Wistfully Wuxing

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Wistfully Wuxing
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Casualties and losses
none few guards, some weapons platforms, random lady


So the group met Mr. Wu, who gave them the job to gather his research from a data lock, and either replace the data with some on a chip or make it look like the team was after "just anything they can find". In return he'd provide money, and if the team fulfilled the mission fully he'd provide 'ware. the team left for the shop Zàng-Fǔ for at the edge of Puyallup. Had a short encounter with a front desk lady named Stacy Coping. Snuck into the back room and alerted some guards, leading to a slightly longer encounter. Wandered the basement facility annoying some researchers before acquiring and replacing the research.


Mr. Wu Who is a retired scientist done a lot of work with cyberware to the body to where he came with some revolutionary technology that would help reduce the essence costs on the individuals as currently, cyberware has a penalty to installing to people where were consumed the so called soul as more is integrated into the body this is a means for it to allow it to reduce the amount affected on similar

The Meet

Respect by their own means goal or help from another. all of them would arrive at this restaurant that was more catered towards or individuals impaired oldest to the son but young individuals showing up. upon coming inside they would be told to head to one part of the building where there was a man listening to some music, one of those types who love to enjoy old memories allowed time to pass by around him well he just pawn theirs and remember the better times. he also appears to be a very quizzical sort asking questions and trying to analyze each of the runners to identify who they are and their mentality when they came to jobs and the theory of life. so after hearing about his blanket and needing to acquire information back from his former employer the team would agree and begin to head out to the somewhat black site-building

The Plan

There wasn't much of a plan going into the entire operation each of the runners had their own Pacific towards skills and necessary abilities to get in. for necessary but plan they were all going to sneak in together with a bit of help do to one of them being an alchemist who applied improving visibility on everyone making where the dumb cameras and drones were unable to spot them and due to the rather high successes on each of the hits improvement a very decremental effect upon those who are trying to perceive them. Their goal was eventually to find the location of the person who had information and extracted it overall there weren't much tactical planning asides from maybe taking on-camera or two.

The Run

Once the plan was hashed out they would begin to move out infiltrating the building using their skills such as disarming some locks on the door and quietly taking out the guards before they manage to alert any other security or anyone else lurking inside. nearly avoiding detection by the cameras in century church lying around the place the team would sneak through dealing with some physical damage which had to be healed on one individual an eventually they would go down the wrong path once or twice before being told to the correct position by a researcher as long as they don't bug them for the rest of run. once the information was extracted each of them would take time to help each other escape the facility and return back to the Johnson


Once the info was given, each of the runners taken their pay and left. and maybe some of this work can be used for good or worst. for we don't know for now.


10k nuyen or 20k in cyberware/bioware (5RVP) 5 karma (5RVP) Your 2 base CDP (none)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Cyberware has never been my thing but I can see the application of importance of it and I have worked alongside a lot of people who have used it. some of them I felt bad overtime as the begin to shift and change and hopefully research like this can better reduce the effect it has upon one's mind and body so they can stop becoming psychopaths or worse monsters of people use to know. Overall I glad I did my part and not just a pretty face, lurking in the shadows.


"My first proper job in a while, and Mr. Wu's paying in 'ware? Sign me up! Kinda embarrassed I left my silenced rifle at home and had to use my SMG while we were sneakin' about, but Fat Lizzy did decent work - I'll remember Dave next time. Hilariously, all the turrets were bloody dogbrains, the guards were crap and our alchemist made us all invisible so we didn't get shot at once, but it's kind of a shame I didn't have an excuse to get loud and open fire with Vera, though. All in all, sweet payday and a good team."


Well, the execution was real awkward. The other runners were excellent, though. I'll need to check in with the J after a bit.