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"I was so far past-the-point of no return I couldn't even remember what I had looked like when I had passed it." - Max Pain

"You Are Playing A Very Dangerous Game Max"

A group of Irish Mobster punks; whose someone leading the gang is gunning after Max Pain & Keora for a somewhat personal vendetta against their wills without reason. All Max knows is someone knows him, his girlfriend, where they live, and who knows Max Pain personally a lot more than ShadowHaven. One late night, Keora Pucca sent a text message to Max Pain letting him know to pick up groceries on the way home. At the time Max wasn't aware she was kidnapped when he tried to call her commlink only to have his connection shut down immediately. See Personal Vendetta to read more from the AAR: Personal Vendetta (Solo Run)

Max Pain received anonymous deets from an unknown Matrix hacker revealing her location at some old warehouse facility only to find out later they lure him into a trap. Max Pain and Keora Pucca barely escaped with their lives unscathed, but there's bound to be more goons coming after them no matter how many chummers they can throw Max Pain. Max's first plan of action is to find whose the mastermind behind the kidnapping & why they want him out of the picture.

Max decided to contact one of his fellow runners and eventually one of them goes by the name of "Shy." After Shy passed on the information to Max Pain detailing the gangster mob's operation, their lieutenants, what they operate, and whose calling the shots when he recognized his longtime old enemy "Victor Crowley." He suspects his arch nemesis Victor is coming after him plotting some kind of "idiot revenge" mission. He still doesn't know the full motive behind the kidnapping, but he knows this: Victor wanted Max Pain? He'd seen the pain.

Max Pain's History with Victor Crowley (Timeline Events: December 18-24, 2011)

Max (Marco) and Victor have a history of violence beating at each other's throats for two years since the beginning of their high school sophomore-junior year. It was around December 2011 before The Awakening occurred. They both lived in Seattle all their lives and had no issues in the beginning until Keora introduced to her brother when Max befriended her at the time. Max and Victor was friends once, but Victor didn't even care about Max, or anyone else, not even his so-called "friends," except his only sister. Keora is all he cared about. Their friendship didn't last long soon as Max ruined his girlfriend's date night, and has slowly held a grudge against Max when he soon discovered he was dating his sister.

When Victor's relationship with Max began to fall apart around him. It hit him harder in a rock place than his sister, he feel betrayed because of Max, and after his girlfriend broke up with him- broke him mentally, but his mother dying on his hands due to lung cancer finally snapped him; driving him closer to insanity. Victor went after his little brother Max (Marco's sibling, Marco used his little brother's alias name 'Max Pain' as a reminder), threatened to beat him if he stays away from his sister. He wasn't intimidated by his threats, but he became defensive and hostile when Victor mentioned his little brother planning to hurt him. A feud between the two families have escalated the situation when Max's uncle Tommy interfered his situation causing to make matters worse. Tommy threatened Victor's sister he will "keep her in black" on his behalf.

By the time The Awakening begin to emerge (or was about to emerge). Marco's little brother Max, Keora, and his friends went on a camping trip in order to get away from Victor, and to keep his little brother safe. One of his best friends Josh Cunningham agreed to let his little brother tag along for the trip. Many of his friends including himself weren't aware the events unfolding around them and didn't understand magic.

Family Feud Between Max & Crowley

Crowley Family & Finnegan Mafia

Victor Crowley's family is Scottish descendant (or Finnegan) and run a small cannery warehouse in Port of Tacoma. His father had connections with the Finnegan mafia family whom used to ran criminal activities offshore, and his mother own a flower shop selling roses and lavendars. Victor hanged with the wrong crowd and end up doing "favors" for his father and relatives. His sister Keora became his only world to him and would do anything to protect her. Victor may have done terrible things he regretted, but still loves his sister dearly and he's only doing it for the family because he knows the criminal elements between good or bad. Things would've been different if Max haven't met her sister.

Unlike Max's moral compass Victor has done far worse to his victims: torture them, interrogate them, or done execution styles in front of them (cement shoes, barb wire strangle, car battery electrocution, chainsaw decapitation.etc). His father taught him how to use a rifle and did hunting with his family, and has worked on cars as an auto mechanic. Victor will sometimes check on his sister after school and spend time with her, but when Max is around with her. He'll become defensive and less friendly to him.

Diaz Family & Military Background

Meanwhile, Max Pain's family are originally from the Southern border of Tijuana, Mexico. His father became a U.S. citizen after marrying his mother Mia whom lived in a small town of Monterey. He finished his associate's degree and later joined the U.S. Marines after 9/11 hit. His father returned home from his 2nd tour in Afghanistan and had a difficult time interacting with his two sons and daughter, including his beloved. He wouldn't talk about what happened after the war dismissing the idea of swapping war stories made him become sensitive to the topic. His father suffered a minor PTSD when events trigger him causing to react things that aren't real. Max Pain's relationship with his father wasn't good. Max's early teens he didn't had a good life. He didn't get along with his sister in the beginning, and later hated her because of their political differences (and they hardly spoken to each other since). His mental stress issues weighted him and had a hard time coping for his feelings. Max has been avoiding that topic to his best friends, including his little brother Max without knowing what's going on behind the curtain. Everything seemed okay in the beginning until Victor begin to have problems with Max.

Max's father is a rifle marksmanship expert and field medic. He begin taught Max how to properly use a rifle & pistol. How to use a knife and taught him how to defend himself using his bare hands. His father knew Max is soft & too sweet on girls for his young age, so he did his best to toughen him up and discipline. He didn't enjoy his father's brutal comments for his honesty, but it was more than enough. His little brother Max has form a bond with him and plays videogames with him, his girlfriend Keora seems to like having him company as a friend. Although Keora had doubts on Max if the stories were true that Max sneak in the girl's bathroom on purpose. Max also has an uncle name Tommy (Father's brother). He was released from prison after he was charged for a crime and is barely reintegrating back to society. Max has done favors for Tommy in the past involve petty thievery and fake documents.

Death of Max Pain & Keora

Victor managed to track down Max and his sister after discovering where they camped; brought his Irish friends along with rifles. Max, Keora, and his little brother attempted to escape, but one of Max's best friends Mac and Josh were shot and killed with a buckshot slug by Victor himself causing Max to mourn the loss of his friends. They quickly hopped on Josh's truck to escape, but the rest of his friends scattered to the forest looking for cover. Victor went after him by himself chasing him by road. Eventually by the time he caught up with Max. He tried aiming his shotgun at Max's cross-hairs- only this time he shot his own sister in the process. Shot her in the chest killing her instantly. Keora decided to sacrifice herself in order to protect Max and his little brother using herself as a human shield.

Max ended up crashing into a curve barrier driving off to a cliff when the car plummeted into a river, and eventually later he was drowned after saving his brother's life. His seat belt was stuck and couldn't get out on time until he freed himself, but he ran out of time and went into the abyss. Whatever happened to Max's little brother leading to his fate remained a mystery.


Crowley Boys

Don LeMon Punchinello

Lone Star

Involved Faction or Individual

Pete Lancaster

Matt Stryker

Don Punchinello

Synopsis: Mobster Family

Matt Stryker has some form of relation with the Punchinello family, which his boss has dealt business with the Crowley Boys working for a guy name Pete. Matt has no knowledge of who Victor is and what their plans are except only the Don knows. Between Matt and the Dons he doesn't know, he'll try to help Max for what he can and requires a loyalty check. If he fails the check- Matt Stryker will want nothing to do with his shenanigans for whatever drek business he's doing.

Important Members

Keora Pucca

Josh Cunningham (Max's Best Friend)

Oni Zhao (Max's ex-girlfriend)

Crystal Davenport (Friend of Keora)

Victor Crowley (Max's Nemesis)


  • Victor will plan to murder Keora because of her changeling appearance (reminded as her sister causing him to become aggressive towards her) and may decide her fate what he wants to do with her
  • Plot revenge on Max Pain for what he did to his family and sister
  • Gather enough men and guns to hunt him down and find out where he's cowarding
  • Use his friends or Keora as bait to lure him, otherwise Victor will brutally torture them to force Max of coming after him
  • Kill Max Pain personally OR get him to join his gang

Another Involved Faction or Individual

Lone Star (Optional)

Pinkerton Detective Agency (Optional)

Synopsis: Law Enforcement

Since Victor Crowley and Max Pain has sprang its roots in the shadows plotting revenge against each other for their own personal game has gain notoriety amongst two agencies, Lone Star and Pinkertons received a tip from one of their trusted associates that two wanted men have been spotted somewhere in Seattle. Agent Kennedy and Shepherd are sent here to capture Victor Crowley and Max Pain hired by the United Canadian & American States Government.

Important Members

Agent Karl Kennedy

Agent Adrian Shepherd


  • Capture Max Pain and reprimanded him for his crimes (Negative Quality for Wanted)
  • Find, locate, and gather any known suspects whom have associated him
  • Convince Keora Pucca (or Victor Crowley) in exchange for their freedom to give up information about Max Pain
  • If Lone Star or Pinkertons can't capture Max Pain alive, then they'll might as well kill him to spare the trouble

Victor Crowley

Victor Crowley (Middle-Age man).jpg
Former Shadowrunner Mercenary
Leader of The Crowley Boys
Strong Hatred Against Oni's & Changelings
Sadistic Sociopath
D.O.B. March 17, 1992
Age 49

Victor Crowley has become a sadistic sociopath with an odd blood-lust smell for death and anarchy in the streets. After the awakening, he was arrested and charged for 1st degree murder of manslaughter and sentenced to life in prison without parole. Victor was supposed to be transferred to Florence State Prison in 2016 after murdering 3 inmates and was sentenced to death by lethal injection, but during The Great Ghost Dance war. Most the territorial states were absorbed by native American tribes, which all the inmates were forced to relocate another prison up north. However, the national guard was ill equipped to deal with the natives and low morale ensures. Victor escape after killing four guardsmen and hi-jacked a Humvee with the help of his fellow two inmates. Victor was later vanished without a trace.

Timeline: 2034-2083

two decades after the natives defeated the United States, Victor suddenly reappeared in the Sixth World without explanation and began running in the shadows for all his life after losing his family and sister. He still regrets to this day after shooting his sister by mistake, and blames Max for what he's become. He was a former associate of the Irish Mafia and did shadowrun jobs for his fellow fixer name Pete Lancaster. Victor was enjoying the life of crime and was good at it, but when he discovered he became awakened and experienced signs of mana by the age of 20. He used his magic to commit crimes enhancing his abilities without cyber implants.

Victor's notoriety and street cred is known by law enforcement agencies: wanted for murder and terrorism. He decided to leave the Mafia, but the Don offered Victor another shadowrunner job that was big, so he agreed and did his part and pulled a bank job heist in New York City. When he left, Victor ran his own gang calling themselves The Crowley Boys and formed his own mobster family. His trusted associate Pete Lancaster has been working for his shenanigans for decades and knows he's a good chummer before he went crazy. Victor has a price on his head in several states of the U.C.A.S. and Native American Nations. His horrendous acts of inflicting changelings has made him a public enemy, and because of his catholic beliefs. Rumor has it Victor used to work for a corporate benefactor whom was put in cryogenic stasis for some time.

Whatever foreshadowed Victor Crowley drove him insane is what led to his family in shambles. Now that Victor knows Max Pain is still alive and lives somewhere in Seattle. He will do anything for his beloved sister to avenge her death; knowingly for what he did. He will make him suffer and made an example.


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