Action Shooting having been renamed for political reasons.)

Neither parent had been aware that Callie was Awakened and the girl was crushed when she was barred from competing after a routine Assensing and augmentation scan before a match. Her disappointment was temporary, however, when she realized the edge her enhanced capabilities brought to her shooting. Her reflexes made her a blur and her rounds found the target with uncanny precision.

Unfortunately, GhostEyes' past was about to catch up to her. Callie never knew who the hit team belonged to. All she knew was that in the span of 20 minutes she had lost her father, her home and had taken a life for the first time (in self-defense). Her mother kept them moving around both the PCC and Sioux Nation thanks to her old contacts, finally settling them both in a lakeside cabin in Renton. Knowing Callie would be in danger if she stayed, she left to find a way to reconcile and retire from the 'runner life for good.

Callie was left with a cabin and a pickup truck, as well as a few guns, some gear and a few introductions: enough to to get her started as an off-the-books grey-market gunsmith. A few months later, she received a message addressed to "Calamity", her parents' nickname for her. She knew she had received her mother's blessing, confession and last directive in those few lines:

"Watch your back, shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never, ever, cut a deal with a dragon."

-Love, GhostEyes

Narrative Significant Qualities


Agile Defender, Ambidextrous, Sharpshooter, Exceptional Attribute (AGI)

She's good, she knows it and she wants YOU to know it. She'd rather show off by blasting the gun out of an enemy's hand than put one between their eyes. If the guns come out at close range, expect a scene right out of one of those "Riders of the Pueblo Corporate Council Sage" trids.


Prejudiced (Common/Biased) Cyberware Users

It irks Callie that people can acquire the skills she's worked hard for just by plugging a chunk of metal and wires into their bodies. Datajacks are just part of life in 2081, but street sams tend to ruffle her feathers. (And yes, it's hypocritical coming from an Adept, which keeps her attitude in check for the most part.)

Distinctive Style, Emotional Attachment (Custom Onotari Vagabond), Signature (Silver Bullet)

She's gone all in on the "cowgirl runner" schtick. Exactly how bad of an idea that is remains to be seen. A childhood fan of The Lone Ranger, she leaves a single unfired silver bullet behind (wiped for prints first) when she pulls a job.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
I'm full of bad ideasDraknic17 July 2083



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Eliza Irving 2 1 Networking Nightclub Bartender and Bubblegum Goth Work, Bitch, Short Attention Span, On the Scene, Aura Reader, Master Mixologist, Someone's Gotta Pay for the Drinks, Amateur Taxidermist Even
Tumbler 3 1 Fixer Smuggler and thief Locksmith, Lockpicker, Security knowledge, Smuggler Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result

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Threshold Result


Callie Clanton, UCAS (Rating 4)



"Neo-Western Chic"

In her day-to-day life, Callie is usually in a fashionable but understated getup of the usuals: jeans, cowboy boots, gingham shirt, a leather or denim jacket and of course, a cowboy hat. She wears polychromatic contact lenses mostly out of vanity. (She prefers having blue eyes rather than her natural hazel.)

When it's time to go to work, her Cavalier Deputy always rides shotgun on her thigh. She wears a fashion ballistic mask styled like a robotic Clint Eastwood with a folded bandana "bandit mask" and the polychromatic cowboy hat and armor jacket come out.

("Dusters are for trid cowboys, not the streets.")

Matrix Persona

When she absolutely HAS to do business in VR, she uses a very basic trid rip of RoboCop from the 1980's vids. Not being Matrix savvy, she just picked an avatar that's as far away from her real life persona as possible. (Male, a cop, 90% cyber.)

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