X Marks the Rat

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X Marks the Rat
Status Threat Level: Hard
Factions Involved
Bilge-Rat Jones
Vampire Pirates
Vampire Goon
Heavy Weapons Goon
Mage Goon
Casualties and losses
Total. Those that fled were hunted down by a vengeful Glamor.


Bilge-Rat Jones gets it in his head to go looking for treasure and hires some help.


Bilge-Rat Jones heard about some treasure on a volcanic island in the Carribbean.

The Meet

The runners met B-R Jones on a Tacoma dock. Some difficulty was had with getting Scrappenny's drones and Apotheosis on the boat due to the weight of their metal and the poor quality of the gangplank, but B-R Jones had an old, hand-cranked cargo crane and hoisted them onboard. B-R Jones offered the runners each one-quarter of the treasure, and they agreed.

The Plan

Complicated plans and Bilge-Rat Jones aren't on the best of terms. The plan was limited to 'go to this island and grab the treasure'.

The Run

B-R Jones took the boat out of Seattle and had it picked up with a plane. The turbulence exacerbated the rocking of the boat, and Glamour suffered some brain damage as she was thrown head-first into a bulkhead. B-R Jones then showed the runners a map with an island on it, an island that did not appear on any maps. On the journey, the ropes holding the ship to the plane also frayed somewhat, but Glamor's task spirit managed to repair them.

As they neared the island, the plane headed down to low altitude and dropped the boat, Glamor and Apotheosis knocked off by the impact. They were recovered, and repaired the damage to the ship's hull, but the rough weather knocked them off again, after which Glamor tied herself to the mast, but not after the runners noticed dark shapes in the water below them. The afancs were, however, easily repulsed, and Scrappenny navigated the reefs surrounding the island and brought them to a safe landing. On the way, Glamor also noticed a ward on the island, and Scrappeny noticed that the island was a new volcanic one, but with far too much vegetation.

After landfall, the runners were attacked by vampire pirates, which were easily repulsed, but only after destroying Red and Gear (two of Scrappenny's drones). The runners then broke through the ward surrounding a dig site, and made their way into a cave system, Apotheosis and Glamour having some difficulties in the narrow space.

A vicious fight then ensued, Glamour nearly dying to a HMG burst, but the runners eventually prevailed, and the fleeing heavy weapons grunts were hunted down by a vengeful Glamour. A chest was then discovered with a contact prep, but Scrappenny broke it open and then subsequently triggered a contact prep on some of the gold, then Scrappenny took the gold and the runners and B-R Jones left the island after various drug crashes were came off of.


The gold was divided back up, and the trip back was less eventful.


Gold pieces worth 14k Nuyen (7 RVP)

7 Karma (7 RVP)

4 Bonus CDP (2 RVP)


Bilge-Rat Jones at 3 Loyalty as an optional contact (5 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Not the first time i went on a weird job, dealing with some vampires and trying to steal some gold. like some fantasy game of heading to a island to pick up coins and fighting a group of magical threats


Going after a treasure and fighting some Vampires, it sounded more like an Action Trideo than actual Shadowrunning... At least i did receive one of the Chrome Blessing out there.