Matt Stryker

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Matt Stryker
Matt Stryker Fixer.jpg
Works for the Head of The Punchinello Family (Italian Mafia Family)
Refers to himself as "Mr. Johnson," or "Mr. Stryker" (Local Honcho)
Offers Shadowrunner jobs
Contact Owneru/Marco_Maximus_Kojima
Owner's Discord NameFrosty Sprinklez#2049
Public Contact?Yes
LocationSeattle, Tacoma
Preferred Payment MethodService (Shadowrunner Job)
Hobbies/ViceEntertainment (RPGs, ARLARP, Graphic Novels)
Personal LifeFamily Man (Wife & Kids)
FactionDon LeMon Punchinello
AspectsGain Network Contacts
Shadowrunner Jobs
Metatype (Minus Trolls)
Illegal Drugs & Firearms Smuggler


Matt Stryker, from local honcho street, to Flamingo Heights Hotel Owner, to Mr. Johnson working for Don LeMon Punchinello. The head of the Punchinello Italian Mafia Family. Rumor has it he's befriended with a local politician and manage to convince the mayor to look the other way to reduce the body count for law enforcement in Tacoma District. The Punchinello Family operates drug trafficking and prostitution, sells illegal arms deals. Matt's a real sweaty little drekhead, but he's got good connections in Seattle. If you're looking for high paying jobs (Shadowrunner Jobs), this is the guy you'll find him and he'll make it happen (if you're willing to get your hands dirty).

Note to self: He hates all metatypes except humans.

Notes For GM

  • Matt Stryker is such a bullshitter sometimes you can't tell the difference if he's excited or serious about the task he's handing to you. He'll leave out vague information and will only tell you what you need to know. Most likely he'll tell you how much he's offering to compensate for your services and ask if you'll accept his offer.
  • The man's a real scumbag and hates all metatypes (including Orks or Oni) except humans of course. Especially with the Frankensteins and Ancients. Matt Stryker will judge you by your metatype and make nasty comments about your tusks, your teeth, or your eyes of course. If you're an Elf, he'll make adult jokes about it once in a while only for his amusement.
  • Matt Stryker loves graphic novel comic books and is a big fan of John Carpenter's films. He'll usually read a graphic novel of mystery/crime themes that feels Noir-like. He mostly sits on his deck to kick his feet up. Matt has posters of movie films like "Big Trouble in Little China," or "The Thing" at his office featuring Kurt Russle. Don't know why he has posters at his office- or at home. It makes him feel like the action boy.
  • Matt Stryker has got wife and two kids. He may be a smearing scumbag like the rest of the pro-metahumans but he's not much of a killer once you get to know him better. More importantly, he's got his priorities to take care of and puts his family first before his runners. If he's in the middle of something he'll shoot a text message and let the runners know he's busy. He'll leave up to his pissant boys to it.
  • Matt Stryker isn't much of a killer. He knows his way around with a gun, but he prefers to play it safe and live in the high life with his family no matter what happens. He has heard stories of previous Johnson's who tried to double cross their pawns end up dead, so Matt Stryker knows better who deals business with professionals than to cut corners. If Don Punchinello wanted him dead, he'd be six feet underwater with cement shoes.

Aspects Description

Aspect Description
Pro-Metahuman If you're going to work for this piece of drek, just remember he does not take too kindly to all metatypes, especially he hates the Frankensteins and Ancients equally. The last guy who tried to kill him ended up sleeping with the fishes wearing cement shoes. -2 penalty to all social interactions with him if you're not a human. If you are human, well you're in luck.
Above Aspect pending approval. Please notify Thematics.
Shadowrunner Jobs Matt Stryker will work with Shadowrunners than trusting his own men to do his dirty work. You're looking for real work instead of some drek jobs? He'll give you the details on what you need to know, and its simple. Don't ask too many questions on why he wants it. He hates that, and prefers you get it done quick. He'll answer some questions he might have an answer to- but he'll give you vague information.
Gain Network Contacts Looking for something specific of what you need? Weapons? Fake Passport SINS? Ammunition? A Spirit Worker? No worries, Matt's got you covered. He can get in touch with his chummers, or someone he knows from around the street and get information to find who you're looking for.
Metatype (Minus Trolls), Illegal Drugs & Firearms Smuggler Matt Stryker has a guy name Rusty who can help you smuggle drugs, metatypes (except trolls due to size limitations), and any firearms like long arms, pistols, or automatics that can block metal detectors. Make a request from Rusty for what kind of items you need to smuggle, and he'll make the arrangements and have your items prepped in a secure package left for you. For metatypes that need to be smuggled, Rusty will have a compartment hatch that will fit in for one-two metatypes provided for you (depending on the size of the compartment).


Knowledge Checks 3 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Active Checks 1 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Gear Acquisition Checks 7 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Networking Checks 11 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety


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