You Won't Hear it on the Local Grid

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You Won't Hear it on the Local Grid
LocationRedmond, Seattle
Result Investigation turned Hooding. Stop a group of Dissonant Technomancer from achieving full control over a Resonance Well in Redmond and Crashing the Seattle Grid
Factions Involved
Lazer Powered Cats
Molly Ellison (Races-to-Encrypt)
Casualties and losses
None Disrupt
Dissonant Technomancers


The Runners were called to a hospital in Redmond due to a quarantined girl, but through investigation they found out about a group of Dissonant Technomancers that were trying to take over a resonance well and crash the Seattle Grid out of spite and madness.


The Techno Tribe called Lazer Powered Cats had established a resonance well inside of a church located in Redmond, only for a Dissonant Technomancer by the name of Disrupt to attack the Tribe. Nearly all the Technomancers at the church were slaughtered by Disrupt and the Dissonant Technomancers. A Technomancer named Molly managed to get away from the church alive, but her nervous system had been permanently damaged by Disrupt's strange dissonance abilities. Molly ended up falling unconscious on the streets of Redmond and was taken to a nearby hospital, but the strange and unknown cause of her injuries drew her surgeon to search for help from any available shadowrunners.

The Meet

Mercury, Rabbit, and Deimos all made it to the meet without any trouble. R0B0H4TZ had to take the bus and ended up saving an ork woman from a pair of halloweeners on his way to the meet, and he didn't even ask to be repaid for some reason...

Once gathered at the hospital, R0B0H4TZ managed to earn Deimos' ire by pretending to be a magician, taunting her, and repeatedly lying to her face. A nurse lead the group into the quarantine room, where they met the Mr Johnson who was a surgeon trying to help a young woman who had suffered immense damage to her nervous system, but the cause of this damage was unknown. Deimos managed to use a Mind Probing spell to read the woman's recent memories, which allowed them to figure out that the woman was named Molly and that she was a member of a Tribe called the Lazer Powered Cats. However, the spell was interrupted before Deimos could reach deeper because of a sudden and violent panic attack that made her lose concentration. Rabbit decided to take charge of the situation, and injected Deimos with a dose of Guts by jamming a needle in their neck. Deimos re-cast the spell and kept peering deeper until she unraveled what had happened to Molly and the Technomancers at the church.

Suddenly Molly's living persona booted up and contacted the runners via their commlinks. She told them more about Disrupt's abilities, but also Disrupt's plan to use the power of the resonance well to compile an immense sprite that would destroy the entire Seattle Grid. Molly expressed a desire for the team to show the Dissonant Technomancers mercy if possible, but should that prove too impossible then they should kill them quickly and efficiently. All members of the team agreed to help Molly, and to stop Disrupt from destroying the Seattle Grid.

The Plan

Rabbit and Deimos would use illusions to get inside the church without raising suspicions, and would then lure Disrupt out into the streets where they would be vulnerable.

R0B0H4TZ would keep out of sight while compiling a powerful Fault Sprite that would attack and confuse Disrupt.

Mercury would be positioned at a high vantage point with his Assault Rifle, and would then finish off the confused Disrupt with a few well placed shots.

The Run

Mercury drove to the planned vantage point an hour before the plan would begin, but realized that the area was ganger territory. The gangers noticed Mercury who was snooping around in his car and began calling for the rest of the gang to gather up. Mercury was swift on his feet and used some quick thinking, so he managed to make it up to the vantage point by moving through the next door apartment complex. Mercury knew that the gangers would notice him when he would take the shot on Disrupt, so he would have to find a way to escape once he had taken disrupt out.

Deimos cast the illusion on themselves and Rabbit. They moved past the guards with no problem at all, but once inside the illusion failed and the mercenaries hired by Disrupt drew their guns. The Dissonant Technomancers finished compiling a sprite larger than any sprite that the team had seen right as the fighting began.

Deimos struck fear in everyone within the church but Rabbit, which distracted the mercenaries for just long enough. Mercury instantly took the now much more difficult shot through one of the church windows, but he still managed to expertly hit Disrupt, albeit only managing to fatally injure and leave them bleeding out on the stone floor. Rabbit reacted in an instant, swinging their monowhip across the room, finishing off Disrupt in an instant and killing three of the four other Dissonant Technomancers. One of the mercenaries took aim at Deimos' forehead and fired, but Rabbit reacted quickly and blocked the bullet with their body at the last second. The remaining Dissonant Technomancer saw a swarm of ravenous advertisements flying towards them, and within a split second the ads coalesced into a fire giant made out of mass media that delivered a violent stomp to the living persona that wracked their body with painful biofeedback. The mercenaries pleaded for Rabbit and Deimos to let one of their employers live so that they can resolve it peacefully, but Rabbit just cleaved one of the mercenaries' chest open, and Deimos then finished off the dying mercenary with a decisive lightning bolt. R0B0H4TZ' Fault Sprite tried to deliver another kick to the Technomancer that was praying for their life, but it was repelled by the dissonance, which prompted R0B0H4TZ to knock the Technomancer out by stabbing their living persona through the head with an overgrown Phillips head screw. The remaining mercenary ran off, so Rabbit and Deimos went to help Mercury escape from the gangers. R0B0H4TZ walked to the church from the alleyway he had been hiding in and headshotted the knocked out Technomancer.


Most of the team returned to the hospital and told Molly about their success. Molly said she wouldn't mind speaking favorably of them to the rest of the Technomancer community, which only R0B0H4TZ declined.

Molly's nervous system was still damaged beyond most forms of repair, except for maybe the healing nanites used by Evo. So most of the team decided that they should see if they can find a way to hit Evo and get Molly healed.


  • 14 karma
  • 4000 Nuyen
  • +3 rep with Lazer Powered Cats

(Bonus for accepting invitation to a Technomancer network)

  • +3 rep with Kivanet
  • +3 rep with The Ravens
  • +3 rep with Technicolor Stream
  • +3 rep with The Walking People
  • +1 Public Awareness

(Bonus for Deimos)

  • +1 rep with Sovereign Military Order of Malta

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"It's an interesting day, when you walk into the hospital, mind read the victim, then get straight on to working out how to put bullets into the dissonant technofraggers that had taken over her resonance well. We prepped a sniper's nest, cast my favorite disguising spell, then walked through the front door. Things went bang, Rabbit scared the frag out of me, then I got shot at. I really need to thank Rabbit for taking that bullet for me.

All in all, a decent night's pay. However, that Races-to-Encrypt chick really doesn't deserve the drek hand she's been dealt. I'll have to see if I can do anything for her."