Yokai's Initiation 3

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Yokai's Initiation 3
Result Yokai initiated
Factions Involved
Yokai (Dusk)


Yokai (Dusk)'s initiation run



Yokai refused to make another deal with the demons. With the help of Dragonslayer, he entered the demon realm, fought a small of of demons on his own. Slew the demon's three high priests and severed the demon's astral connection to himself.


Yokai initiated for the third time, this time by true ordeal from his mentor.


16 karma

AAR: Always wanting to get more powerful, I chose the path of black magic early in his life. Taking the metaphorical shortcut to power. I had once made a deal with a demon. The demon had tasked me with snaring people into contracts, in which their very soul would become enslaved to the demon. Thus, I became an agent of demonic forces, much to the displeasure of the voice of reason, my mentor, Dragonslayer. Little, did I know that in doing so I myself had sold my soul. In exchange for heightened understanding of magic, my flesh was branded by a mystical mark of the demon. Eventually, I realized what deep drek I was in, and then the demon's emissary arrived for the 3rd time to command me for more tasks, Dragonslayer intervened and cleaved the demon in two. Its mangled corpse opened a portal to its master's realm, a hellish, dark swamp realm. I, under the guidance of Dragonslayer made his way to an ominous temple, battled hordes of demons along the way, finally ending in a massive battle between me and the Master's three high priests. In the end I was victorious, barely alive and standing, but victorious. At the altar, I destroyed the phylactery that bound my flesh and soul to this demonic realm. My brand faded away. I had apparently redeemed his soul, or have I? The Master will not be pleased and I may have made an enemy more powerful than I can handle, but I am Yokai, the Devil of Seattle, bane of the Yakuza, slayer of demons and if I do die to this demon's hands, I swear I will take it down with me and rip him to pieces in his own hell.