Max Pain

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Max Pain
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Mystic Adept (Adept Guns & Spellslinger)
Hot Headed Human Kid & Wannabe Action Hero
Commissioned made by @Diligi/Character on right owns it Daddy Toffee
DiscordFrosty Sprinklez#2049
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
FolderSIN Database
PriorityMetatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - B
Resources - E

Character Information


Marco Maximus Diaz turned 18, enlisted in the UCAS Army, lived in Manhattan, New York, and was a part-time librarian. Attended college to study his English literature, poetry, and Astral Penomena Magic. His inspiration came from famous magicians and musicians alike, more importantly. Music & Acting. Marco decided to head out and find fame & fortune.

Although his dreams soon turned into a nightmare when he was drafted (pre-selected) against his will. After the end of the war, Marco decided to move in Seattle, Washington wanting a new fresh start. His physique is strong, but his will may have broken him for life. His hopes of living his new life will be different. Although, like The Sixth World, is a cruel place, his life came to an unfortunate demise.


▶ Find the SURGE reptile & Shadow Mercs (Orks) who tried to kill him (Metaplot)

▶ Uncover the truth for his Identity & former-self (Metaplot)

▶ Retrieve the silver briefcase & deliver to the Aztec Corp (Metaplot)

▶ Learn and develop Mystic Powers to understand the nature of Awakening

▶ Locate and reunite your friends Josh, Oni, Mac, and Crystal (Max's closest friends)

▶ Keora seems to act strange around Max lately ever since he saw her drown with him. Is she hiding something from him? Find out about Keora's strange intentions (Metaplot)


Marco has little to no recollection of who he is- or where'd he come from. All he can remember was the car crash, and drowned underwater. Except, he remembers clearly being executed by a group of orcs and Shadowrunner mercs accompanied by a surge reptile wearing a fancy suit, and eventually he was shot in the head on the spot, leaving him for dead. Later by some miracle, he just happen to run into a group of Shadowrunner mercs and brought him in only to discover his package is stolen. Everyone blamed the courier for losing it (not because of him, but because of his new boss Matt Stryker decided to dock everyone's pay).

Eventually, he orders everyone to take him to go see Sturges, did his best to patch up the young kid, removed fragments of what's left of his brains and skull. Marco made it in a full recovery. Sturges laughed at him when he asked "what were you doing in the dumpster breeder?" Marco can barely think straight. He can only remember he was carrying a silver briefcase he smuggled into the city. His killers took something from him, but what's puzzling is his strange tattoo on his right shoulder. A butterfly.

What's more very strange is his estrange girlfriend Keora- a surge pucca half human/half goat, claims she knows Marco well since elementary school. Except, his newfound girlfriend was killed in a car accident and saw her drowned- like him. Due to his lack of memory loss he can only remember who he is (or... who he was). His mana barely recovered slowly, he can feel his body is weightless. The problem is- he knows nothing about magic, but his knowledge still retains small fragments from his past life. His pursuit to find the man who killed him, and discover his true identity lies within the shadows. He decided to name himself, Max Pain.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Agile Defender - Speed kills, but quickness and agility can be the key to avoiding a speedy death. This quality allows the character to use their Agility in place of their Willpower attribute while using Full Defense

Focused Concentration I - A technomancer or magic user with the Focused Concentration quality has the discipline to manipulate mana or Resonance more precisely than otherwise possible. This precision reduces stress to the magic user’s or technomancer’s body. She is able to sustain one spell/complex form with a force/level equal to her Focused Concentration rating without suffering any penalties.

For example, a magic user with Focused Concentration rating 3 may sustain a Force 3 Armor spell without taking the negative dice pool modifier for sustaining a spell. Sustaining any additional spells or complex forms incurs the standard –2 dice pool modifier per spell or complex form sustained. This quality may only be taken by magic user characters that are able to cast spells and technomancers.

Mystic Adept - Cast spells, perform rituals, boost attributes, enhance reflexes, and traditions

Mentor Spirit (Dragonslayer) - If Max breaks a promise, or an oath, he suffers a -1 penalty on all dice modifiers until he fulfills his promise

Mentor's Mask - A shaman's mask, a side effect due to his awakening state

Indomitable Physical II - Bodies and minds have limits, but some people have the will to push right through those boundaries. For each level of Indomitable, a character receives a +1 increase to an Inherent limit of his choice (Mental, Physical, or Social). He can take up to three levels and can apply them in any way he chooses (+3 to one Inherent Limit, for example; or +2 to one Inherent and +1 to another; or +1 to all three).


Common Sense - GMs can give hints to the player before something unexpected happens

Perfect Time - +1 dice pool modifier for Performance Tests (timing and rhythm), and additional Free Action during every Action Phase

Shoot First, Don't Ask - Increase your initiative score by the number of total hits rolled on the test (only applies the 1st turn during combat)

Watch The Suit - Prevents Stun Damage except Physical damage (ignores negative modifiers to Etiquette rolls | appearance will look normal)

Ambidextrous - No longer suffers negative dice modifiers when using left-handed weapons


Driven - Requires Logic + Willpower (4) without dropping everything. If succeeds, he gains a +1 bonus for his Willpower

SINner (Corporate|Aztechnology) - Pays 10% for his megacorporation

Wanted - Wanted by U.C.A.S. & Lonestar. Active bounty hunters will attempt to intercept him.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Rat on the yaks, get attackedL1 July 2083
Implement reclamationKaterSalemEnemy within18 May 2083
'A Raccoon's Raid'14 May 2083
Personal VendettaPokémonemocow7 (they/them)#9225Conifer of Ripples
11 May 2083
A Dockside DoctorEva8 May 2083


  ◆ Don LeMón Punchinello (Italian Mafia)
  ◆ Works for a guy named Matt Stryker (Italian Mafia)


Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
'Doc' Mortimer 5 3 Custom(G,A,K,N) Street Doc Biotechnologist, Advanced 'Ware, Black Market Pipeline, Forbidden Gear, Cybertechnologist, Cyberlimbs Even
Matt Stryker 3 3 Fixer Fixer Gain Network Contacts, Shadowrunner Jobs, Pro-Metahuman, Metatype (Minus Trolls), Illegal Drugs & Firearms Smuggler Even
Keora Pucca 2 3 Legwork Accountant & Info Broker Please, No More Killing!, Accountant, Fake SINS and Licenses (Service Issuer R6), Info Broker Even




  ▶ Keora Pucca - Max's estrange girlfriend, seems friendly, but acts quite odd
  ▶ Sturges - Weapons dealer, sells weapons and armor
  ▶ Matt Stryker (Omae or Foe?) - His local boss fixer who sets up Shadowrunner jobs
  ▶ Chipset (Matrix Shadowrunner) - A fellow chummer he knew him from his last run called "Shadow Express"


In Character Information

"The fall, I don't want to go there. It's the last place I'll remember, but that’s where I’ll always end up anyway. Only, its not me talking to the- fallen angel, but someone who looks part down to the finest detail, excpet he's evil. I'm emerges from the shadows; watching it all unfold levitating in mid-gravity. Falling into a labyrinth hole, I was surrounded by people, and beasts. The darkest place swirls around like a string of ball divided into large fragments moving in opposite directions. Separated in rows like rubix cylinders, the labyrinth hole moves in clockwise, and counterclockwise. And then, I sees a bright-lilly lit beacon of a silhouette of a young woman- with long hair and angel wings. Although my vision was too blurred to see until I got closer. Then the woman speaks, and says: "Max, my sweet precious boy. Come hither, and join me my beloved. We can finally be together forever, and let us transcend you and I.” She's waiting for me. I can clearly see its shadow as my eyes are focused on her. And if something goes wrong, not me, but my double.

He stares at this and smirks like it was the funniest thing he ever heard. Then everyone knew where I was. They turn around to stare at me with cold eyes: "The flesh... The flesh... The flesh... Its coming... Its coming..." . I got closer with a clear picture in my head, but she was not what I thought she was. She had bat-like wings with large pointy ears, non-human. Her large shape-like devil horns in 3 or 4 inches in height. Her bright, yellow lit eyes are open. She spreads apart lifting her arms up as if she's ready to give me a welcome hug. Her sharp claws caught my eye. I knew that moment of where I was going, and I was in it for the long ride. She- was The Flesh, of a Fallen Angel. Then the Oni demon speaks to me calmly, and said: "The Flesh of Fallen Angels." I have no idea what that means... And that's where I always end up screaming. The brightest light shines my skin burning into ashes. Revealing ruined bones. Memories tear apart my soul: consuming an endlessly burning fire. And then, I awakened."

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Max Pain's background info has left you stumped since he doesn't appeared to exist. The only information you got on him is he's an Aztech Specialist and was part of the Echelon Forerunners Project. You did your best to dig any info from Aztech Matrix servers but all you find his information is redacted or expunge. His SIN information Marco Maximus Diaz is still active and you can learn he's an ordinary citizen of the U.C.A.S.
3 Relevant fake SINS Max Pain has used will give you a list of Seven SINner profiles in different countries. Only one of them matches his profile mugshot, the rest are irrelevant to you because some of his metatypes are listed as Ork or Elf. His registered licenses and issuers are made by Megacorps or nations provided by him you're certain he's a sinless shadowrunner. Max may have one or more fake sins that's dated back between 2030-2080.
6 There's not much info you can search or find any real SINS on the Matrix except his first fake SIN, but according to old records saved in the Seattle Motor Division. Max's relevant SIN matches his drivers license, his high school ID, even his real name: Marco Maximus Diaz, 17 years old, Hispanic, lives with his parents at the time during high school that was dated in January 29th, 2011 eleven months before the Awakening. During your search you discovered Max Pain was presumed dead at a nearby lake outside of Seattle when a truck belonging to Josh Cunningham lost control causing the vehicle to crash and dive sinking into the lake. You also find relevant information of the two victims names: Josh Cunningham, and Keora Crowley have both been murdered with a 12-gauge buckshot by her brother Victor Crowley. Apparently he was arrested and sentenced to life in prison. The Seattle police search the wreckage by the lake, but Max Pain's body was never recovered.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result


  ▶ Marco Maximus Diaz (Fake SIN Rating 3 - Issued by U.C.A.S.)
  ▶ Adept License (Fake SIN Rating 3)
  ▶ Automatic Weapons License (Fake SIN Rating 3)
  ▶ Mage License (Fake SIN Rating 3)


His pupils are Brown/Orange (for a normal metahuman), has large laceration scars across his cheekbones. His bullet scar is covered above his forehead (not visible). Marco was mundane until he was awakened at an early age... or... recently became awakened after he was shot and dead. His pupils are Orange/Red, iris shape is thin, and oval


Marco's clothing attire wears black trenchcoat & black leathergloves, turtleneck, black pants (tactical), and black shoes (or boots). His street clothing and fashionware is his usual everyday clothing. Gang leatherjacket (Sons of Hellfire, Highway 666), modified with collar, samurai shoulder plates, and armor weave. Black skinny jeans, casual shoes, and a demon T-shirt that says "Inside of Every Demon is A Rainbow."

Matrix Persona

Media Mentions

No name, no fingerprints, no birth certificate, no other known aliases

ShadowGrid Profile Comments