Yokai's Initiation 4

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Yokai's Initiation 4
Result Yokai initiated, destroyed the group of Shedim, by Yuki may or may not have been possessed
Factions Involved
Yokai (Dusk)
Units involved
1 Yokai Shedim 5 Shedim Banshees
Casualties and losses
Yokai got an arrow in the side, one spirit sliced and diced Five Shedim Banshees


Yokai received this message from an unknown commcode:

Jubei, it is me, Fuyu, you need to come home, something has happened to Yuki. She started seeing this elf, you know how she is, but eventually EV56*35N@!FIJEF…… When she came back, she was#QN(N#*39n#(N_(#(LL…..entually, her father found out, and#NU(N(U9#N22249….. tried to kill her. She&#BU#n#(@@LO@|||@#N(!...... fled to that $$n9u34##kefiwn9…. you know, that one you!(N@#R)B@#*)BU@!M!!)(((.... dera. You have to stop@!N!R#(RN#(N# Jubei,$% NRKKMF(991844 you must, you have to end it.

An address in Kyoto was included.


In his dreams, Yokai found himself in a Medieval Japanese brothel, surrounded by Samurai fresh from a battlefield victory. In front of him stood Dragonslayer, taking the form of a Daimyō. He instructed Yokai to save the girl and battle the darkness, but was vague on details, only offering his praise and encouragement.


Yokai arrived at SEA TAC, and was quickly stopped and questioned by security. They removed his foci, and while the security mage looked them over asked some fairly mundane questions. After receiving the mage's report, the security chief made the decision to move him along to prevent further issues.

Arriving in Kyoto, and waiting for some time in the rain for a cab that would take an Oni, he eventually reached his parent's house. His mother answered the door, holding a cane, something Yokai did not remember. They embraced, and she sat him down for tea, taking pains to avoid speaking of work, knowing she didn't want to hear what he was doing now. Eventually, his father came through the door, with a used partial cyberarm Yokai, again, had never seen. His father was furious that he had returned, memories of the Yakuza chopping off his arm and breaking his wife's legs to get back at their son resurfaced, and he demanded Yokai leave. With tears streaming down her face, his mother walked him to the door, and with that, our poor Oni was on the steps in the rain.

Not to be deterred, Yokai set off to attend to his main mission, finding Yuki. Arriving at the apartment building, Yokai found the hallway to the apartment disturbingly chilly, and with a bit of Psychometry, found some graceful thing breaking into the apartment, and killing Yuki's friend with a katana. Letting himself in, Yokai found an apartment with every surface covered in pots filled with red orchids, the pollen hanging in the frosty air. In the center of the room, Fuyu lay against a coffee table, throat slit and guts spilled. Through detective work, Yokai discovered several facts, Fuyu had been killed by a banshee, she'd been researching Shedim, and these flowers hadn't been hers. Eventually, Yokai found the whole message.

"Jubei, it is me, Fuyu, you need to come home, something has happened to Yuki. She started seeing this elf, you know how she is, but eventually they disappeared. When she came back, she was changed, started making all these new friends, eventually, her father found out, and rightfully tried to kill her. She and that elf butchered his men, but he would’ve sent more, so they fled to that Shinto Shrine, you know, that one you fucked in together, Tsukinowadera. You have to stop her, Jubei, all her friends too, you must, you have to end it."

Grabbing up a Shinto prayer scroll that had been in Fuyu's hand, Yokai moved to leave, but that's when the banshee dropped from the ceiling. After a short battle, the infected was knocked unconscious. Yokai tied him up with an extension cord and interrogated the beast, but found no info in the frothing rage of this madman. Vaporizing the pale assassin, and headed to Tsukinowadera.

Arriving at the shrine, the black mage blasted away some Yakuza engaging in a firefight with an unknown foe, he didn't have time for them, 8 died, 2 managed to run away into the forest. Sensing an increasing background count, Yokai decided to circle round, just as an arrow sliced off a bit of greasy hair. Moving towards the forest, several more banshees descended on him, and Yokai and his spirit did battle. One banshee was vanquished, but so was Yokai's spirit. In the end, it came down to Yokai and the Master Shedim. The master tried to fear him in one last desperate attempt, but it was foiled on Yokai's iron will, and the Shedim's host was obliterated. By this time, the shrine was on fire, so Yokai summoned a water spirit to put it out as he dashed in. Inside, he found dozens of naked people, most of them dead, those that weren't were asleep, pumped full of Shade. Yokai freed them all, infected or not, and then proceeded into the room where Yuki was held.

Inside, he found her on a bed, her soul separated from her body, still under the effect of Shade. He commanded his water spirit to return them to the coffin motel Yokai was staying at, but the spirit replied "Her body belongs to someone else now. Lover or not, he will keep an eye on her." Yokai doubled down, and the spirit relented, and returned them to the motel.


After a night of love making, Yokai made the decision to stay, he needed finish some business with the Yakuza.

Player Characters


AAR: I wakes up at night to the sound of thunder. Yuki is sleeping beside me, the neon lights of the cheap motel flicker as the events of the past couple of days flash by. I came back to Kyoto at the behest of Fuyu, a friend of Yuki. After such a long time away fro Kyoto, home was more alien than Seattle, as I was reminded of the color of my skin, every hour of every day. I return home to see my funeral picture hanging from the wall, my father's arm replaced by cyber and my mother using a walking stick. The yakuza are a cruel people...

I could not stand the sight anymore and I understood I am no longer welcome in my own house. I went to Fuyu's apartment, only to step inside a cold apartment and witness the eviscerated corpse of Fuyu, clutching onto a Shinto scroll, her gruesome killer, feasting on her flesh. It was a banshee adept, easily vanquished. But no, there is something more, something darker. SHEDIM!!! The puzzle pieces fit together and lead me to and old place, buried deep in my memory, a shrine now corrupted. The master shedim and his servants await me as the Yakuza fight them in vain. I took no sides, especially when they maimed my parents...shouldn't have touched my family. I was in the foulest of moods and all you crossed me......turned to ash.

The woods catch fire as my bleeding, near broken form fought the arrogant Master. Arrogance can lead to slip ups and a Black age knows when to capitalize on them. The shedim's spirit form and flesh form all turned to dust as a 9m radius of electrical blast sears the forest. Screams echo in the distance from the shrine. People, strung up as sacrifice to the shedim. No more, I will set them free and rescue Yuki, my one true love....Back in bed, my ears ring with his water spirit's words "Her body belongs to someone else now. Lover or not, he will keep an eye on her." But for now I cherish her warmth. I will stay in Kyoto for the next one month. I have unfinished business here...the Yakuza, Boss Tanaka...they will pay in blood, buckets of blood. I seek your guidance, great slayer of dragons.