Crowley Boys

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Crowley Boys
Crowley Gang Logo.jpg
Status: Moderately Active
Pro-Metahumans & Radical Extremists
Arms Deal & Syndicate Irish Mob
O'Malley Co. Brewery & Wine
Player May JoinNo
Area of OperationSeattle, Europe (Northern Ireland)

Faction Information


The Crowley Boys have appeared in Seattle since the early years of The Amazonian (Aztlan) War. Their gang is organized by pro-metahuman groups (radical & terrorist groups vilified by Elven nations), immigrants (ethnic groups) originated in Eastern Europe, orks and trolls associates of The O'Malley Family, and made man members of The Punchinello Family. Crowley's street cred is recognized by O'Malley & Don Punchinello, was once an associate doing drek jobs for them at a young age. Few rumors and conspirators around Tacoma known Victor speculate his disappearance in 2011 before the Awakening, and after The Great Ghost Dance. His long absents suddenly reappeared in The Sixth World and has become a public enemy amongst gangs & law enforcement corporations. The Crowley Boys are proven to be disposable and heartless wanting all the glory. Their hobbies are to stage robberies, killing bystanders, and wanting whores.

No one knows how a middle-age man in his early 30s remained young in the 2070s... for a metahuman, few of the residents in Tacoma theorize he may been cryogenicaly frozen and made deals with a corporate SIN benefactor. At the time Victor became outspoken against changelings and Oni's he sees them as demons, or dead men who'd been risen to torment others (that's what he sees in his beliefs). Eventually, his influence of recruiting new members to join his gang has gain an attraction amongst former IRA soldiers (Irish Republican Army) and radical groups, mostly metahumans, but some are Irish-Scottish (or Finnegan) descendants, and others are Orks & trolls whom became associates of Victor Crowley. Although while many Mafia gangs don't trust mages or Shamens in Northern America, Victor only cares about strength and numbers. The Gang's symbol is a resemblance of a Tree surrounded by branches and fig leafs called "The Tree of Life," represents the three stages of life: Birth, Death, and reincarnation.


 ᛥ Establish a mutual respect with the Italian & Finnegan mafias (or Dons)
 ᛥ Distribute illegal weapons and guns to smuggling ports in Tacoma and Everett within the borders outside of NAN
 ᛥ Form an alliance and make tribute to The Crimson Crush at The Barrens (his angle is to attract newcomers and gain respect for his street cred)
 ᛥ Gather new bloods and hire muscle to protect shipyards and shop keepers from Ancients and Halloweeners

Major Locations

 ᛥ Port of Tacoma
 ᛥ Port of Everett
 ᛥ The Barrens
 ᛥ Downtown Seattle
 ᛥ O'Malley Pub


 ◆ Victor Crowley (Founder of The Crowley Boys)
 ◆ Colm O'Higgins (Lieutenant of The O'Malley Family|Union Leader of Port Tacoma & Everett)
 ◆ Sean McGuire (Pub Owner of The O'Malleys)
 ◆ Mallory O'Shea (Wife of Victor|Shamen Mage)
 ◆ Pete Lancaster (Fixer street honcho of The O'Malley Family|Offers Shadowrunner jobs)


The Crowley Boys are mostly dominant by metahumans than Orks and Trolls in their ranks, but that doesn't mean they're the most infamous gang compare to the Ancients or Halloweeners. Their gang territories can be seen hanging out by the docks in Tacoma or hideouts. In Downtown, the O'Molley Pub is part of a Irish tavern run by Sean McGuire, mixed in night club theme where all the party goers hangout at the lounge by the dance floor, and dancer show girls displaying on stage. Below underground is where they solicit gambling, host fight pits, and fixers whom offer their services to mercenaries looking for work. Anyone whose looking to do business will be in the underground. On top of the night club is where the Dons & made men are hung out- either to conduct business with the Crowley Boys, or to gather meetings to meet with Mafia bosses in Seattle.

Their gang mostly operates in Tacoma Docks and Everett distributing cargo containers filled with food, alcohol, and rum imports from Eastern Europe, in some parts of the docks. Colm O'Higgins is Victor's second lieutenant, in-charge of distribution & union labor work for the workers handling crates & cargo supplies. Anyone whose got a problem with Higgins boys will answer to him. The wages they offer union workers are awful, but the perfect location to smuggle weapons and gear. Every year commercial ships deliver more than 15 million tons worth of cargo containers in and out of Tacoma, there's no exact estimate of how much the gang smuggles, but the place is guarded by Malley boys metahumans and trolls.

The Crowley Boys have small hideouts somewhere in the Barrens, used one of the shanty hotels or bars run by small-time shop keepers or hotel clerks running amock. Inside the interior of the building is nothing but cheap mobster punk and neon signs offering patrons for room service, plus a variety "premium services" for call girls. Pete Lancaster runs a small operation in The Barrens, offers Shadowrunner jobs looking for work. His services are adequate and sells firearms, munitions, and black market gear in bulk. He prefers to steer clear from Mafia gangs & O'Malley's for whatever drek business they bring. Pete is not too bright like most people in Seattle, but he's a reliable fixer.


 ᛥ The O'Malley Family
 ᛥ Don LeMon Punchinello (Italian Mafia)
 ᛥ Crimson Crush (Neutral)


 ▶ Ancients
 ▶ Halloweeners
 ▶ Changelings

Current Status

Although many Mafia families won't allow metahumans to become made man, nor they don't trust mages or shamens. The Crowley Boys are welcome to newcomers to join their ranks, if you can shoot, can cast a spell that kills them, summon a spirit, or kill without thought, you're in. If you hate changelings or Oni's you deem to hate their guts, you're in. Unlike most gangs like him, Victor can care little about his men except Sean & Colm. (Note: May be up to thematics)

Orks and Trolls are allowed to join the gang and considered them boys, some members don't take too kindly to Orks and Oni (especially pro-humans and radical metaracists). Victor has made it clear and has a say who gets to join the gang and who doesn't. Changelings are considered freaks or abominations (including Oni's) they deemed atrocious. Victor's catholic beliefs & views are prejudice, or somewhat radical whether you agree with his ideals- or not. Either way, Victor Crowley's a one nasty leader.

The Crowley boys have a competition with the Ancients and Halloweeners for over a decade. When things got headed between two factions in the beginning. The result of gang wars and ambush hit squads (saboteurs) has effected Victor's business and money, Victor's gang had lost more than 625 members for the last 10 years, many cargo containers (even food trucks) have seized or torched by the Halloweeners, and Ancients began targeting his lieutenants and key figures (Dons influence by Crowley's gang) to weaken his infrastructure and economy, so far a small handful of success assassinations resulted Victor to recruit hired muscle (street sam mercenaries, mages, and shamens) to learn from his past mistakes.

Health Summary

In 2080, the Crowley Boys are maintaining their gang's economy and logistics have improved their infrastructure, and handling street gangs have adapted their tactics for over a decade. The Italian mafia families and Crimson Crush are still discussing the future of their newfound partnership. Crowley Boys are still in neutral terms with the Crimson Crush because neither groups have engage gang wars each other. The Crimson Crush supplies weapons and ammunition to the Crowley Boys in exchange for combat drugs and hard liquor.

The Crowley Boys and their members have 2,000 gang members in Seattle alone, with the O'Malleys and Don Punchinello's mobs to give hire muscle to their associates. Victor Crowley's business has thrived after years of turmoil and gang wars his business have suffered by his competitors.


 ◆ 2,000 members (Seattle)
 ◆ 6,475 members (Eastern Europe, Italy, Northern Ireland, England)


Pete Lancaster3FixerEntrepreneur Businessman



Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Personal VendettaPokémonemocow7 (they/them)#9225Conifer of Ripples
11 May 2083

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