Witchblade's Initiation 1

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Witchblade's Initiation 1
GMmitsayantan (Dusk)
Result Witchblade initiates to IG1. She also burned 1 edge and gained the negative quality Phobia (uncommon, moderate): Shadow spirits.
Factions Involved
Commanders and leaders
Jack the giantslayer, Hansel the witch hunter
Units involved
Gretel the mad, Big bad wolf, Rapunzel, Tiny the giant, Rumpelstiltskin the engkanto (the master in the clouds)
Casualties and losses
Gretel the mad, Big bad wolf, Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin the engkanto (the master in the clouds). Red riding hood


Witchblade's mother, an aware, made a karmic pact with an engkanto named Rumpelstiltskin who offered her many positive qualities in exchange for her first born when they reach puberty. The Engkanto came for what it was promised now but, the broken drug addicted mother of Witchblade has enough integrity left to refuse it. The spirit then took away all her bestowed positive qualities and put many negative qualities on her which turned her into an aged, infirm, burnout addict.




Witchblade arrived one night to see her mother paralyzed and being tormented by the Engkanto, which escaped to its home metaplane when confronted. Witchblade took her dying mother to the hospital to have her stabilized while asking a favor from Juniper Jones for 5000 nuyen to pay the minimum hospital bills. Witchblade unable to reach the Engkanto's metaplane on her own or through contacts, lied in ambush for his next coming to torment his mother and then used an astral rift to enter the metaplane of fairy tales. She was initially "greeted" by the Boy who cried wolf and later by the Matchstick girl, now selling cigarettes and drugs. Refusing to talk to either of them she threatened the bartender for info how to reach the Engkanto who lives in the floating castle in the clouds and was promptly banished from the village. Frustrated she went into the a big tower in the horizon but was unable to climb it due to hazards involved. She then went to the dark forest and encountered a hut made of confectioneries. Inside was Gretel the mad, a morbidly obese woman who had devoured the witch that tried to eat her and his brother Hansel and has now become a man eating witch herself. Gretel tried to trick Witchblade into eating some enchanted food and potions to drug her so she can eat the girl later. But witchblade saw through her deceit eventually and was able to defeat the witch spirit, gaining a magic bean from her corpse (Who stole it from Jack the giant slayer, her ex boyfriend). Her brother Hansel, now a witch hunter, thanked her and told her to take the bean to its owner Jack the giantslayer in a farm outside the village.

Jack told her he'd help if she gathered all 3 magic beans so the magic beanstalk will be big enough to reach the clouds. The 2nd bean was a wedding gift to her fiance Red Riding Hood, who left for her grandmother's house in the dark forest. When Witchblade arrived she saw the "grandmother" playing coy who eventually revealed herself to be the Big bad wolf and ambushed her only to be vanquished and from his sliced open belly poured the half digested corpse of Red riding hood clutching the 2nd bean. Witchblade took the corpse of Red to her fiancee Jack who broke down but eventually did her final rites, putting his bride to rest on his farm.

The 3rd bean was stolen by a prince who came to rescue Rapunzel the princess, trapped in the forsaken tower. Using the two magic beans and the magic word "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" she was able to make a beanstalk tall enough to climb the tower safely, eventually stumbling upon the corpses of the prince, a wizard and the crying, tormented spirit of Rapunzel, who had become corrupted with sadness into a Shade. The fight between Witchblade and the tormented Rapunzel was fierce. Witchblade was finally able to vanquish her and grab the last magic bean but she was flung out of the tower by the raging princess. As Witchblade fell to her death, she burned an edge to not die yet, cheating fate for the first time. She was rescued and patched up Jack and the town healer. With all 3 beans the giant beanstalk was raised and Witchblade found herself facing a castle in the clouds. The door was magical and had a frowning face with a riddle "Only a jester's knock may open the door. So laugh and be merry, dont be a bore". But witchblade was able to figure it out and opened the door with a Knock Knock joke. She was warned that inside was "Tiny", the son of the deceased original giant. Witcblade was wise enough to not wake up the sleeping mini giant and sneaked past him to ambush the Engkanto, practicing some spells. The Engkanto did not expect Witchblade and tried to tempt her into a karmic pact, but was instead slain by her. Witchblade escaped through the mirror portal before the rampaging Tiny showed up.

Her mother, now free from the terrible pact of the Engkanto recovered a few days later and Witchblade, in saving her mother's life, realized there is more to the astral than she comprehended before, thus initiating.


Witchblade saved her mother's life and possibly her soul as well.


17 karma (WFTM 5 karma to 10,000 nuyen). Final rewards 10,000 nuyen and 12 karma.

Witchblade initiates to IG1. She also burns an edge to "not dead yet" and gained the negative quality Phobia (uncommon, moderate): Shadow spirits.