Wonton Destruction

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Posted on 2078-12-24 at 23:00:00 UTC

  • KOMO Seattle, News at 11

"Wonton Destruction tonight at a food processing plant in Tacoma, several security guards were dead at the scene, and the owner of the plant was found floating in a vat of wonton soup, his throat slit. Due to health hazards and several other violations, the restaurant chain connected to the plant has been shut down indefinitely. More coming up, after the break."

A lean elf woman with a large silvery blonde afro sits at the news desk, a massive smile plastered across her face

"Hello, I'm Nancy Petrovskaya. Local businessman and philanthropist Miyoshi Senjuro was found dead this afternoon, his throat slit by an arm mounted cyber weapon. This was only further exacerbated when he was then thrown head first into a nearby soup vat by his assailant. KE has not stated anything further than these details, but our sources indicate this was not the only casualty at the scene; several workers, security guards, and even the security rigger were all injured in the fighting. Reporter Greg Walton has more."

The camera switches to a bald dwarf standing in a light drizzle, in front of a warehouse in Tacoma, KE cars sit nearby, and officers wander in and out of the front delivery door

"Well Nance, it's not a pretty sight out here, I saw them carry out a man earlier on a stretcher, it looked like he had been shot several times. One officer did tell me that the perpetrators seemed to have gained access to the warehouse by hijacking a soy delivery van, then began to shoot up the place once they were inside. The shutdown of the restaurants that were fed by this factory was not because of the bodies however, there were numerous health code violations found within minutes of officers entering the premises. But, as of yet, we still do not have confirmation on the death count, back to you Nancy."