'A Raccoon's Raid'

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'A Raccoon's Raid'
GM[[hasGM::DSD [He/Him]#5706]]
LocationPuyallup (Barrens)
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Security Corp
Max Pain
五代ロータス (Godai rōtasu)
Ground Drone 1
Ground Drone 2
Ground Drone 3
Ground Drone 4
Corp Security 1
Corp Security 2
Casualties and losses
Max Pain went unconscious (Rescued) No Casualties
One runner was knocked out unconscious by the time Chipset transferred rights to Godai (Temporarily Driver Owner), Godai set to Gridlink (autopilot) to save Max and sped away before authorities arrived.



Three Shadowrunners received deets from their fixers by the Johnson providing details to the meet. The Johnson requests to steal a luxury vehicle to possess for himself, and is guarded by metahumans (Security guards) and ground drones patrolling a fancy parking lot. The runners arrived the scene, Godai's plan is to have Chipset to hack into the matrix before Max can operate the car, and transfer his SIN as the owner (temporarily). Max Pain volunteered to become the distraction, but the situation went awe soon as ground drones managed to knock out Max. Godai use Gridlink allowing himself to drag Max into the car speeding away. The situation per say... was a disaster in the beginning, but in the end none of the runners nor Corp security was killed.

The Meet

Max, Godai, and Chipset received text messages from their respective fixers. Max Pain is living in a temporarily safe house while too busy discussing his girlfriend in a middle of an argument and on the lookout for her kidnappers. Godai and Max Pain arrived at the location except Chipset was late when he got into a collision accident with a drunk driver. Fortunately his car is still mobile and made it (ten minutes late). They soon discovered the Johnson happens to be a shapeshifter Racoon, goes by the name Geoff Montgomery XLII, . He asks the runners to steal a valuable car he's keen; wanting to have it for himself, in exchange for 14,000 silvers (Nuyen) or trade stolen electronics, drones,vehicles. The runners accept the job. Max and Chipset knew each other since their last run, so they figured this job will run clockwork.

The Plan

Godai's plan is to have Max be the main driver operating the vehicle, while Chipset will hack into the matrix and transfer his SIN as the owner temporarily. Godai and Max searched for the vehicle until they located in the middle of the fancy parking lot. Godai will need to create a distraction to draw attention away from him, so Max volunteered to be the distraction.

The Run

The plan went sideways soon as Max created enough noise for the drones to come after him. Corp security (metahumans) tried to stop Godai from operating the car, but failed. Max did his best to avoid danger from the drones until he went unconscious afterwards. Almost killing him. Godai had no choice but to operate the car himself. Chipset transferred his SIN instead of Max since he'd forgotten to give his trauma slap patch to Godai. He managed to drag into the car rescuing Max and set the car to Gridlink (autopilot) blocking the drones from his line of sight. Godai sped away the parking lot and pick up Chipset.


Their legwork didn't work as planned, but managed to make it miraculously without scratching the paint job. Max's girlfriend kept calling his commlink driving Godai insane, Chipset had to put on a trauma patch for Max to wake him up. Max answered her phone call and did his best to lie to her as they called the Johnson letting him know its done. Max eventually passed out after finishing his heated conversation with her. The racoon is pleased to hear the car is in pristine condition (and no scratch)


4k Nuyen or twice in electronics/vehicles/drones (7 RVP) 9 Karma (9 RVP)


Optional, taking RVP from above: Indomitable for Max Pain (8 RVP/lvl) Geoff Montgomery XLII the Raccoon (C2/L3) (4 RVP)

Game Quotes

"Guys hurry up. I don't think I can't hold it much longer. If I get killed my girlfriend's going to kill me!" - Max Pain "Raccoon is not a photographer." - Edward (GM)

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Max Pain

Two days ago I went out for the Night after nearly getting shot and killed by corp sec. I didn't tell Keora what I was doing when I got the call. It was a bad time to answer the call, but I needed the money- we. Needed the money. Keora needs to wake up and know working for Aztechnology will be the death of us. I was still working for them- technically. I wrote the info letter and left the address on a mail envelope soon as I drop the closest mailbox in some street corner. The letter is written in red ink:

Hello Shy,

If you're receiving this letter and reading this, then that means I'm still breathing. My girlfriend and I are hold up in a safe place where nobody will find us. I'll cut to the chase.

A group of thugs I ran into Tacoma, down by the docks at Dupont where an old warehouse used to be back in 2011. These guys are just a bunch of pissants I can handle, mostly human, don't recognize these boys, but they also had english accents and gang tattoos. Don't know what those tattoos mean so- maybe someone who knows what it means you can find out about them. They wore street clothes and fancy suits you'd seen one of the mafia films, one of them also had cyber implants and armed with guns. So far I only run into one Red Samurai but that's it, but the strangest thing is- Red Samurai assassins usually stay in pairs of five except- I only encounter one. I'm not sure if it's a ruse to scare me, or I just killed a trained assassin. Thing is I never killed anyone in my life until I ended up running in the shadows, anyway it doesn't matter at this point. Please send this letter whenever you can find about this gang.

- M.P.