Yokai's Initiation 1

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Yokai's Initiation 1
Result Yokai initiated
Factions Involved
Yokai (Dusk)


Yokai (Dusk)'s initiation run



Yokai was tasked by a demonic spirit to convince seven people to enter a "pact with the devil" without using force or mind magic within a span of 3 days. Yokai successfully completed all 7 tasks and bound the people in pacts


Yokai initiated for the first time. The demon bestowed a mystical sigil tattoo on him, that served the initiation purpose.


11 karma

AAR: The path to true power is long and arduous. Who has the time right? So I made a deal with the devil. The demon's emissary came to be claiming I was using his sigil and wanted me to do some menial tasks in exchange for the true power of his sigil. I agreed, why wouldn't I. The job was for me to make several people sign away their souls in bonds, the catch was to not force them. Most of them were pretty easy. One was a mob boss. The hardest was one a wildcat for whom I had to scare away some hooker, blackmailing him with his unborn baby in her womb. It was a shit thing to do, scaring away a pregnant woman. But hey life is shit unless we make it otherwise.