Personal Vendetta

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Personal Vendetta
Part of Conifer of Ripples
Part of Reunion
Dupont Docks
GMPokémonemocow7 (they/them)#9225
LocationSeattle, Tacoma (Dupont)
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Crowley Boys
Max Pain
Keora Pucca
Guard Dog
Metahuman LARPer
Casualties and losses
No casualties occured 1 Guard Dog, 1 Metahuman 1 LARPer
Max Pain and Keora barely made it out alive before more guards show up


An anonymous sender sends a text message with the address and shows the picture of a dark lilly-lit room. Max panicked when he saw his girlfriend tied to a chair as the sender text reads "come see her." Max left the apartment and rush to his car to come after her. The place was already guarded by goons, but Max managed to infiltrate the warehouse only to be discovered quickly. His only option was to fight, killed the LARPer, and both of them escape from the warehouse unscathed.


Max was out in some parking lot when he got a text message from his girlfriend to pick up a few things she needs. Everything seemed normal when he left the grocery store. He sent a text message, but she hasn't respond back for five or ten minutes. Usually she'll respond a couple of seconds to reply back, so he tried to call her from his commlink the 1st time, and for some odd reason his connection is immediately terminated. Max had no idea what is going on and had a sense of feeling something wasn't right, trying to make sense in all of this. He decides to drive down to her place.

The Meet

Max got a text message from his girlfriend letting him know to buy groceries on his way home to her apartment complex. He stop by at a convenient store to buy fresh produce & milk, when he texted her back she didn't respond for five- or ten minutes long. Max had his suspicions, something tells him from the back of his mind doesn't seem right since he knows his girlfriend responds quick. Max tried to call her commlink to answer, but his connection is interrupted and immediately shuts down. With no further way to contact her, he decided to drive to Downtown at Richmond Highlands.

When he arrived at her apartment the door was already left ajar. He had his pistol ready slowly pushing the door. The whole place was still intact except the lighting is dimmed and flickering. Her kitchen timer went off a couple of seconds Max is already in a state of paranoia, he assumed a bomb was rigged and further investigate the kitchen oven, turns out it was just the timer going off, but how long? A bullet hole was lodge on his girlfriend's refrigerator leaving a mark. He did some detective work (Small tactics unit) to determine where the bullet hit, and recognize its a high caliber bullet used for long rifles. Someone will need to stand in order to take the shot, and there's no evidence of force entry- as if. Someone let themselves in. He tried to gather more clues in her apartment but he only find nothing until he received a text message from an anonymous sender. An address is left where it leads to a warehouse down at Tacoma, Dupont. He recognize his girlfriend when he saw the image tied up to a chair, and someone pointing the rifle behind her back. The person had tattoos on their forearm, but couldn't determine what these tattoos mean. The text reads "come see her." Out of panic, he left her apartment dashing to the elevator and he was already freaking out fearing they'll kill her.

The Plan

   Max knew he can't alert the authorities, nor he had nobody to contact to aid his mission. He was outnumbered, outgunned, so his only choice is to head down the docks and rescue her himself. It didn't take long to scope the place out, the place is an industrial 2-story warehouse filled with street lamps and has been abandoned since 2011. He determine where its located, so he did some legwork and managed to get inside using an autopicker to pick the lock.

The Run

Max predicted there's goons inside, mostly metahumans judging by their size, but there's also a guard dog too as well. He tried to sneak pass them only to get spotted by the guard dog. Soon as they're alerted by his presence. He used his manabolt to hit the goon and dash to one of the containers down the hall. Everyone scrambled to find him, one guard dog managed to lung at him but Max was okay. There was no way for him to take down all the goons, so the first thing he did is ran to the nearest door closing behind him. At that moment, he encountered a LARPer standing before him is his girlfriend. She was surprised to see him knew Max would come, but also seems she won an argument. Max casts a force magic on himself to improve his reflexes and is able to gun down the LARPer in one hit.

After unbinding her hands she explained to him she hasn't got a clue of who these people are. There was no other way to go out the back of the entrance, the crates are already blocked preventing them to leave, so the only way out is to go back where he came. All 4 of the goons are waiting for him, so Max Pain suppresses fire at them, killing one dog, and one goon on the spot. Max and Keora gave the chance to escape before they could chase them.


A big commotion is happening at the warehouse. Everyone is shouting and screaming where the demon went, even called Max a "Shadowrunner." His girlfriend told him everthing, some goons broke into her apartment and tried to kill her. She was being held against her will traumatized to think they was going to kill her soon as Max Pain showed up. They were waiting for him.

Max took Keora to a safe house where she'll be safe for the time being, but Keora wasn't too happy and demand Max to tell her the truth. Max hugged her feeling a sense of relief she's okay, either by fear or because Max didn't want to loose her. Max promise her he'll explain everything later, they kissed before Max left. At the end a drone was following them before they left the warehouse, so whoever it is they want to lure Max to his death is personal.


7 Karma 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Max Pain

Keora and I dash to the gate as a big commotion is happening indoors shouting and yelling her name "Demon" or "freak." We've been together for a long time since elementary school, and I know her brother is overprotective sometimes. Now I know how I feel about him. Somehow someone knew where Keora live and tipped me off to setup a trap for me. They knew I was coming, but whoever is gunning for me and my girlfriend there's hell to pay.

We both leap into our car and I sped away from this place. Keora knew nothing about those goons or what they wanted from her, but they were clearly waiting for me to catch off-guard. The LARPer I killed earlier is part of the LARPing Community, recalled some bits and pieces I have faced them once when I was an Aztech initiate. Except, this trained unit was one man. I can sense in him the fact he's never faced a Shadowrunner before, was it a fake? An intimidation tactic?