Woman Found Dead in Tacoma

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Horizon News Network

Woman Found Dead in Tacoma! Organized Crime to Blame?


Date: 2081-08-31

Content Warning: The material contained within this article may not be fit for squeamish or young viewers due to detailed descriptions and trideo of a violent crime scene. Please consume and disseminate this article responsibly.

Good morning Seattle! Unfortunately, the residents of the great Emerald City is one less today due to the latest whodunnit murder case, which has occurred in the district of Tacoma. The victim of the crime is one Tanya Rybakov, who was found screwed into the wall of a butcher's establishment by the name of Pavel's Meat Emporium at <MeatMart.loc>. She was discovered around 6AM PST by the establishment's owner, Pavel, who alerted the local Knight Errant precinct and supplied both of us with this cctv camera footage.

A trideo pops-up displaying a brick wall in a back alley that dead-ends just after a large steel door set into the wall.

Two large bruisers wearing sleeveless shirts with obscured, smudged faces enter the alley from below the camera's viewpoint. They are dragging the body of a young blonde woman between them. The woman is bloody and bruised and her face is swollen unnaturally in several places.

Following the two large men is a smaller one of about average size whose face is also distorted beyond recognition. The smaller figure seems to be wearing a tracksuit and jacket and moves with an air of authority. He makes a rectangle with his fingers as if surveying the wall while the two larger men stand still, waiting for a signal to continue whatever it is they were doing.

The smaller man gives his compatriots a thumbs-up before backing up and facing the two of them while crossing his arms. One bruiser hoists the woman up to the wall as if trying to position some kind of art piece. His friend pauses for a second before bringing out a small electric drill and fumbling a few long metal screws out of his pocket. The two then go about their work, attaching the woman's body to the wall in the pattern of a crucifixion.

With their work done, the two large men step back as their leader steps forwards with a small canister of what appears to be spray paint. He spends several minutes painting the woman before spraying something on the wall around her. As he steps back and examines his work, he nods and walks out of the alley with his two large friends following him.

Knight Errant is currently on the scene with our eyes and ears. Let's go over to them to see what our law enforcement has to say about this tragic event.

Another trideo pops-up displaying a large orc woman in black and yellow Knight Errant armored jacket. Behind her, the viewer can clearly see the woman screwed into the wall, as well as, the camera from which the cctv was presumably recorded. The spray paint the man was applying in the cctv footage seems to have painted a majority of the corpse white and created a message behind her in white paint, which reads "мы помним" to one side and "к бою" on the other. The officer's expression is hard and stony, as if she doesn't want to be there any more than the corpse behind her.

Horizon Reporter: We are here on scene with Inspector Morales who is in charge of the current investigation. What can you tell us about the progress of the investigation inspector?

Inspector Morales: As this is an ongoing investigation, I cannot provide specific details of the proceedings. I can say that the current circumstances point to this likely being a killing motivated by criminal politics. Trauma to the extremities and face, as well as, [REDACTED] suggest that the killing was either personal or for the purpose of information extraction. I can also tell you that we can and will be catching the killers and making the streets a safer place very soon. In the meantime, please stay inside and in the light whenever possible to prevent additional incidents and contact your local KE departments or help desks if you have any information pertaining to the enactment of this or any other criminal activity. Thank you.

HR: That was Inspector Morales of Knight Errant on the killing. I think we can all take her words to heart and hope that the killer is caught soon.

Thank you for viewing this news article.This has been the Horizon News Network.

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