Yokai's Initiation 2

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Yokai's Initiation 2
LocationFae metaplane
Result Yokai initiated
Factions Involved
Yokai (Dusk)
Commanders and leaders
Alluin Carren Belanor Gilfina
Elidyr Biwarin


Yokai (Dusk)'s initiation run



Yokai was transported to a fae metaplane and tasked by a demonic/fae spirit to convince three fae to enter a "pact with the devil" without using force or mind magic. The targets were. Alluin Carren - Male - F9 Nightmare as guideline - wants someone to remove a F9 Wraith (just a guideline) who keeps thwarting his fear with rage (Garrik Eilcan). Belanor Gilfina - Male - F8 Shade as guideline - Too shy and nervous to ask a girl out, specifically a F8 Muse (Vulluin Quiynore). Elidyr Biwarin - Female - F7 Succubus as guideline - dryadic, wants him to go plant some seeds some place. Yokai successfully completed all 3 tasks and bound the people in pact.


Yokai initiated for the second time. the mystical sigil tattoo expanded in power


8 karma

AAR: This deal with the devil thing is going a bit too far and is starting to get on my nerves. This demon is trying to make me a slave to its will, turning me into an errand boy, slowly claiming my soul. This time he transported me against my will to some fae realm, asking me to make some some fae sign away their souls in dubious contracts. The first one was easy, defeat the target's arch rival, a spirit of rage. Single combat is my specialty after all. The second was to get this gloomy fragger a girlfriends. I have to say she was quite pretty, even if he wasn't metahuman, I'd smash...if I wasn't on a job. So I did what I had to played Mr. Wingman McCupidface. The third task involved planting some seeds...no not my seeds, some seeds. Enough of this meaningless slavery. This is the last time I have served this demon, I swear upon the great Dragonslayer himself.