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Contacts With Approved Negative Qualities

NameNegative AspectDescriptionApprovedProfessionArchetypeConnectionActive PCs with this Contact
Kyoko "Wholesale" Nakajima"Booooriiiing"Kyoko has a difficult time caring about the mundane, the low-key, or the squeaky-clean professional. She's after the excitement and adrenaline of infamy, and unless you've got it, she's not interested. Characters without Notoriety points cannot take this contact, and if your Notoriety ever reaches 0 while you have her as a contact, immediately drop her Loyalty to 0. Additionally, if a roll calls for Kyoko to handle a request for particularly dull information, gear, etc., the GM may apply penalties to the roll as they see fit.YesTotally A Professional ThiefCustom(K,G,N,A)14
Clint WilderYou a city slicker or somethin?
You best buy somethin'
Clint don't trust folks who ain't bought the bullet (or robotic arm) at his shop. He takes a -4 to any networking, active or knowledge check with any runner that has not bought ware from him.
Clint is the judgmental sort. To him, everyone in Seattle is a no good City Slicker until proven otherwise. As such, it costs double to raise his loyalty until loyalty 5, where the runner has earned his trust. This may by subverted with DM fiat during a run, if the loyalty raise is part of the run reward and then the runner proves the aren't a city slicker or a damn fool.
YesBarn Boy Cyberdoc and Fixer in the Off-hoursFixer(G,K,A,N)41
Dave Davis10-4!Dave is normally willing to show up, but MAY have outstanding warrants. Roll a 1d6; on a 1, law enforcement will discover this at some point after he's called. You may choose to buy Dave a burner SIN appropriate to the run, (Rating 1 for a milk=>6 for a prime) to avoid making this roll.YesDriverService20
AngelaA Bird in a CageDue to being developed in a Renraku host, the corp almost always has their eye on Angela. It's extremely risky for her to leave her host, and usually can't for long. Angela will not leave her host unless her contact is loyalty 3 or higherYesLibrary Organizer and TeacherFixer(K,N,G,A)44
KnifeA Healthy ParanoiaKnife will never meet with a runner in-person, unless they have a loyalty of 5 or more with him, or unless he is absolutely required to by Black Lodge mandate. Additionally, measures to reduce traceability inhibit communications. When contacting Knife for the first time in a run, it may take up to 12 hours for him to initially respond. Roll Edge+Loyalty, each hit subtracts 2 hours from this time.YesBlack Lodge InitiateFixer74
TecomahA Man of PrincipleTecomah is selective about who he works with. Notoriety has a double penalty when dealing with this contact. Subtract twice the runner's Notoriety from any check he is asked to do.YesRetired RangerLegwork31
Kathryn "Aphrodite" RivieraAbrasiveKathryn has never been the most social of people, and given recent hardships that's only gotten worse. When making a Contact Availability test to determine if she is available treat her Connection as 2 higher after adding any other modifiers.YesDeckerCustom(A,K,N,G)41
Gord "Twitch" RodneyAbrasive Doesn't Begin To Cover ItGord is a mean slitch at the best of times, even to those he considers his friends. If he doesn't consider you his friend, you can expect him to be that much more obnoxious. He's even more sensitive to any slights than a normal hobgoblin. Unless the character in question has at least Loyalty 5, whenever this contact is called upon, the runner tapping him for help needs to be as conciliatory and pleasant as possible, no matter how acerbic his insults become. If they return the venom in any respect, Gord will be more than happy to come up with a suitable way of getting even - whether it's "accidentally" leaving one of his traps armed when someone comes to visit, or forcing them to go handle someone else on his shitlist to get off of it themselves. The GM is encouraged to make the revenge obnoxious, unpleasant, or demeaning, but never quite dangerous enough to get the runner killed.YesDIY Survivalist and Obnoxious Attic GremlinCustom(A,G,K,N)15
JadeActor LifeAs the main actor in a Trid Series that is working pretty well, Jade is often unavailable. When you try to contact her roll the contact avaibility like she had a connection rating of +2YesActress/TechnomancerCustom (A,K,N,G)41
Amrei VeidtActually a SpyAn experienced espionage agent who is very talented at her job; there is a good chance any conversation with her is being recorded, and she hacks runner commlinks almost habitually.YesS-K Prime OperativeGeneralist611
Treasa ke'VedrynAgeless Apathy
Capricious Nature
Gifts of the Fae
Beware the favors of the Fae. Paying off an owed chip requires either a major and often hazardous task, or one that is truly unpleasant to the character, (GM's discretion). Owed chips cause double the normal penalty on contact rolls.
Mortals pass in the blink of an eye. Easy to use, hard to care for. To stand out, you have to shine. CDP/RVP costs to raise contact loyalty are doubled.
Sometimes Treasa decides to steal a bit of fun out of particularly stupid or insulting requests. At the GM's discretion, if such an ask is made, make a hidden loyalty test. If 2 or fewer hits are scored, Treasa will bend and interpret the request in a way that amuses her, very likely to your peril. She will not do this if the stakes are important to her, and she attempts to be relatively non-malicious with her fun if the player has a loyalty of 4 or greater.
Fae Agent
KrimelinAlbinismKrimelin refuses to go outdoors personally during sunny weather and will only go outside during daytime whatsoever if your loyalty is 4 or above.yesFBI's Most WantedCustom(K,A,G,N)33
Amadou ZhengAll for the Bottom Line
The Boss is the Boss
The people who work for Zheng say that he'd feed his grandmother to a dragon for a new Concordant. While this is a bit of an exaggeration (Zheng quite likes his grandmother, and wouldn't sell her out for anything less than a Gladius), it definitely gets the point across. Zheng is out for himself, and will not hesitate to sell you out if he believes it will benefit him. He can be worked with, but he should never be trusted.
Zheng doesn't quite get the idea that shadowrunners are freelancers. When you are taking a job from him you are his employee, and can expect to be treated as such. Anything that you can do he can do better, and he'll always be willing to give you helpful advice (orders) that he expects to be followed exactly. Every time you bruise his ego, you must make up for it by sycophantically following his instructions on how to do your job. If he doesn't believe that this was done, lose one loyalty. If loyalty drops to zero in this way, he will consider you a worthless asset and sell you out to the highest bidder.
YesMCT's Magical Middle ManagerFixer50
Eithne CynerasAncient Ties
My Assistant will Take Your Order
She is still light on staffing unfortunately. Eithne can only split her attention so many ways. If the Express Order aspect is not used, take a -2 penalty on all Gear Acquisition tests.
While not a member, Eithne and her business has a steady and profitable relationship with the Tir chapter of the Ancients. She will not work with players with a known negative relationship with the Ancients. She also will not perform services that she thinks will harm this relationship, or that would cause undue attention from law enforcement around her.
YesBlack Market TalismongerGear50
Mindy DahnerhardtAnesthetic Costs Extra
Hippocratic Oath
Is... Is this still warm?
"Do No Harm" may not apply to her, but it certainly applies to you. Bringing Mindy damaged goods before she can have her fun means a big pay cut. Additionally, she will only sell drugs to you if she thinks you actually need them. Healthy body, healthy mind.
If Mindy likes you, she wants to spend time with you. A lot of time. If you have a loyalty of 5 or more with her, she will stall for as long as possible whenever you call in a favour, just so she can listen to your voice some more.
Mindy offers an array of previously-loved goods. Any new cyber + bioware bought through her will always be of 'used' quality (or the lowest quality possible). She *can* upgrade the ware for you afterwards, but you *must* suffer the initial used-ware essence cost (and resultant essence hole after the upgrades are performed). When buying any other type of gear from her, roll a 1d6. On a 1, it has some feature linking it to the previous owner, such as a custom engraving or RFID chip.
Mindy's clinic is BYOB (Bring Your Own Bliss). If you haven't taken anything to put you under, roll to resist stun damage equal to half your new 'ware's availability. This cannot overflow into physical damage. If your stun track is filled, you instead gain the negative quality Flashbacks I (Medical Equipment).
YesStreet Surgeon, "Cleaner"Custom(G,A,K,N)41
The ManAnger IssuesMuch like any other coach The Man gets easily worked up when his people perform poorly. If the team Fails a run or to fulfill all objectives Mandatory or Bonus The Man refuses to assist them until they successfully complete a run and all of its objectives.YesProfessional Boxing Manager and Talent ScoutFixer50
Sarah GlennAnti-HalloweenerThis contact actively works against Halloweeners whenever possible. This may mean information received in a knowledge check is skewed to achieve this goal, or it may mean that any action that will (or is thought to) benefit Halloweeners will be refused. No runner with Halloweener contacts may take Sarah Glenn as a contact.YesStop Quick OwnerCustom(K,G,N,A)23
LamashtuAny Means Necessary
Hard To Approach
Highly Flammable
If your Loyalty with Lamashtu is 1 or 2, asking for her help during a run and not doing what she wants is likely to make her tip off the op-for or KE to curry favor from them instead.
Lamashtu is hellbent on surviving after betraying Ghostwalker. Roll Loyalty + Edge (1) if you contact her during a run for help. Failing the check means she has something to gain by working against you and will tip off any potential opfor of your involvement in order to gain further security herself.
Upgrading Lamashtu's Loyalty costs twice as much.
Ex-Prison Warden DrakeGeneralist62
Rachel RosenAres Loyalist
Bugs everywhere
I have work to do
Rachel is a very busy woman. Getting her on the phone can be an exhausting effort. If loyalty is less than 5, roll a 1d6 to determine when the phone call will be returned - on a 1 or 2, 12 hours, 3 or 4, 3 hours, 5 or 6, fifteen minutes. Rachel always picks up immediately for those of loyalty 5 or more.
Rachel is paranoid that she is being attacked by bug spirits and with good reason. Countless attacks on her life and attempts to take her over prove her right and feed this paranoia. That's why she has an elaborate file on all her contacts to detect any deviation in their behavior. Whoever chooses her as a contact automatically receives the negative quality "Records on File (Ares)" and cannot remove it as long as he holds this contact.
Will never work against Ares and will refuse to work with any runners who have a bounty with Ares. If you contact her during a run and use the information provided to work against Ares roll a loyalty check. If it fails she immediately burns you. If it succeeds you owe her a chip to reearn favor with her.
YesAres Firewatch ManagementFixer(N,G,K,A)60
"CIA Bill" CooperArm's LengthBill's loyalty can not be raised above 3, outside of a private run.YesCIA HandlerCustom (K,N,G,A)40
Diego and Justine JacintoAsk Forgiveness, Not Permission
This contact is in another country, with all the difficulties that would entail. All relevant wait times for this contact are increased by another 50%.
This contact will not knowingly aid you in any illegal activities before they happen. They will, however, bail you out of a bad situation, at the additional cost of one Loyalty point. They definitely won't help you get any Forbidden gear.
YesBoard Members, Doting ParentsGear41
Guillermo RodríguezAztechnology LoyalistWill never work against Aztechnology and will refuse to work with any runners who have a bounty with Aztechnology. If you contact him during a run and use the information provided to work against aztechnology roll a loyalty check. if it fails he immediately burns you. if it succeeds you owe him a chip to reearn favor with himyesAztechnology Asset Recovery Team Leader/HTRNetworking41
Mano RingoBetrayerThe GM secretly rolls 1d6. On a result of 1 Mano will attempt to betray the person who contacted him, creating a run complication.YesShiawase Corporate ExecutiveCustom (N, A, G, K)60
Elias WendellBig 'Ol Bug
Early Riser
Elias is a SURGE, appearing as a horrific hybrid between an Orc and a Termite. As such, going outside poses incredible risk. He will not even consider leaving his Sonomish safehouse for anyone below loyalty 4, and even then only for a very good reason. In addition, the need to conceal himself gives him a -4 to checks made outside the safehouse, unless the runners can provide an adequate disguise.
Elias is, at his heart, a cranky old man. He sleeps from 7pm to 5am, during which time he shuts his commlink off completely. If the player has made previous arrangements to meet within that time, they will roll a number of dice equal to their loyalty. If there are no successes, Elias will forget and go to sleep anyway.
Saint NickBlissfully UnawareSaint Nick believes himself to be Santa Claus himself, and will not react well to those who attempt to disabuse him of that notion; he accepts payment for his goods in the form of "donations to the orphanage" as well as "milk and cookie money". This is someone who doesn't think that their contacts are runners and doesn't understand the whole runner thing; if they find out you are a runner, immediately make a test of loyalty. If you fail the test of loyalty, they will think you are a terrorist, burn you and contact law enforcement. If you succeed in a test of loyalty, they will be willing to listen to you explain yourself and even help you leave the runner life. You may be able to convince them to associate with the Shadows. Contact a GM or thematics if this happens as it may involve the removal of that tag.Yes"Santa Claus"Gear29
Jack SteberBlissfully UnawareThis contact doesn't know about your shadowrunner status. If they find out that you are a shadowrunner, run a Negotiation check with a threshold of 6-Loyalty with your social limit. If failed, this contact will proceed to call the authorities and you will lose this contact. If passed they will allow you to explain and possibly accept you, this aspect can only activate once.YesCorporate Wage SlaveLegwork20
BoldBlissfully UnawareThis is someone who doesn't think that their contacts are runners. If they find out you are a runner, immediately make a test of loyalty. If you fail the test of loyalty, they will think you are a criminal, burn you and attempt to bring you to justice. If you succeed in a test of loyalty, they will be willing to listen to you explain yourself. This aspect is unlikely to apply to characters who have the Guanyin quality.YesSuper HeroCustom(K,A,G,N)20
Juliette BartletBlissfully UnawareJuliette knows her sister's a reporter, but not that she routinely puts herself in danger and is also a runner.YesStudentGeneralist10
Alfred RockbellBlissfully UnawareThis is someone who doesn't think that their contacts are runners and doesn't understand the whole runner thing. If they find out you are a runner, immediately make a test of loyalty. If you fail the test of loyalty, they will think you are a terrorist, burn you and contact law enforcement. If you succeed in a test of loyalty, they will be willing to listen to you explain yourself and even help you leave the runner life. You may be able to convince them to associate with the Shadows. Contact a GM or thematics if this happens as it may involve the removal of that tag. Gear contacts with this contact will only sell you legal gear, or restricted gear with the appropriate licenses unless you conduct a social test to convince them the lack of paperwork is for a benign reason.YesAztechnology Magical ResearcherCustom(K,N,A,G)20
Woedica KryptmanBlood MageExpect any magical gear coming from her to carry the taint of blood magic. This may end up appearing if assensed and the assensor scores 3 or more hits. Masking can cover this if successful.YesAztechnology InvestigatorGeneralist53
Mr. XBorrowed TimeRoll edge when you contact this NPC. On what would be a critical glitch for other tests, Mr. X's cyberarm has been reclaimed by Tamanous. Swap this quality for the "disarmed" quality.YesMedic / Street DocCustom(A,G,K,N)30
HoneyBusy BusinessWho knew that baking baked goods and baking "baked" goods took so much time, roll 1d6 and on a 3 or higher Honey will prioritize your call, on a 1 or 2 she's too busy baking and prioritizes her business' clientele for the duration of the run.YesBakerFixer21
Eric FiengoldBusy ManFeingold is a very busy man. Getting him on the phone can be an exhausting effort. If loyalty is less than 5, roll a 1d6 to determine when the phone call will be returned - on a 1 or 2, 12 hours, 3 or 4, 3 hours, 5 or 6, fifteen minutes. Fiengold always picks up immediately for those of loyalty 5 or more.YesVice President of Finance of Red Star ClinicsNetworking80
David SquireBy The BookCaptain Squire will refuse to assist crimes against law-abiding target. Even if that target is an MCT building that is allegedly performing unethical extralegal experiments - the heat on Squire isn't worth the trouble.YesKE CaptainCustom (K,N,A,G)41
Jackson LeeCAS VeteranJackson retired from the CAS Navy. He doesn't have blind loyalty to them, but would prefer not to work against his home. Jackson Lee will not work against the CAS unless your loyalty is 4 or more.yesSalvage Yard OperatorCustom(G,N,K,A)30
VatiCancerVati has cancer, it sucks.YesHermitGeneralist21
Repo ManChained HauntPhantoms are chained to a specific location and can very rarely leave it. If you need Repo Man's help, you'll need to go to him.YesLonely PhantomCustom(K,A,G,N)14
Phantom OChaos for ChaosThey are not interested in non-chaos related activities, so -2 to all checks when contacting them for non-acts of chaos.Yes???Service40
St1tchClean Body, Clean Soul
Dissonant Static
St1tch hates the infected with a burning passion. Every time this contact learns that a character has helped an infected group, decrease their loyalty by 1. If loyalty drops to 0 in this way, St1tch consider the character an enemy and become actively hostile.
St1tch is a carrier of HMHVV, and is extremely cautious about preventing infection. She will not meet in person for anyone below loyalty 4, and will absolutely refuse to go anywhere with a large number of people. She's a hypochondriac, and carries around cleaning supplies to disinfect nearly every surface that she touches. Any active checks made in meatspace will take a -4 due to the difficulty of staying clean in a city as dirty as Seattle.
While she's normally quiet and professional, the taint of dissonance in St1tch's aura occasionally rears its head. When calling this contact, the GM rolls 1d6 in secret. On a 5 or a 6 St1tch will become agitated, aggressive, and volatile. Any checks not relating to the purging of infected will cost 50% extra and take a -2 dice penalty. In addition, any active checks will be performed with little to no regard for subtlety or collateral damage. If the player argues with St1tch or questions their methods, they must either take a chip or lose 1 loyalty with the contact. Loyalty lost in this manner also counts towards the "Vendetta" aspect.
YesDissonant Technomancer and Anti-Infected CrusaderLegwork52
Kyra SamarasCollaborative IterationWhile quite excited to work with runners, she tends to view interactions less as straightforward requests and more as a group collaboration. If not carefully checked, the task or idea asked of her might "evolve" in a direction that she feels is either more effective, interesting, or profound. Sometimes she even remembers to call back to update the team.YesSpinradical ScientistGeneralist55
Danny HoffmanCompany ManDanny is an Ares man through and through. His primary focus is the success of his company and his work. He will not accept requests that work against them, and he may request "favors" in return for his help.YesSpecial Operations CoordinatorCustom(K,N,A,G)55
CharybdisComputer IlliterateTechnology makes no drekking sense, (has been seen using pen and paper) always do an availability test for this contact with their connection +2 than normal.yesLibrarian/FixerCustom(N,K,A,G)42
Bilge-Rat JonesCovered In Rats
Shady Smuggler
He's... not very good at social things with people. Something about all the rats.
You probably don't want to smuggle yourself or anything else with this guy. He's not named Bilge-Rat for nothing.
Dr. Andrei CulaCreature of the Night
Manners Maketh Man
Dr. Cula is a gentleman, first and foremost, and will not tolerate breaches of common courtesy or hospitality in his presence. When attempting to contact the good doctor, make an etiquette test. On no hits OR a glitch, Dr. Cula will refuse to work with you until appropriate amends have been made, subject to GM discretion.
In addition to the odd hours required of a doctor, Dr. Cula suffers from a mysterious skin condition exacerbated by harsh sunlight and may not always be available during the day. When attempting to contact him between the hours of 6am and 6pm, roll 1d6. On a 6, Dr. Cula is available. Otherwise, he is asleep, and cannot be reached until after sundown.
Shamanic Street Doc
Liam MontgomeryCui BonoLiam will not litigate or make connections for a player unless it is to his benefit or the benefit of his wife. Unless the action otherwise assists Sarah Snow or himself, Premium (50% higher) payment rates or favors are required for Liam's assistance.YesLawyerService40
"Lucky" Lucia CarinaCursed LuckLucia is under a luck curse from a dragon that she can't figure out how to break. Whenever she performs a check or uses her Lucky feature, roll a d6, on a 1 the check has the opposite effect than intended, similar to the "Bad Luck" quality.YesGamblerCustom(A,N,K,G)43
Dominus FaustCyberpsychoticEach time a runner asks Faust for their services, roll the runner's Edge in secret. On a 0, Faust will speak in binary. If the roll is a glitch, he flies into a rage and hangs up, not responding to further attempts to contact him for the remainder of the run. A critical glitch will have him attempt to hack and format the runner's commlink, utterly convinced that the runner is in fact a hated foe. They won't apologize afterwards, either.yesData ArchivistService10
PuffDeep Weed Addiction
Dragon connection
For each time a Runner contradicts Puff, immediately roll 2d6(+Deep Weed Addiction modification). If the result is greater than or equal to 7, the Runner immediately loses one point of Loyalty - if the Loyalty drops to 0, the Dragon breaks contact with that Runner and will do everything in its power to wipe out that insolent fly.
Puff wants to rise in the web of dragons and is well networked with the dragons of Aztlan. If a runner has a bounty from Aztlan or Aztechnology and Puff finds out, he will do everything he can to trap the runner and exchange him for a favor with one of the dragons from Aztlan.
When a Runner makes contact with Puff, determine if he is drugged. Roll 1d6 on a 5 or 6 the Dragon is going through one of his withdrawal phases and is extremely edgy. Add +1 for a 5 or +2 for a 6 to the result of the Temper test.
YesDavid Cartel North America BossFixer90
Chad BrentDemotionWhen calling Chad for the first time on a run, roll a 1d6. On a 1 or 2, Chad has been temporarily demoted to being a beat cop, and loses access to his two detective qualities. In addition, he will complain about his demotion, which will--and I cannot emphasize this enough--ALWAYS be his fault, and always emphasize why he's a bad person.YesKE DetectiveLegwork20
Nyon SalaineDevoted BFF (Boyfriend Forever)Argent and Nyon have an open relationship, but Nyon is an incredibly invested partner to have. He'll easily spend two thirds of each day attending to Argent and spending time with him, so as a result free time is not that common for him. Fortunately for him, he's perfectly fine with that since he enjoys every second. Unfortunately for runners, he's not always available. Always roll for Availability; the threshold is increased by 3.YesHottest Elf AroundService21
Masuyama KijuroDoesn't Speak The Language
Renraku Loyalty/Fear
Kijuro only speaks Japanese.
Kijuro won't move against Renraku knowingly.
YesRenraku AwareService22
PsychopompDogmaticA true believer in the Psionic tradition, Psychopomp doesn't respect other magical traditions or their perspectives. At the GM's discretion, he may receive penalties to tests involving magic or magi of other traditions if he even bothers to entertain the player's request.YesTalismongerGear30
Frederik KowalskiDragon SwornHe is fully sworn to advancing the bottomline of Saeder-Krupp and any action taken against Saeder-Krupp as a personal slight. He will not actively work against Saeder-Krupp and if he hears of any word of runners working against S-K he will actively work against them.YesS-K Manager and Asset HandlerFixer52
Holly Rogers And CrewDrunken Pirates
Before noon, they're sleeping off their hangovers.
Everything will have a pirate theme, whether you like it or not.
YesPirate ShadowrunnersService54
Ryan MercuryDunkelzahn's will
Too Busy For You
Quicksilver will never go against the will of Dunkelzahn, as sometimes strange and nonsensical as it is, he seems to know more about the Great Dragon's desires than almost anyone else. If the request made would go against Dunk's will or not serve to advance the will then Ryan Mercury will not assist
Ryan Mercury is busy being the protagonist of a classic trilogy of novels, and other such exploits. Should you call on his aid, roll 2d6. On a 2 or 3, he is too busy to help you at the moment. The GM should describe some sort of implausible adventure he is busy having.
Dr. Velo Clementine RaptorDweller DwellingDr. Velo C. Raptor is currently trapped in the tunnels under Seattle, under the protection (read: jail) of The Dweller of the Tunnels. As such, he cannot make ANY active checks, except those expressly within the Dwellers domain. Contacting him in meatspace is functionally impossible without running into the Dweller.YesVelociraptor Mad ScientistCustom(K,G,N,A)40
Vinny the TeethDying For Your ArtVinny's something of an auteur - he doesn't do this because the magazine sells well, he does it for the *art*. Unfortunately, some people aren't exactly keen on a nosy dwarf asking for pictures, even if it's not a trick. Whenever you try to get in touch with this contact, roll an availability test with a +3 modifier to the threshold. Failure indicates that Vinny has once again ended up in the hospital for his attempts to get new talent.YesShadow "Journalist"Networking30
TapunuiEasily DistractedWhen entrusted to complete a task, the GM rolls 1d6. On a result of 1, the completion time is at least twice as long.yesTraumatized TechnomancerService10
Daniel WatkinsEast Coast TimeTranslate the current time to EST. If you are attempting to call him in the middle of the night (11PM to 5AM, EST), increase the threshold of his availability check by 6.YesProfessor of LawLegwork22
Cabinet ManEntombed
Living Fossil
Cabinet Man is unable to move due to requiring a massive life support machine to survive, and so he cannot do anything in meatspace at all. He may require you to perform some task in meatspace in order to complete a favor you ask of him, at the GM's discretion, and this should not incur a discount for this reason alone nor count as doing a favor for him.
Having missed out on about 50 years of history, Cabinet Man is woefully misinformed about the world. Being out of touch gives him a -2 to all Networking tests as well as a -2 to make any tests that require having sufficiently up-to-date info without having adequate time to research it first (GM's discretion).
YesBusiness OwnerGear23
"Dirty" Hikari SeraEntrepreneurial ObligationsHikari is a master at the pop-up business, but it keeps her rather busy. When trying to contact her, make a contact availability test as though her connection were 3 higher than usual, before applying any additional modifiers.YesJoygirl/Noodle Stand OperatorNetworking20
Joshua CalvertEx Agent of the Federal Office of Homeland SecurityGiven his past and as a former intelligence officer, Joshua finds it very difficult to maintain friendships beyond a certain level. Loyalty higher than 4 costs triple with this contact.YesEx Spy and Special ForcesLegwork60
F1ZZExclusive Access
Sit Down, Have a Drink
Everyone's in such a rush these days. F1ZZ is far too old to be running back and forth across matrix; if you want to talk to him, you come to the 3w1g and sit down for a spell. Any knowledge or networking checks made by this contact must be accompanied by at least half an hour of drinking and small talk at the bar. If you wish to try and hurry the process up, make a test of loyalty with a threshold of 2. On a success, F1ZZ will begrudgingly make the check with a -4. On a failure, he will angrily inform the player that they should do it themselves if they're in such a hurry.
The 3w1g is a hangout of the Walking People, and thus not particularly accessible to outsiders. In order to take this contact you must either be a member of the tribe or have at least 10 positive reputation with them. If this membership is revoked/positive rep drops below 10, the contact cannot be used again until your reputation has been restored.
YesThe Walking Peoples' Favorite BartenderCustom(K,N,A,G)51
NobodyExtremely DrivenRoll a d6, on a result of 5 or 6 Nobody is available to help the calling runner. Otherwise they're in the middle of a confrontation or chase with another member of their team and will be of no assistance for the remainder of the run.YesAssassinService22
TlalocanEye on the Prize
Sundown on the Enemy
All tests will have a -3 dice pool modifier unless the Tlalocan believes the intervention will benefit Aztechnology.
Tlalocan will attempt to acquire material links from runners.
YesAztechnology JohnsonLegwork50
Asuna InoueFamily ObligationsThe GM rolls in secret a 1d6, if the roll is a one, Asuna will tell the player they are busy taking care of family matters.YesAntidrek's Waifu
BobbieJo McShaneFeisty, bordering on FieryBobbieJo does not play well with others. Increase social thresholds by 1 and treat any social glitch with BobbieJo as a critical glitch.YesOutlawGeneralist32
Leonard MacLainnFinancial InstabilityLeonard values his job above all else. Attempting to have him do anything that might put him or his employer at risk (regardless of loyalty or chips) will require a negotiation or intimidation roll with a threshold of 5-loyalty.YesLegwork and InformationCustom(K,N,G,A)31
EmelieFind me if you canEmelie can always be found somewhere in a club, you'll just have to find the right one. When looking for Emelie you'll have to actively search for 6+1d6 hours in the clubs of Downtown and Renton. An edge test can reduce that time by one hour per hit.YesDecker and ClubberCustom(A,N,K,G)23
Asahiro KunitoshiFor The CorporationAsahiro will not aid you with anything that he doesn't see benefiting the corporation. If he sends you to do a job, it's because he has a stake in it going in a particular direction. He approves of putting down crime, striking against other corporations or furthering Shiawase's influence, but disapproves of anything that risks his standing, deals with malign, unnatural forces or is of no direct use to Shiawase or himself.YesVice-President of Imperial Kami ServicesFixer67
Ellen "Sister" SharpsFreaky-Looking, also Actual FreakEllen is not one of the lucky changelings, and she wasn't particularly well-adjusted before the SURGE. Now that she spends all day hanging out with bug spirits, things are worse. Ellen cannot network with contacts who are not cockroach spirits or cockroach shamans.YesInsect ShamanCustom (K, A, G, N)20
MiyukiFree Agent
Once Burned, Twice Shy
Miyuki has more to lose when things go poorly. Without a meatspace body to fall back on, she risks destruction, confinement, or worse, when opposition closes in on her. Miyuki will not engage in activity that poses non-trivial risk to her unless: A Loyalty Test (2) is passed, the task is to her advantage, OR the "Consume and Adapt" aspect would be active. If Loyalty is 5 or greater, bypass this requirement. If conditions worsen, Miyuki will still likely retreat even if prior conditions are satisfied.
To raise loyalty past 2, a run is required. The run needs to show a real, meaningful, reason for Miyuki to trust the character. Loyalty can only be raised one rank at a time.
Ascended AI
ShroudFungus Among Us
Shroom and Gloom
Being a fungal SURGE is... not particularly pleasant. Besides the constant trouble breathing (which makes her a poor choice for any physical work), being in the same room as Alejandra (or one she's been in for a while) is going to fill your lungs with spores.

When meeting with her in person, either: a) Wear a respirator. Alejandra will be upset by this reminder of her condition, presenting some kind of complication at the GM's discretion (for example, making it harder to convince her to help, or making her request more payment than she usually would. This is not borne of maliciousness, just misery.) or; b) Bear with it. Every minute you're there, roll BOD, plus any bonus resistances to natural toxins. If you get less than three hits, gain Disorientation. On a glitch, gain Nausea.
Sometimes, Alejandra's really just not feeling it. Every day she's around, roll 1d6. Alejandra will be: 1: Despondent (All dicepools are halved.) / 2: Lethargic (Everything takes twice as long.) / 3: Noncommittal (She's just kind of vague and uncertain about everything.) /

4-6: Fine.
YesEx-Aztech SpiderFixer(N,K,A,G)41
OrbweaverGanger-2 to Networking tests outside of the Seattle SpidersYesGangerGear20
The Delightful Ophelia CobbGaslight
Ophelia is always hustling, even when it's a detriment to literally everyone around her. Any gear she lends you comes at a 10% surcharge (and she will try to talk you into buying it). All her service costs are increased by 25%.
Ophelia's pretty sure she doesn't remember that time you helped her out. To redeem a chip she owes you, you have to resist an Active (Con) check from her (subtract loyalty instead of adding it to the dicepool).
There are some things that only distinguished tastes can truly appreciate. Ophelia's loyalty with you is capped by your lifestyle. Street = 1; Squatter = 2; Low = 3; Medium = 4; High = 5; Luxury = 6. (If your loyalty with her is higher than your current lifestyle, you can still keep the loyalty rating, you just don't gain any benefits from it.)
YesSocialite, Jewel ThiefCustom (A,G,N,K)70
NirvAnnaGhost in the Machine
G̵l̶i̸t̶c̷h̴ ̷i̵n̵ ̶t̵h̵e̸ ̵M̴a̴t̷r̶i̸x̶
N̴i̶r̴v̸A̶n̵n̴a̴ is an anomaly. By all rights, her source code should not be able to support her existence, let alone her awareness. As a result of her bizarre code, technology tends to spaz out in her presence. Treat this as if she has the Gremlins 4 negative quality, affecting software as well as hardware.
N̴i̶r̴v̸A̶n̵n̴a̴ remembers what it feels like to die to dumpshock, and absolutely refuses to take any action that will inflict biofeedback damage to anyone. She will also become extremely upset if questioned on whether she's the original Alannah Evans or just a copy of her consciousness, and will lash out if the matter is pressed.
N̴i̶r̴v̸A̶n̵n̴a̴'s mere existence is disruptive, causing all sorts of issues within the Matrix. At the Game Master's discretion, various hosts may react particularly violently at her presence. Whenever she begins accumulating an overwatch score in said host, treat it as if it was 15 points higher than it actually is.
YesMaster Cracker with a Minor in SnoopingCustom(A,K,N,G)61
Ezekyle BurtonGhoul DropoutKicked out of med school for turning into a ghoul, Ezekyle knows sterile protocol and avoids direct contact unless necessary. He won't show up in person anywhere that isn't his clinic, and even then doesn't interact with people directly unless he has to. If you want his services, you go to him and do it at his time. Rushing safety measures only leads to disaster.YesCustom(G,K,A,N)22
T00FGhoul Liberator
Us or Them
T00F is extremely distrustful towards non-infected, often veering into outright prejudice. Although they believe collaboration is necessary, they're certain that non-infected will stab them in the back the first chance they get. They take a -2 to any rolls made for non-infected below loyalty 5. In addition, non-infected cannot increase their loyalty beyond 3 without a dedicated run.
Under no circumstances will T00F do anything they believe will harm Seattle's infected population. If they learn that a character has dealt a significant blow to an infected group, decrease their loyalty by 1. If loyalty drops to 0, T00F will consider the character as an enemy. If they find out that a character has assisted with the purging of undead, even feral ones, the contact is immediately burned and becomes actively hostile.
YesInfected Organizer and Cyberterrorist DeckerFixer50
Doctor O+Ghoul Organlegger-4 to Networking checks among non-Infected, +2 to Networking among Infected. Cannot deliver goods during daylight hours. Will require flesh as part of the payment from anyone with Loyalty 2 or less.YesStreet Doc/OrganleggerCustom(G,A,N,K)411
PatchesGhoul Organlegger-4 to Networking checks among non-Infected, +2 to Networking among Infected. Cannot deliver goods during daylight hours. Will require flesh as part of the payment from anyone with Loyalty 2 or less.YesIndependent JournalistFixer22
Trevor AvilaGhoul Organlegger-4 to Networking checks among non-Infected, +2 to Networking among Infected. Cannot deliver goods during daylight hours. Will require flesh as part of the payment from anyone with Loyalty 2 or less.YesMagical Organ Repossession SpecialistService50
ZigzagGhoul Organlegger-4 to Networking checks among non-Infected, +2 to Networking among Infected. Will not offer services during daylight hours. Will require flesh as part of the payment from anyone with Loyalty 2 or less.YesDriver/OrganleggerService111
Ashe VanderlineGirl's Gotta EatAshe is out to make a profit, and will charge a 25% commission (rounded down to the nearest whole number) on any gear acquisition checks that she makes. Through negotiation and haggling it's possible to bring it down to 15% (Ancients members get +2 to their rolls). When trying to get gear off table, roll your negotiation pool against hers (12). If you tie or get higher hits, you have succeeded and can bring the commission down. If not, you failed and must pay the full 25% extra.YesChainsmoking Ancients SmugglerGear32
LBGoes Loud
Tamanous Made Man
For each -5 rep your character accrues with Tamanous after taking LB, reduce LB's loyalty by 1. At 0 loyalty, you may choose to burn this contact. If your loyalty becomes negative, not only will LB not help you, but he will actively attack you on sight.
LB is not known for his subtlety. When utilized, roll a 1d6. On a 1, the actions LB takes are obvious and are easily traceable back to you.
YesTamanous Dumpster FireCustom(A,N,K,G)24
Radio HeadGood Morning, Seattle!Radio Head is no stranger to days-long talk-a-thons, because long haul is a hell of a drug. When you call him up, roll a 1d6 - if the result is higher than your loyalty, you're on air! Hopefully, you're not going to say anything incriminating.YesRadio DJFixer21
Charli RelfordGood News, Bad News.Charli is a reporter first and foremost, which means that if something you say could give her a story, she's going to make a story out of it. She will constantly press for information, and may not help you out if you refuse to give it. When a runner gives Charli information that may reveal the team's involvement, roll 1d6 per point of loyalty, with 2 hits, she will keep you out of the story, with no hits, you will receive +1 Public Awareness, and on a glitch or crit glitch, you will gain +1 Notoriety.YesNews AnchorLegwork40
Rose of Sharon HowlettHMHVV CarrierRose of Sharon carries HMHVV Strain II in her blood - while she takes abundant precaution against spreading the virus, this still tends to be off-putting to anyone who learns about it. If a runner (or NPC) is exposed (such as through direct blood-blood transfer, or much more likely by making physical contact with her while either of them has an open wound), they must roll against infection as normal. She takes a -2 penalty on all social active, gear acquisition, and networking rolls with those who know of her HMHVV positive status, as well as with all Infected due to her open disdain for them.YesOccult Bounty HunterLegwork27
VladHard To ReachBesides the dedicated commlinks he gives to runners on a job, Vlad is notoriously hard to get a hold of.YesFormer SovetnikFixer40
The BankerHard To ReachAlways do an availability test for this contact with their connection 3 higher than normal.YesBank LiaisonNetworking60
Etrius's TeamHard To reach
Wanted by SK
Actual members of the Task Force are tracked by SK since they want to hurt N-51 capability by taking out some of their top notch operative. Runners who call Etrius will get attention from S-K and get Record on Files until they dropped their contact with Etrius
The Elite Team is very often already on mission on the behalf of the N-51 due do their qualification, this make them potentially hard to get on a job. (+3 to connection when trying to join them)
YesSpecial Operation TeamService10
XyvisHard to CallXyvis is still new to commlinks. And to having a metahuman form. And to carrying things. When called, make a Loyalty + Edge (2) Test. Failure means she isn't around her commlink, and might not be for hours to come (GM Discretion). Alternate methods of contacting her, such as through spirit communication or by physically searching for her, can bypass this.YesService21
Mrs. FrostHard to ImpressAs a Fixer, Mrs. Frost has worked with many Shadowrunners, and very few make a lasting impact on her. Her cold personality and steely gaze makes it hard to believe that she's capable of feeling for anyone other than herself. Increasing Loyalty with this contact requires the following equation: New Rating x 4 CDP.YesHead LibrarianFixer(N,K,A,G)52
Black PaladinHard to ReachBlack Paladin does bounty work all over the world - there's no guarantee he's going to be nearby. Always do an availability test for this contact with their connection +3 than normal.YesBounty HunterService62
Peter SolemnusHard to Reach
As part of a secret organisation, Peter often goes off the grid for prolonged periods of time. This results in him being rather challenging to get hold of.
Always do an availability test for this contact with their connection +3 than normal.
Due to the fact that Peter is a valuable asset to whichever corporation has possession of him, several powerful corporations have valuable kidnap bounties on his head.
This contact has a bounty of up to 50,000¥ on his head, offered separately by many different corporations.
Jea Eun Red-DeerHard to ReachAlways roll an availability test on this contact with their connection 3 higher than normal.YesFixerFixer62
Malia StrongoakHard to ReachLives in the woods, and tends to be difficult to get ahold of as a result. Always do an availability test for this contact with their connection +3 than normal.YesWood ElfLegwork31
Captain Boomerang (Contact)Hard to ReachBetween his work for the City Watch, training, his girlfriend, training, spending half his time recovering from drain, and training, he tends not to always be available. Always do an availability test for this contact with their connection +3 than normal.YesTalismongerCustom (G,A,K,N)41
Trip SoftlyHard to ReachHe is privately bored of society, but cannot disengage from it. If Trip fails a contact availability roll, it's very likely he is attending to the needs of his position.YesTalismongerCustom(G,K,N,A)30
Mary ClaireHard to ReachMary Claire often chooses different locations each and every night, and might have her comm disabled, or unable to hear it. Always do an availability test for this contact with their connection +3 than normal.YesFixer/Club Girl That Never Grew UpFixer32
Quan SeghiHard to ReachAlways do an availability test for this contact with their connection +3 than normal.YesSecretary at Wuxing SkytowerFixer60
Jack RodriguezHard to ReachAlways roll an availability test on this contact with their connection 3 higher than normal.YesMechanicCustom(A,G,K,N)31
BeastmasterHard to ReachLiving a fairly nomadic lifestyle on the edge of Salish makes contacting Beastmaster troublesome at times.YesParabiologistCustom (G,K,A,N)62
Padre SummerHard to reach
Always do an availability test for this contact with their connection +3 than normal.
Services may take longer. Every time the contact provides a service, roll 2d6. The normal amount of time that it would take to provide the service is multiplied by the resulting number.
YesSpinGlobal Gameshow HostCustom(K,N,G,A)60
Pitty 'Grease Lightning' McShaneHard to reachAlways do an availability test for this contact with their connection +3 than normal.YesMechanicGear511
District Attorney Mark DonaghyHe is the Man.DA Mark Donaghy is as straight an arrow as they come and vitually uncorruptable. Each time you call on this contact, make an Edge + Loyalty test vs the number of calls since you first gained this contact or last lost a point of loyalty with this contact. If you fail, decrease loyalty by 1. Once the first point of loyalty is lost in this manner, loyalty cannot be purchased with karma, rvp, gmp or cdp. It can only be increased by providing evidence of a crime which occurred during a run in which your character participated or as reward issued by the GM during a run in which Mark made an appearance. If Mark's loyalty ever reaches zero, Mark realises you are a runner, cuts you off, and begins an investigation into your background. Increase your character's notoriety and public awareness by one and burn this contact. Mark will not perform an illegal act for a runner under any circumstances. Any attempt to make him do so immediately reduces his loyalty to zero and triggers the consequences outlined above.YesDistrict AttorneyNetworking51
Howard SawyerHeadbutting the Bull MooseDealing with Howard and the Union can be bad for business for those who intend to work with the corps on the regular. Treat your loyalty as 1 less with corporate contacts if you've called Howard on this or your last job.YesMoonshine SmugglerNetworking40
Von NeumannHear No Evil
See No Evil
Speak No Evil
Letting anyone that isn't on Von Neumann's contact list know of its existence is forbidden. If a PC tells or shows others evidence of Von Neumann's existence, it will burn the character as a contact.
Networking checks are off limits; while the AI has connections, they're exclusively for its use and it will not let anyone else make use of them.
Von Neumann will never do Active checks on the surface or Matrix on a runner's behalf. As if that weren't enough, Von Neumann demands a chip for any Active or Knowledge check instead of nuyen. This may be paid back with runs that benefit the AI.
Queen Elizabeth XXIIIHungry Free SpiritFor every full increment of ¥4,000 owed to her for services rendered, Queen Elizabeth demands at least 1 karma, replacing nuyen at a rate of 1 karma for every ¥2000. EG, a debt of ¥6,000 could be paid a 1 karma and ¥4,000, 2 karma and ¥2,000, or 3 karma, but not with nuyen alone. This has no effect on debts below ¥4,000. The karma is delivered via a ritual conducted by the Queen's Steward, Tatsuo, who holds her spirit formula and will defend it with his life. Lizzy does not expect payment up front, and will happily wait until a run is over to take her due, but any unpaid debts decrease Loyalty by the amount of karma owed if they are not paid back after the end of a run.YesFree SpiritLegwork64
Project AuroraHunted by G.O.D.As a renegade AI with extremely powerful inbuilt backdoors into many UCAS systems and matrix capability, she is one of the Grid Overwatch Division's priority targets. She may only be called on for knowledge tests, and only then in the form of asking up to three questions per run. If you ask more than three, you are converged on by G.O.D. and if identified by dispatched forces gain the Wanted Quality (250,000 Nuyen). If you already have Wanted (G.O.D.) and are converged on because of this negative, and are in an area with no SINners, a NeoNet Avenging Angel (R5 145) will be dispatched to your reported location. Treat the thermobaric warhead as an effective rating 85 explosive charge, -1/m, AP -5 against creatures and vehicles. Against buildings, assume it will destroy one city block or large office building. It arrives 2d6 seconds after convergence in an urban area and otherwise travels from the nearest city at Mach 2. This drone is intelligent and will not act as artillery for runners, confirming that targets are in the area and loitering until the connected G.O.D. rigger authorises the strike and switches it to autonomous mode. If you would reach the limit and be converged upon, you may instead pay a number of chips equal to questions asked if that would not put you at loyalty 0 or below.YesRenegade AILegwork100
Pete LancasterI Don't Work for Free, This is All on You. I'm No One's Errand Boy.Pete is short tempered and hates amateurs who can't get the job done (because Pete has worked with Shadowrunners in the past. He has trust issues of who he puts trusts with, and has a hard time of letting them off the hook for a missed opportunity of screwing up their last job). He's got a reputation to protect his business and his street cred if the law finds out. He won't give up information on you unless his reputation is on the line. If the job goes down south & turns into a complete failure, you'll receive +1 notoriety and lose -1 loyalty of your contact. You can pay a finder's fee to compensate his losses and avoid notoriety (up to GM's discretion). If your loyalty drops to zero, Pete will consider you a liability and put out a contract on you (Wanted Negative Quality).YesEntrepreneur BusinessmanFixer30
Anderson SilversI Got Places to Be, PalSilvers is a busy man, and has no patience for time wasters. When you call him, you will have thirty seconds to make your pitch (the GM should time this). You must tell him what you need and what you can offer him, either Nuyen or valuable favors. If you haven't piqued his interest by the time your thirty seconds are up, he will hang up on you. To get back into contact with him, you must call his office and sit on hold for a full hour.YesLawyerCustom(A,N,K,G)32
Gertrude "Five-Star" JuarezI'm Not Your Fragging Party Bus
Must Be This Tough To Ride
Five-Star is a pretty talented wheelwoman... as long as you're talking about trucks and vans. Motorcycles? Nah. Rotorcraft? Don't make her laugh. Even normal cars are generally too fragile for her liking; she works best with vehicles that can take a licking and keep on kicking. Active checks to deal with vehicles that are not trucks or vans take a -2 penalty, if she deigns to work with them at all.
Five-Star isn't especially keen on being used to ferry around a bunch of idiot criminals she doesn't know - at least, not without financial incentive. For every person below Loyalty 4 that she's asked to drive around, she'll charge a minimum of 1000 nuyen. Rates go up if they're known to be infected ("I'm NOT getting ghoul blood on my fraggin' upholstery.") or a rigger ("Fuck you need me for? Get your own ride instead of a bunch of toys.").
YesChronically Paranoid WheelwomanService12
Lacy, the Worst Employee EverI'm on my breakIf you call when lacy is not working, roll a 1d6. She will not answer on a 1-4. You may try this check twice per run. She will always answer at work because she is the worst employee ever.YesStop Quick CashierGear12
'Princess' RosemaryIn HidingThis contact will not do any active checks that require her to leave her sanctum for fear of being caught.YesCelebrityService30
Nathan WallaceIn HidingWallace faked his death with the help of runners and relocated to San Francisco. He knows how much it would cost everyone if he was ever found out by EVO. As such, he will not leave the area he feels safe in for anyone less than loyalty 5. If you want his services, you have to come to him or be satisfied with a phone call.YesSurgeonGear42
ZennyIn the Shop
One of Those Idiots
Voiding the Warranty
Zenny is a member of the Hellraisers. Although he isn't especially loyal to the group, he's got his rep as a ganger to consider. He will not do anything that he thinks will go against the gang's interest for anyone at less than loyalty 5, and will not snitch on his gangmates for anyone below loyalty 6 (even then, he'll only do it for a very good reason).
Zenny's cyberware is an ungodly mess of salvaged parts and juryrigging. It can be terrifyingly effective when he gets out the spurs, but it's also plagued by gremlins. Whenever Zenny makes an active check related to something intensely physical (e.g. fighting, helping move something heavy, etc.), the GM rolls 1d6. On a 5 or a 6, Zenny fails the task due to a malfunctioning piece of ware. The glitch should be spectacular, and preferably done at the worst possible moment for the runners.
Zenny's his own favorite patient, and can usually be found performing questionably safe operations on himself. When making an availibilty test with this contact, roll 1d6. On a 5 or a 6, Zenny will be in the middle of surgery and unable to perform any active checks. He'll also probably be high on redmesc, as he thinks it helps him operate better.
YesHippie Techno and Hellraisers CyberdocCustom(A,G,K,N)34
Our Lady of the Perpetual SaturdayIt's Always Friday Night SomewhereCommunion for the Children of the Longest Weekend can begin at any time, and usually ends once everyone has blacked out. Availability checks for Lady Saturday ignore Loyalty.YesInfluencer, Not A Cult LeaderNetworking23
Mrs. and Mrs. DareIt's all Greece to me!The Dares live on the other side of the world, in the Federated Republic of Hallas. While they use Magic and Matrix to keep up with their responsibilities in Seattle, it takes over a week and a very good reason for them to give any physical support in North America.YesFixersFixer(K,N,G,A)51
CascadeIt's not fun if there's no Risk!Cascade is very proud of her skills, but the only way to test them is to put them at risk. When using her services, make a group Edge check with a threshold of 4, on a failure Cascade has pushed her luck too far and some consequences come up, be that a check of her vehicle or something else, up to GM discretion.YesInternational Smuggler and FenceService43
BubblegumKnows How She Got HereBubblegum has no loyalty to the Haven. She's got customers and better customers. She never offers a SIN or service for free or reduced price. If you need it faster or better, you pay more--it doesn't matter WHAT you're doing or what your loyalty is.YesFake SINnerGear13
GatorLearned From The Best
See You, Swamp Cowboy
See you later, Alligator
Bayou Bill died fighting Horizon. As such, if you are working a job that brings good things to Horizon, Gator WILL NOT HELP you. If you have called or used a Horizon affiliated contact in the last week, Gator will take a -4 on any checks to assist you. He can smell the suit on you.
Bayou Bill taught Gator everything he knew. Including combat tactics. When Gator is called for job, roll 1d6 in secret. On a roll of 5 or 6, Gator will fight like Bill did. That means violence, explosions and collateral damage galore. You think you brought him on for a distraction and expect it? Oh no, he went even bigger. This violence may or may not be able to be traced back to you, depending on how evil the GM is feeling.
Gator is an alligator. While he’s awakened and sapient, it doesn’t instantly mean he has a full understanding of English and societal norms. Getting this contact to DO things may require an animal handling check or a bribing with appropriate snacks. Gator DOES understand limited English from his training with Bill (and understands it BETTER if delivered in a Louisiana drawl) but usage of complex terms and ideas may not go over well. Also, because he is an alligator, he cannot speak.
YesBiggest, Baddest Alligator this side of the EquatorCustom(A, N, K, G)10
SoucouyantLingering GrudgeMIho still having guilt for what happened to her husband has a negative view of anyone using personafix chips. furthermore, treat her loyalty as one lower if a runner has positive Ares Rep.yesShadowrunnerGeneralist42
Alex "Good'ol" SamsonLoan SharkThe contact will charge 2 chips for the price of 1 if called upon for an unpaid favorYesFixerFixer63
The ConductorLocked in a BoxThe Conductor is locked in the conductor's box on The Zephyr. The only way to communicate with him is by entering The Zephyr. The Zephyr is a train spirit and can only appear on train tracks.YesConductorGeneralist22
HankLone WolfHank don't like to work alongside peoples, he is up to help in a lot of case where he could do job on his own. (Distraction, infiltration and such). Players need to succeed a negotiation + Charisma (Threshold 6-Loyalty) to convince him to go with the team.YesSpec Ops PTT Killing MachingService10
His Beardliness Belegar son of Gotrek son of ThorMagnificent BeardWhenever you call His Beardliness, make a Loyalty + Edge (3) Test. On a failure, he is too busy taking care of his magnificent beard to be helpful.YesTalismongerCustom(G,A,K,N)31
LAURAMatrix-MadLAURA, as both a poorly-socialized AI and a barely sane one, has understandable difficulty communicating with 'normal people', even those who are fairly well-experienced with the matrix. As a result, she cannot get in contact with individuals who are not AIs, for the sake of Networking or otherwise.YesManic AI Dream GirlLegwork10
"Adam"Maybe Gonna Give You UpDespite how many firm hand shakes and serious faces Adam gives, he is easily tempted by the prospect of new information, and is often more than willing to trade information on his clients for it if he thinks he'll get away clean. If such a situation occurs, roll 2d6. if the result is greater than or equal to 7 minus Loyalty, Congratulations! Adam is feeling professional or likes you enough to not sell you out. Otherwise, well, Adam learned some juicy new gossip and some not-so-juicy things are in store for you.YesInfobrokerNetworking50
Kensei-SenseiMeasure Twice, Cut OncePatience is a virtue. At least, so Kenzo keeps telling you. Everything this contact does is undertaken with precision and care, meaning it takes twice as long. If you try to hurry him along, he'll reset the timer.YesYakuza Patriarch (Retired)Fixer (N,K,G,A)41
Jenny RiversMeatheadIf jenny meets you in person, she will challenge you to an arm wrestling contest. Roll BOD+STR, if you fail to meet a threshold of 3, she charges a favor for her services and embarrasses you for having noodle arms.YesConstruction WorkerService11
Perfect Authentic CadenceMonadThis contact is infected with CFD. Because no one trusts them and they have difficulty understanding metahumans, they may not be used for networking tests. They may also have trouble providing information from knowledge skills or performing active skills as the GM sees fit based on this naivete, which could incur a dice pool penalty or disallow the test in extreme cases.YesCybersurgeonCustom(G,A,K,N)54
PsychonoiseMonadThis contact is infected with CFD. Because no one trusts them and they have difficulty understanding metahumans, they may not be used for networking tests. They may also have trouble providing information from knowledge skills or performing active skills as the GM sees fit based on this naivete, which could incur a dice pool penalty or disallow the test in extreme cases.YesWeapons ResearcherCustom(G,A,K,N)50
Abdul el-AswanMore Metal than ManAbdul is, by mass, far more machine than man. Unfortunately, this means lots of repair and tuning time. When you attempt to contact him, roll 1d6. On a 1, he is busy getting his 'ware retooled and cannot help you for the remainder of the run.YesFixerFixer40
Tee & VeeMorning People
Silent Protectors
During the night, Tee & Vee are occupied with protecting their charge, which makes them hard to contact. If you're trying to contact Tee & Vee after 6PM in-game, roll 1d6, on a hit, the bodyguards answer, on a miss, you may leave a message and they will contact you in the morning.
Tee & Vee don't talk. It's unclear if they can't or just won't, but they are dedicated to being the silent protectors. If contacted, they'll send information through text and DNI, but will not verbally communicate to anyone with less than 5 loyalty
Ru XiaoMulti-Tasking
Syndicate Politics
Ru Xiao holds an important position in a major Triad. She will not work against the interests of the Eighty-Eights. Additionally, if she learns that another syndicate is involved in the run, roll 1d6. If the roll is higher than her Loyalty with that runner, then she cannot assist the runner due to conflicting plans or deals.
Ru Xiao is a busy woman. When she performs a service, roll a 1d6. If assisting or performing a matrix search, the rolled dice is the number of added hours for a threshold six, or the number of added tens of minutes for a threshold three. If the service she is providing is of another nature, it will take double the usual time on a roll of 5 or 6, and fifty percent more time on a roll of 3 or 4.
YesWhite Paper Fan, Eighty-EightsService43
Lisa "Lady J" JenkinsMy Grandchildren Are VisitingThe GM rolls in secret a 1d6, if the roll is a one, Lisa will not answer the call. Later she may hint that her grand children were in town.YesTalismongerCustom(G,K,A,N)41
Mr.RuddNO REFUNDS! NO RETRACTIONS! NO RECEIPTS!Rudd Arts is not responsible for the lack of satisfaction, Damage of goods nor Death caused by all of the above. Mr.Rudd will always refuse to take the heat for a Runner should they mess up, even if they mess up because of the services provided by Mr.Rudd.YesNetworking20
DefragNational SINnerDefrag is lawfully licensed as a technomancer and psychiatric healthcare professional by the UCAS government. She cannot be depended upon to do anything illegal, as it will be traced back to her.YesTherapistCustom(K, N, G, A)50
Cornelius MortonNo Chains, Only Contracts
NoLa Life
Cornelius has many friends on the otherside and does not deal with those who would force anyone to do anything against their will. If Cornelius learns of any Bias against race or metatype or that a runner has negative astral rep then he will refuse to make deals with them until they lose their Bias or are able to heal their astral rep.
Cornelius lives in New Orleans and his cartel is based with the Southern CAS and Northen Atzlan. Any services or gear aquistions out of these regions will take twice the time to complete outside of the CAS as Cornelius has to send the gear from New Orleans to Seattle.
YesCartel HeadGeneralist52
LachanceNocturnalHe is neither available, nor will he do any tasks during the day. Treat it as if the contact does not exist during the day.YesHitman TrainerLegwork51
ChipperNot All ThereSometimes the team isn't all assembled a random aspect is ignored. Roll a 1d6 and ignore the corresponding number'd member on a 6 the whole team is there.YesSubterranean Shinobi MasterService41
Shi HakaseNot Enough Hands
Repossessed Awakened Cadaver
Uncanny Existence
Like many things, Shi is not quiet understood by many of its contacts. Inhabiting what is best described as a rotting metal carcass, with the social latency of a Monad, with most sapients only interacting through necessity rather than by choice.

{Cannot be used for networking checks. At GMs discretion, penalties to both KNOW/GEAR checks can be enacted due to the abnormalities in its existence/lifestyle - active checks are limited to its compound, or relevant auto-doc facility}
Shi is always busy on either their own experiments, or pre-paid assignments from a wide array of less-legitimate clients. As such, free time for runners is a premium, and if help is offered, it usually has a additional cost. {Roll loyalty at a threshold of 3(2 if in person) to see if Shi is currently assigned to a clients task. A increased threshold at the GMs discretion (Example, working with uninteresting clients) can be chosen alongside to see if Shi requires additional aid/resources to offer their assistance.}
With routine inspections, and a Biomonitor as part of the agreement - Shi is rather possessive of research opportunities on Awakened/SURGE individuals. Any time Shi is called or delivers a job to a runner, the single following run takes a 1 reduction in comforts from Shi actively experimenting on you (This does not stack with itself). Alongside this:

At <5 Loyalty - If you get any permanent medical assistance (E.G Stim-Patches are not permanent, Trauma Patches are) that is not from Shi - you must pay a chip in debt of the deal.

At 5/6 Loyalty - if you get any permanent medical assistance (E.G Stim-Patches are not permanent, Trauma Patches are) that is not from Shi - Shi is willing to forgive you at no chips indebted assuming you allow it to conduct a reapplication of events for research (Increase the DV of fatigue by 2 if under 3 comfort)

This quality can be declined by Awakened/SURGED characters, and has no effect to Mundane characters.

If declined after it was once accepted, reduce Shis loyalty by 2, if at 0, Shi assumes you are not a reliable assets and is lost as a contact (though can be rebought later).
YesStreet "Hakase"Fixer(G,A,K,N)50
BenjaminNot Getting Paid Enough For This ShitBenjamin does not get paid enough for this shit. He's a big strong adept but for some reason, no one fucking pays him enough. If, at the GM's fiat, he's placed in situation's that he's not getting paid enough for, he will just fucking leave. Situations might involve getting shot with multiple burts of APDS or getting shot with a rocket. If you pay him enough (6000 is a good start), he'll fight harder and stick around.YesProfessional BeefcakeService10
KalanyrNot Worth His TimeIt's practically impossible to raise Kalanyr's Loyalty above 1. He just doesn't care about runners that much.yes
CEO of Stonehome
The StewardNot a Squeaky WheelWill not answer any questions about his magician training, or the Wheel of Life, as all followers are sworn to secrecyYesParasecurity ExpertService20
Kenneth "Flamesaw" MurphyNot the Brightest BulbIf you're not very, VERY explicit, Kenneth is likely to do the wrong thing. If possible, Kenneth will complete the action as requested, but not as intended. Additionally, if you don't meet the required hits for an active check, he may--at GM's discretion--botch the action entirely to the detriment of the players. When possible, this should happen in the least opportune, and most hilarious, manner.YesGanger / Tough GuyCustom(A,G,N,K)224
AbuelitaNothing Left to LoseThis contact is constantly trying to kill you. However, she is exceedingly bad at it, and such attempts should be both hilarious and pity-inducing. She will not help anyone with anything while sober.YesForcefully Retired Grandmother.Custom(A,N,K,G)12
Sarah SnowNovacoke?Roll an edge test when contacting Sarah Snow. On no hits, she's coked up in a fancy bathroom somewhere and is of no use to you. That doesn't mean she won't answer her phone and waste your time (at the GM's discretion.)YesFundraiser and HousewifeFixer35
Dr. WellsNumbers, not namesDr. Wells considers topics based upon how captivating they are. He will gloss over information he finds uninteresting, even if that lack of information may endanger the runner contacting him in some way. GMs have final say over what Dr. Wells may find uninteresting.YesProfessorFixer(K,N,G,A)22
Mr. HerenightOld FashionedHerenight never uses the Matrix and getting in touch with him is difficult. Roll Edge + Loyalty; normally it takes 6 days to get in touch with him. Net hits reduce this by one day each, but it always takes at least 24 hours. A meeting face to face can be arranged anywhere within the same country/sprawl/state.YesBlack Lodge MagicianCustom(K,G,N,A)73
CommanderOld school OperativeMatrix always proved to be unreliable when Commander was imply in operation. Thus he never use it as a mean of communication and enforce this strict policy to all the operative under his commands. Runners got a radio frequency to take contact and are expected to arrange meeting to gather any intelligence they would like to have. (They will receive paper files)YesBlack Ops VeteranCustom(N,G,A,K)26
Heavy MetalOn Assignment to Mother KomodoNow that Heavy Metal is bodyguarding Mother Komodo, his time is more limited. Any request for an active service support requires a contact availability test. GM may apply penalties to test based on time of day, or duration of time needed.PendingBodyguardService10
Jake "The Captain" ElliotOn The Far SideAs Jake is the captain of a vessel on the Atlantic, getting goods to or from Seattle directly can take some time. Add 1 day to the base delivery time for any goods, on or off table. (Notably this means if he fails to acquire something for you, add one day and then double the time before you can have him try again if it's off table.)YesShip CaptainCustom(G,A,K,N)21
XXJ@ck41XxOn Thin IceJulian narrowly avoided going to jail after being caught on his last hack. Due to his parents' lawyers and a favor from the runner Orchid, he managed to get off with two years probation. He needs to have regular meetings with his PO, complete 200 hours of community service, and risks getting a criminal SIN if he commits any more crimes. He will not make active checks relating to illegal activities for anyone at lower than loyalty 5.YesL33T H@xx0rLegwork21
GoalmasterOne Rink To Rule Them AllGoalmaster is reliable when it comes to actually supplying materials, but... well, getting to the actual bartering process can be an exercise in frustration. His hallucinations and creative imagination take firm hold of him whenever his long-term brain damage flares up, and it becomes nigh-on impossible to talk over how much a shipment of scrap steel will cost when he's more concerned about slaying the ruddy-furred chimera for the good of his kingdom. Blowing up whatever rusted-out old truck he's obsessing over this time tends to snap him out of it long enough to talk. When you attempt to tap this contact during a run, the GM should make a roll to determine his mental state at the time. On a 4, 5, or 6, he's stable enough to make a deal or provide information. On a 1, 2, or 3, he'll answer the call, but will require the runners to complete some inconvenient, ridiculous job out in the worst parts of the Puyallup barrens before he's willing to talk shop.YesScrapper Knight of the Stanley CupCustom(G, K, A, N)31
Surf DuctOut to SeaSD is often busy executing survey or salvage contracts and is rarely moored up for long. You'll need to wait for him to get back in. Every time the contact provides a service, roll 2d6. The normal amount of time that it would take to provide the service is multiplied by the resulting number.YesTalismonger/Scientific Vessel CaptainGear21
Nerlithothep the SuccubusOutrageous Jealosy
Sweetheart...You know what i want.
As a Succubus Nerlithothep will only accept to offer her service if Karma is paid. Price range from 5 to 8 karma (GM apprecation on base price that is reduced by Loyalty to a minimum of 2) depending of the service ask. In addition she'll ask for more karma when the runners are not the one that pay the Karma.
Nerlithothep consider every person that call for her service as some kind of "Lovers of the Day", sadly for them she is really, really jealous. If you call another contact before or after contacting Nerlithothep and she learn it you own her a chip or need to gift her 4 Karma.
YesSuccubusCustom (A,N,K,G)11
StellaOverworkedStella is a full-time student and sole proprietor of a business; as such she tends to be a bit overworked. Services may take longer. Every time the contact provides a service, roll 2d6. The normal amount of time that it would take to provide the service is multiplied by the resulting number.YesCosmic Magic TalismongerGear21
Dr. Tony HanksOverworkedServices may take longer. Every time the contact provides a service, roll 2d6. The normal amount of time that it would take to provide the service is multiplied by the resulting number.YesCharity Clinic DoctorLegwork26
Inari ŌkamiOverworkedServices may take longer. Every time the contact provides a service, roll 2d6. The normal amount of time that it would take to provide the service is multiplied by the resulting number.YesEmotional Support FoxFixer51
Mors BlattaOverworkedServices may take longer. Everytime Mors provides a service, roll 2d6. The normal amount of time that it would take him to provide the service is multiplied by the total number.YesEmergency DispatcherFixer(G,N,K,A)61
The DukesPackage DealThese two come in a pair increasing the cost of all favors by 2 degreesYesDrug/Moonshine RunnersService35
BoozemanParanoidBoozeman cannot have his connection raised, the less connected he is, the better.YesBarkeepNetworking11
Agamemnon has been burned hard by allowing himself to get too close to people in the past, and he is slow to trust as a result - he cannot be taken as a contact with a starting loyalty rating of less than 3, and will burn a runner if his loyalty drops below this threshold.
Agamemnon works primarily through intermediaries, operating out of a fortified underground bolt hole which he is very reluctant to leave without a good reason – -2 on all rolls that require him to physically leave his sanctuary (though he can use astral projection without penalty), and he will refuse to do so at all during daylight hours.
YesInfected Crime LordFixer(K,G,N,A)42
Mother Bella LewhousParanoids DelusionsDue to several attempts on her life during her career as a druidic mage, and a sever case of paranoia schizophrenia Mother Lewhous has retreated to her magically ward home in the barrens. While she's willing to help any individual of the druidic order, only those with a loyalty of 5 or higher can physically visit her.YesDruidic TalismongerService20
Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson IIIParty all Night... What time is it?Brodie J spends all of his time at various clubs, pumping his body full of every substance he can, so recovery periods are rough. When contacting Brodie J before 6PM in-game, roll 1d6, on a 5 or 6, he answers. Otherwise he is completely zonked out and can't help you.YesCorpKidNetworking416
MarikaPersistent ConditioningEven when you know you've been manipulated and abused, it doesn't stop it from affecting you, from being real. Marika has difficulties working against Saeder-Krupp or any Dragon if she does not have direction from a superior. For her to work against either, make an Edge + Loyalty test. At base, the threshold is 2. Depending on the situation and context, this can be higher though (GM Discretion). This is in addition to any normal considerations about if she wants to do the action.YesDrakeGeneralist81
Harvey SandersPicky Dissemination of InformationRequires a negotiation check to gain information, depending on how it affects criminal organizations and/or law enforcement. Thresholds start at 2 and are modified by how they affect gangs/syndicates (major damage, -2, mild/moderate damage -1) and law enforcement (mild threat to LE +1, moderate +2, major +4). He will refuse to give information that directly target law enforcement. See examples below.YesInfobrokerLegwork41
Keora PuccaPlease, No More Killing!Keora hates seeing people get hurt over a big misunderstanding and has became a pacifist despite her fellow changeling friends with a strong hatred against the humans and metatypes. Whether you stand her beliefs or not, her intentions to defuse the situation between peace and violent acts (whether you choose to kill them or not) she would prefer ask you to let them live.YesAccountant & Info BrokerLegwork21
Ted RothPoor Networker-2 to Networking testsYesTalismonger (Red Magic)Generalist30
Jane FosterPoor Networker-2 to Networking testsYesStreet docCustom(A,G,K,N)41
Ariel LopezPoor Networker-2 to Networking testsYesShamanic TalismongerGeneralist40
Erica ClementsPraise the Shining One
Erica is an acolyte of a radiation cult. However nice she may act, that has consquences. When you take Erica as a contact, gain one notoriety. Magical gear purchased from Erica will show faint traces of toxic magic with a threshold 3 assensing test.
Erica is devout, a true believer. While she doesn't require those she works with to follow her path, she will not work with runners who actively oppose her cause. If characters work against the Followers of the Light and are positively identified, make a Test of Loyalty (contact rules). If failed, burn this contact. If it is passed, lose a point of loyalty instead. She likes to think the best of her friends, so the proof needs to be non-circumstantial.
Cassandra BlackPrisoner of War
Trust is Earned.
All players who pick up Cassandra begin by owing her one chip. Ancients members owe her two chips, and Cutters owe her three. She will not provide any services until these chips are repaid. Additionally, whenever you would owe Cassandra one or more chips, (such as asking for a favor,) she requires 1 additional chip.
Cassandra is currently being "protected" in an Ancients safehouse while she can provide useful information. Cassandra cannot perform active checks or obtain gear. If Cassandra's connection is raised by an Ancients member or through interactions with an NPC, this quality may be removed while adjusting no other aspects.
JewelsProfessional People Stabber, Unprofessional People Pleaser.Jewels is a nice guy, but often misunderstands their goals. When called, roll 1d6, on a roll of a 1, Jewels will do his best to do what you ask, but will do so with violence and intimidation at best, and deadly force at worst.YesPeople StabberService23
Jorgy PetersonProsperity GospelThe Lord provides to His faithful, granting wealth and success. For those who lack, well... It doesn't send a good message. Jorgy requires payment in nuyen for all services.YesEvangelist Car SalesmanGear31
Aaron KnightQuick to AngerAaron has a short fuse, and is a busy man. If your 'elevator pitch' takes longer than 30 seconds (timed by GM), you will be put on hold to 'verify' your story. This hold will last until Aaron has regained his composure, up to 1d6 hours.YesJournalistCustom(K,N,A,G)40
Mary ChambersRace TraitorIn order to appeal to a larger audience in her starlet days, Horizon paid for her metatype reduction and trained her to suppress her cultural mannerisms. As a result she appear rather untroll-like, and has become disconnected from her old community. Most trolls and orcs take offense at this kind of betrayal, resulting in her being hated in those communities.YesBartenderService30
Corf is just a minecart. He can't take much more than 3 or 4 runners and their gear, and even that seems like it shouldn't fit; he's already bigger on the inside. Magic, man, it do weird stuff.
While Corf is Awakened, he is also a minecart. He can only travel via rail and ley lines (he manifests spectral rails when travelling via ley lines that don't follow railways)
YesHelpful Lil' MinecartService18
"Philip"Rambling StudyPhilip gets excited about the technical aspects of his work, and will talk your ear off at any opportunity. When contacting him, the GM secretly rolls a d6. If they roll a 1, Philip gets lost in the weeds and will ramble for hours if not stopped with a Negotiation (3) or Intimidation (3) test.YesFree SpiritLegwork21
FaultyReal-World NaivetyFaulty doesn't understand the real world, only the Matrix, Foundations, Resonance, and Dissonance. All checks related to a topic other than those automatically gets 0 hits.YesFault SpriteService42
Ella "Unraveled" WyattRecovering Chiphead
Ella is a recovering chiphead who is battling depression. This may cause additional complications for her, making it even harder for her to offer help. On an Unreliable result of 2, Ella's has complications preventing her from helping which may be addressed by the runner with the additional investment of time, NuYen, or favors.
The GM rolls in secret a 1d6. If they roll a one the contact will say, with complete confidence, that they will do the request or that they have the right information. They will then flake out or their information will be wrong. They will say they got the gear then accidentally sell it to another person.
YesRecovering BTL AddictLegwork11
Ticket AgentRed StripesWithout speaking the language, you'll never really get to know each other.

This contact can understand English but will only speak to runners in Russian.

Unless fluent, subtract 1 from this contact's effective loyalty for each rank below 6 your character has in Russian.
YesTicket Booth OperatorFixer21
Gus From MarketingRomantically Desperate And CreepyWill try to date anyone who calls him. ANYONE.YesMarketing SpecialistNetworking11
SegFault's TeamSaeder-Krupp FugitivesThey are on the run from S-K, who are actively trying to kill them for betraying the corporation.YesShadowrunner TeamService42
Cassandra WithersSecretly A MantisCassandra is a Mantis Nymph Spirit (Masking with 18 dice as a Magic 3 Adept). She'll help you only if it furthers her own interests somehow (you're way too small to be much concern for her). Just calling her can cause a run complication with the FBI at GM Fiat.YesFBI LiaisonNetworking84
MillipedeSelectiveMillipede is great at gathering info, but only for topics that he thinks are worth his time. If it's not about Hyperpop or Matrix Crimes, he'll half-ass it and take a -2 to his knowledge roll.YesDeckerLegwork21
WeirdboiShamanic SurgeryWhile a skilled cybersurgeon, Weirdboi has spent most of his time studying the unique ways the Awakened body reacts to his surgery. -2 to all checks performed on or for non-Awakened individualsYesSkraacha CyberdocCustom(G,A,K,N)37
Eliza IrvingShort Attention Span
Work, Bitch
It's a common trope for the bartender to remember every average looking person who sits down for a beer. That isn't the case with Liz. If they don't catch her attention in some obnoxiously flashy way, her eyes glaze over and their name goes right through her brain. Liz takes a -4 to any networking checks made for people she'd consider boring (GM fiat). This typically means people with unremarkable appearances, muted personalities, and those who deliberately try to keep a low profile.
Liz is in a lot of debt, and works two full time jobs in order to pay it off. Connection tests for this contact ignore loyalty, and any time they're called the GM rolls 1d6. If the dice lands on 3 or above, Eliza is at work and unable to perform active checks for people below loyalty 5.
YesNightclub Bartender and Bubblegum GothNetworking20
Bruno PereiraShort on cashTaking care of a whole community is hard work and very expensive, sometimes he will need to ask for a bit more than usual. (roll a 1d6, on a 1 he will ask for 1d6 x 50 Nuyen more to help)YesVeteran sniperLegwork22
St@bShrewd NegotiatorSt@b didn't make it this long giving out stuff for free. Everything in the sixth world has a cost, and if you want her help you're going to have to pay in full. She will not work for anything less than complete, up front payment; asking for a favor or talking up potential rewards is a quick way to get yourself hung up on. She may accept payment in something other than cash, but it'd better be a damn good offer.YesTarislar Script Kiddie and Ancients HopefulLegwork10
Casey "Shrimp" MitchellShrimp's Fried RiceRunning a restaurant and keeping all you runners in line is busy work, omae. And when he's not frying rice or dealing with career criminals, hes enjoying his damn life with his fiancee. And you better be a big name if he's gonna answer the phone then. When rolling for availability, treat his connection as 1 higher during buisness hours (10-10) and 2 higher outside them.YesFixer, Restaurant ProprietorFixer (N,K,G,A)40
Sister Mary GunrunnerSmall Time Operation
Smoker Voice and Smoldering Temper
Always louder than it needs to be, always rougher than you remember. Roll a 2d6, and refer below to see the result.

3 - 6: She's on smoke break, but she'll still help you out. Whatever she's doing for you, it takes double the normal time.
7 - 9: She's in a very bad mood over some nonsense, and she charges you a chip just for the call. Now what do you want?
10 & 11: Lucky you called! She needs you to do something for her on the run, decided by the GM. Complete your new secondary objective or pay a chip.

2 or 12: You've got great timing, because she happens to be free. Sister Mary Gunrunner helps you out as normal.
You think I could sell missiles out of a church without drawing the wrath of God, or whatever saints call punching a sinners ticket these days? No way, no how, chummer. I keep it on the downlow, idiots who get greedy end up dead. Sister Mary Gunrunner will refuse to do any business involving any sort of above-board legal authority. Furthermore, she won't operate outside of C (or lower) security zones, and is unable to get ahold of anything higher than availability 16. Raising her connection above 2 requires a run.
Jenny SmokesSmall-TimeBecause she is relatively unknown she has a hard time connecting to hob-nobbers and prissy corporate types. -2 for Networking checks involving high-society.YesSmall-Time ReporterLegwork11
Toxic TensionSpinGlobal Radicalness And Loyalty!If you ask him to fight for you, the information WILL get back to SpinGlobal. Also afterwards YOU have to fight him. He thinks SpinGlobal is the most radical corporation, and is proud to work for them.YesCombat DJCustom(A, N, K, G)44
PriestTemperance is a VirturePriest is extremely disapproving of drugs, believing them to be a tool of oppression. If you are on drugs while talking to Priest (even something like long haul), you must get at least three successes on a con check. If you fail, Priest will launch into a rambling sermon on the corrupting poison you've put in your body. If your loyalty is below four, he will refuse to talk to you until you're sober. If it's four or above, he'll listen if you can convince him that it's a matter of life and death. In order to keep the contact, you must spend a week volunteering at his congregation.YesActivist FixerFixer31
Hanako ShinodaTerrible VisionsHanako is haunted by visions of many possible futures due to the strength of her gift. When contacting her, the GM secretly rolls 1d6. On a 1 Hanako may have information for you, but it is cloaked in prophecies about destruction and terrors soon to come.YesShiawase SeerLegwork61
Chet BrentThe Better BrotherIf Chet would reasonably discover that the actions taken because of his involvement are both illegal and immoral, the player who originally contacts Chet on a run increases their PA by 1 because of Chet's report; this is in addition to any run-related public awareness or notoriety gained.YesMotorcycle CopLegwork21
Alfred BesterThe Corps is Mother, the Corps is FatherBester is often busy with his associates' affairs. When contacting Bester for the first time in a run, it may take up to 24 hours for him to initially respond. Roll Edge+Loyalty, each hit subtracts 2 hours from this time.YesUCAS BlackopsCustom(K,N,G,A)61
Mucky MouseThe Happiest Place in Seattle... Or ElseDue to extensive modification of his body and mind, Mucky is incapable of saying something negative or malicious about anyone else. -2 to any Networking or Knowledge checks about non-happy subjectsYesTheme Park MascotGeneralist10
Father UrielThe Light of the LordWhile Father Uriel is understanding about the kind of work that happens in the shadows, he will not tolerate monsters, -2 to any roll done for an Infected PC, and -2 for any runner with a reputation for undue violenceYesOrder of the Temple SpymasterFixer52
HenryThere's No RushThere's no such thing as getting a weapon delivered by Henry through a quick phone call. At a minimum, he'll give you priority as a customer if he likes you. If he doesn't like you... well, better hope you've got a few hours to burn. Even if you need to talk to him about something unrelated to his arms dealing, Henry will refuse to discuss things over a commcall; you'll have to wait 2d6 - Loyalty hours for him to open up shop and get you in to see him in person. If you're trying to get ahold of something with over 12 availability, increase this to 4d6 - Loyalty hours.YesDiscreet Weapons DealerFixer(G,K,A,N)21
Mack and HackThose Two IdiotsMack and Hack aren't the brightest of the bunch, and working together rarely means they'll be any smarter. In fact, they tend to urge each other towards more and more dangerous, stupid behavior - which, while fun to watch, isn't always productive. If the pair is ever called upon to work together at the same time, make a test of loyalty. If you fail, the pair have gotten distracted from whatever task you put them up to. The exacts are up to GM interpretation, but the consequences should always be at least inconvenient for the runners that tapped them. Bonus points if the duo is later encountered doing dumb shit and egging each other on.YesHalloweener TroublemakersCustom(A,K,N,G)15
Jet SetTime/DistanceJet Set is normally not one to stay idle, especially considering the upkeep costs for his ancient C-5 Galaxy. Most of the time he's running long distance routes in the Pacific. He is easy to contact at all times via satellite uplink but active and gear checks require a minimum 24 hour lead.YesC-5 Galaxy Owner/OperatorCustom(A,G,K,N)63
Camila "Novicio" SanchezToo little experienceCamilla is new to this work and has far too little experience for it. Therefore, it happens that she does things wrong. When contacting her, the GM secretly rolls a d6. If they roll a 1 Camilla will make a mistake (like wanting too much for it, or giving wrong informations).YesAztechnology Mrs. JohnsonCustom (K, N, A, G)34
Doctors Malcolm & Ian CrichtonTrashed LabLook, man, things've been rough for the Crichtons recently. They're doing the best they can. The maximum value of gear they can lend on a run is halved.YesBioengineersCustom (K,G,A,N)31
Penne AldenteUnreliableThe GM rolls in secret a 1d6. If the roll a one the contact will say, with complete confidence, that they will do the request or that they have the right information. They will then flake out or their information will be wrong. They will say they got the gear then accidentally sell it to another person.YesStreet Doc/Drug DealerService31
Joe "Chops" BurtonUnreliableChops is pretty much always at work on something, so he tends to get a little frazzled. Being stuck in a smelter all day probably isn't good for your brain cells.YesModern-Day BlacksmithCustom(K, G, N, A)10
Dana Jessica BoatmanUnreliableThe GM rolls in secret a 1d6. If they roll a one the contact will say, with complete confidence, that they will do the request or that they have the right information. They will then flake out or their information will be wrong. They will say they got the gear then accidentally sell it to another person.YesTalismonger (Burnout)Custom (G,K,A,N)21
TanyaUnreliableThe GM rolls in secret a 1d6. If the roll a one the contact will say, with complete confidence, that they will do the request or that they have the right information. They will then flake out or their information will be wrong. They will say they got the gear then accidentally sell it to another person. (For Tanya, it's probably because she got kidnapped again. Don't worry, it's probably fine.)YesOtherCon AdvocateFixer29
Freda KeyUnreliableThe GM rolls in secret a 1d6. If the roll a one the contact will say, with complete confidence, that they will do the request or that they have the right information. They will then flake out or their information will be wrong. They will say they got the gear then accidentally sell it to another person.YesHedonistCustom (G, A, K, N)11
Arnold ClaymanUntimely JokeClayman has an unfortunate habit of getting humorous at ill-advised times. Lower the amount of 1's required to glitch or critical glitch when applicable by two.yesSeattle's Favorite Newscaster!Custom(K,N,A,G)31
PelicanVehicular VendettaPelican has an archenemy, the smuggler Scarab. Every time Pelican is brought in by a PC for any active check or gear acquisition check, roll 1d6 in secret. on a 1, Scarab has chosen this time to strike! While neither smuggler will bring in any outsiders into their conflict, Scarab still has plenty of resources at his disposal. This will usually take the form of an attack on Pelican's vehicle(s), theft of his property, or framing him for some sort of crime, but can be other things depending on what would make sense in the situation. While Pelican is too stubborn to call for help, if left unassisted he won't be able to complete whatever service he was called in for, and the PCs may be dragged in anyways depending on the circumstances.YesSmugglerService21
Maisy GardnerVery OldRoll on the contact availability table (counting connection as 3 higher than normal) to determine if this contact is available at any given time.YesFixerFixer21
Fuego Fieri Firebrand the FourthWATER BADIt's hard being a fire spirit in Seattle, the place of the constant falling of water death from the sky! Fuego is impossible to find in the physical and very hard to find in the astral when it's actively raining. You're just going to have to wait until the bad water goes away.YesFree SpiritLegwork20
The TrinityWantedTakashi is Wanted from Renraku for desertion, Missy is wanted from Knight Errant for the same and went missing before "processing", and Sharptooth essentially screwed over NeoHaven.YesShadowrunnersLegwork41
Halvor IngvarssonWantedWanted in the Scandinavian Union.YesTalismongerCustom(G,K,A,N)42
Mother KomodoWantedMother Komodo has angered multiple humans rights groups and more than a few Syndicates who have made a living off of the subjugation of her clients. A number of them would be happy to have her dead; and more than a few might have the money to put a price on her head.YesMetahuman Rights LawyerService40
JoyrideWe Like to PartyThe "Vengabus" (a modified omnibuss) is permanently blaring the Vengaboys famous hit, "We Like To Party". As such, Joyride cannot stealth. Literally anyone in the immediate vicinty will hear "We Like To Party" at full blast. If you are in the Vengabus, everyone is looking at you.YesParty Bus DriverCustom (A,N,G,K)53
Vee-JayWe live in a society!Vee-Jay is concerned with the state of society, such as courtesy and fairness. Professional criminals do not fit his vision of improving society. If he knows your work is for crime Vee-Jay takes a -2 to any check he makes for you.YesBouncer/Doctorate StudentNetworking23
YoiJiWhen the going gets tough, I get goingWhen contacted and asked to do a favor YoiJi will outright refuse or will charge double for higher than rating 3 favors.YesNeo-Haven RunnerService30
The Cap'nWho Are Ye, Again?The Cap'n spends at least a quarter of his day black-out-drunk. When calling him, roll a d6; on a 1 or a 2 he will completely forget who you are. If this happens, the player's loyalty is treated as "1" for the duration of the task, unless a player provides him with some Sober Time.YesCap'nService12
Irena TachikovWorkaholicIrena doesn't have time for nonsense, attempting to contact her requires a loyalty check with a Threshold of 2 for her to pick upYesEVO Acquisitions ExpertGear61
SahaléWorking HoursSahalé juggles family life and a legitimate business alongside her dealings with the shadows. When attempting to contact Sahalé outside of normal PST office hours (9-5, Monday through Friday), add +5 to the threshold of her Contact Availability Test.YesTravel Facilitator and FixerFixer(G,N,K,A)43
Amia FinleyWorking MomAmia is a working mom, and doesn't always have time for runner's shenanigans. Roll 1D6. On a 1-2, Amia is busy with her kids and can't answer. On a 3-4, she answers but is distracted, taking 1.5 times longer to help out the runners. On a 5-6 she's available.YesParabontanistCustom(K,G,A,N)21
Darla GeasYou're so... UninspiredDarla has the heart of an artist, and can't really vibe with anybody who doesn't. The cost to upgrade this contact's loyalty is doubled unless the player has either visible cyberware or the "distinctive style" quality.YesTechno Adept SculptorGear21
Zombie ProcessYou're the best! Around!Tasha needs to be the strongest, and won't tolerate anyone who brings that into question. If a character with this contact questions their ability to do something, or even just does it well themselves, Tasha will challenge them to a duel to prove her superiority. The duel will be a test of whatever skill was called into question and doesn't need to involve direct combat (although it usually does). If a character refuses this duel, Tasha will call them a coward and drop by 1 loyalty.YesWiz Gang CyberadeptCustom(A,N,K,G)31
Jayden AndrewsYoung Children: TwinsWhen attempting to contact Andrews, roll 1d6. On a 1 he can only talk for 5 minutes to help with Knowledge skills as he is actively caring for his children.YesSecurity Guard/MuscleService22

Contacts With Negative Qualities Pending Approval

NameNegative AspectDescriptionApprovedProfessionArchetypeConnectionActive PCs with this Contact
Taranis Lú"Former" CyberterroristTaranis Lú is a former member of Ex Pacis, the group behind the Shutdown and part of the cause of Crash 2.0. Associating with Taranis Lú is the same in many minds as associating with terrorists and may cause additional social penalties.NoCollege ProfessorCustom(K,N,A,G)40
Jonáš Brož"Should've Said No"The very public position the Jonáš Brož are in makes it difficult for them to help you without notice. If you would gain public awareness after a run in which you used the aid of The Jonáš Brož, you gain an additional point of PA.NoNetworking30
The MASTERNot so Benevolent
A Deal's a Deal
The Weakness of the Flesh
The MASTER has no time for social niceties, being completely unaware of his abrasive nature. However, he is extremely sensitive to signs of disrespect, or those who show any form of disapproval, and if particularly incensed by a supplicant's behavior, will punish them accordingly for their mistakes.
The MASTER considers the meat to be a weakness, those who try to contact him from the meat will meet only silence.
The MASTER made a deal with the Draco Foundation, and he will honor it too the letter. He will not assist a supplicant who seeks to actively work against the Draco Foundation, and if asked, will report them immediately to his handler.
Onyx BlackActive TerroristDue to their nature as an extremely active coordinator of Neo-A terror attacks close watch is kept by outside groups on who contacts or is contacted by Onyx Black. Interested parties will be aware of your ties to them, for better or worse.NoNeo-A CoordinatorFixer50
MadActor LifeAs the main actor in a Trid Series that is working pretty well, Mad is often unavailable. When you try to contact him roll the contact avaibility like he was a connection rating of +2NoActor/VeteranNetworking31
Jar Jar BinksAlbinismRefuses to go outdoors personally during sunny weather and will only go outside during daytime whatsoever if your loyalty is 4 or above.NoTalismongerGear30
LamashtuHighly Flammable
Hard To Approach
Any Means Necessary
Upgrading Lamashtu's Loyalty costs twice as much.
If your Loyalty with Lamashtu is 1 or 2, asking for her help during a run and not doing what she wants is likely to make her tip off the op-for or KE to curry favor from them instead.
Lamashtu is hellbent on surviving after betraying Ghostwalker. Roll Loyalty + Edge (1) if you contact her during a run for help. Failing the check means she has something to gain by working against you and will tip off any potential opfor of your involvement in order to gain further security herself.
Ex-Prison Warden DrakeGeneralist62
IsisAstral BeaconThe astral signature of a character with the Astral Beacon quality is like, well, a beacon—highly visible on the astral plane. The signature also lasts twice as long as it would without the Astral Beacon quality and others assensing it receive a –1 to the threshold of their Assensing Test for gathering information about it.NoBook RestorerService10
Xandra BarkirkisBackstabbedThe wound left by the betrayal of a previously trusted coworker is still there. Raising Loyalty above 2 costs double the CDPNoGenesis Magical R&DCustom (K,N,G,A)50
HathorBehind the CurtainIs either a member of a secret conspiracy or could not even be real, either way, has Machiavellian plans far beyond your run. When Hathor is used, roll a 1d6, on the roll of a 1, they will mock you and hang up, or give subtly adjusted information that, while true to what the players wish to do with it, may have unforeseen side effects. They will not return your calls for the rest of the run if this happens.NoArgus Operative and DatabrokerLegwork50
Steve RemingtonBurn NoticeThis character suffered the ill-fate of being burned in the intelligence community. They act carefully these days, suspicious of anyone that they do not deem loyal enough. The minimum loyalty of this contact is 2 and they may never be taken by characters with connections to intelligence agencies or foreign governments. In addition, they are reluctant to discuss their knowledge or contacts gained during their years as a spy.NoMerchant of DeathGear51
Dr. Aditya PalBurning the Midnight DeepweedHard to reach - Always do an availability test for this contact with their connection +3 than normal. He's often too high to notice he's being called when he's not studying.NoStudy of Religion and Awakened Individual at UWFixer(N,K,G,A)20
FaithCAS LoyalistFaith will not help with jobs in or against the country of CAS.NoMercenaryCustom(A,G,N,K)31
Papa D. CiCiCall Me PapaPapa Cici is very picky about what people call him. The Papa will not respondNoPizzarun ManagerFixer20
Ardella AlosiCowardly
He is not a very brave individual. Ardella never stands up directly for his believes. He'd rather deal with his problems indirectly.
Due to his upbringing, he never had any real contact, with the downtrodden, or with the shadow community. Most of his experience comes from watching trid shows, and we all know how accurate(Not) a picture those portray. As such he sees shadowrunners, as mostly brutish vigilantists who'd rarely do anything out of the kindness of their own hearth.
Amar "Bash" RuanoCriminal SINner
Slightly Unstable
Bash's stint in jail landed him with a criminal SIN and all the associated difficulties. He meets with his probation officer twice a week and has his location constantly tracked. He can slip the yoke with a fake SIN but only for a few hours at a time. When calling this contact, the GM rolls 1d6. On a 1 he will not answer, as he is currently in holding over a potential violation. On a 2 he will answer, but be pre-occupied with community service and unable to make any active checks. He will also take a -2 to any active checks lasting more than a few hours due to the constraints of his SIN.
Bash, for all his effort to improve, really doesn't take insults well. When a character makes a perceived jab, especially at his strength or intelligence, the GM rolls 1d6. On a 1 or a 2 Bash will have a violent outburst and, if meeting in person, may attack the character in question. He won't use lethal force but he can come pretty damn close. If restrained and/or given some space, he will eventually cool down and apologize.
NoSemi-Reformed CyberpsychoService11
Handrian GraysonCurse of the dragon's hoard
New York to Seattle
+1 noterity for taking Handrian as a contact. Even though he is kinder and nicer than most draconic folk, he still is a dragon.
Handrian's primary office and home is in New York but he makes consistent trips to Seattle. When contacting Handrian roll 1d6, on an even he is New York for that many days.
NoCorp executiveGeneralist60
Clay "Claymore" NelsonDisposable Assets
Deniable Assets
Clay doesn’t expect you to live very long. In fact, he doesn’t expect you to make it through this run. That means if he’s helping you on-table, he’ll demand payment while you’re still breathing. If you’re paying Nuyen, that means payment up front. If you’re doing a favor for him, that means you do the work before he gives you anything. Particularly unusual or mitigating circumstances might allow you to pay chips for help, but only very rarely.
It’s nothing personal, he just needs to be able to drop everything and convince people you two never met you at a moment’s notice. Loyalty only gives half as many dice as it normally does (rounded up) when rolling for this contact.
NoDisposable & Deniable Assets ManagerFixer10
Miriam KazanShameless Cutthroat
Do I Look Like A Charity?
Kazan doesn't do favors. Everything has a cost, and if you want it you're gonna be paying up front. No matter what her loyalty is she will never loan out gear or accept being paid at a later date. You'll have your gear once the credstick's in her hands, and not a second before.
Kazan, to put it bluntly, couldn't care less about you. Her relationships are purely transactional, exchanges of power to be dropped the second they cease to become profitable. CDP costs to raise this contact's loyalty are doubled.
NoAres Arms DealerGear41
Eveline PowersEvo LoyalistEveline will absolutely not assist runners whom she knows to be acting against Evo, or whom she knows to have acted against Evo corporation in the past. Should she become aware that her PC contact is actively running against Evo or has done so in the past, reduced her loyalty to 0 immediately.NoEVO Security ExecutiveLegwork30
Danielle DaggettExtortedThis contact has an overriding obligation to its faction, and cannot act against their interests.NoFace ShadowrunnerCustom(A,N,K,G)30
Pump King JackExtraplanarJack swore to never enter the plane of mortals again. As a result, he can't do any Gear checks at all and any Networking or Active checks must be related to metaplanes.NoHalloween SpiritLegwork512
MedKitFirst, do no harm.MedKit is first and foremost a doctor and will not aid in acts that endanger life. This contact will refuse to make networking tests with any outside of the medical field. In addition, they will not make gear acquisition checks for lethal weapons including cyberweapons.NoDocWagon Senior Quartermaster50
Zero ChillGambling DebtsZero has a gambling problem, far beyond just owing a few customers some money he's deep in debt to the Yakuza and potentially more unsavoury characters. He can barely afford the juice on these debts and often demands payment from runners, or he will offer up need-to-know information about Runners, and the runs they are on, to his loan sharks in order to buy himself some time.NoFixerFixer41
Cyryl "Jazzy" JaźwińskiGłośnyJazzy talks and acts quite loud. If, on a run where you used Jazzy's help, you would gain one or more points of Notoriety or Public Awareness, you instead gain that many points plus one.NoGun smugglerGear40
Bill AbbotHard to ReachAlways do an availability test for this contact with their connection +3 than normal.NoJournalistCustom (G, A, K, N)30
G-OldHeart of G-OldWhile G-Old understands runners do need to kill in their line of work, the deaths of civilians or innocents is unacceptable. G-Old will refuse to work with runners if he finds out that their actions directly lead to the deaths of innocent lives while on a run. The only way to atone is to do "community service" in the form of hooding for him.NoEx-Knight Errant CaptainFixer51
Vega EdwardsPTSD
Heat Weary
Hidden Anger
Vega has a horrible reaction to any situation involving explosives, including knowingly being near them. He cannot work while they are near.
Vega will not treat anybody if he knows that they have killed in the past (24-48) hours.
Vega will hold harsh grudges, and will give up information to the police if he would otherwise be criminalized. Anyone who has recently (1-2 weeks) mistreated Vega with a loyalty of 4 or lower will be turned over without a dice roll if threatened with a criminal record.
NoOn Call DoctorService10
Clyde MurphyHorrible LiarIn a world where everyone lies, Clyde is the single exception. He is able to scurt around the truth but in the end, he is terrible at it. With that being said, Clyde will not discuss crimes or aid runners in a way that could get his superiors to question him. What can he say, he cannot lie.NoKE OfficerGear22
Fourty-FourI Was Worked RaggedDue to the intensive Merc Life Fourty-Four has several chronic issues that could prevent him from appearing when requested. Roll 1d6 when the contact is asked to make an Active Roll and on a 1 he is busy at a chiropractor or doctor having his body taken care of.NoGunman for HireService20
Huli JingI am your worst nightmare
I'll watch you sleep
Anyone who uses Huli Jing's safe house aspect, must roll edge (2 hits) or have him mind probe them for information to blackmail them later on(Hull JIng gains a chip against the runner).
Anyone who takes the contact Huli Jing must be wary of them, for they will never trust you or be your friend. for loyalty, it is treated as always being 1. unless it's a roll link to one of their aspects.
NoWuxing Mind MageService40
Katrin MorgentauS-K Loyalist
You are only business
I have work to do
On the Watch
Will never work against S-K and will refuse to work with any runners who have a bounty with S-K. If you contact her during a run and use the information provided to work against S-K roll a loyalty check. if it fails she immediately burns you. If it succeeds you owe her a chip to reearn favor with her.
Katrin is a very busy woman. Getting her on the phone can be an exhausting effort. If loyalty is less than 5, roll a 1d6 to determine when the phone call will be returned - on a 1 or 2, 12 hours, 3 or 4, 3 hours, 5 or 6, fifteen minutes. Katrin always picks up immediately for those of loyalty 5 or more.
Katrin rarely leaves anything to chance and is very careful with all her contacts. Whoever chooses her as a contact automatically receives the negative aspect "Records on File (S-K)" and cannot remove it as long as he holds this contact.
Katrin's loyalty can only raised above 2 as a run reward from runs with a threat level of extreme or above and increased by only one per run.
NoS-K Prime Senior ExecutiveCustom(N,G,A,K)102
Night Claws(Contact)I trust you chummer!NC does not want to have the sworn enemy of Technomany to find out where he is untill he´s big enough that it would not cause problems. If the Loyalty is 3 or lower and this contact is being called on a run against MCT, make an Availability test with the Connection +3. "Nothing pesonal, chummer." For every Loyality level above 3 reduce the penalty by 1.NoTechnomancer/TeacherCustom (A,N,K,G)44
Ronin KoikeI'll Get too itDue to being a starting up fixer in Seattle, there is a chance that he won't be able to help the person calling for him. the Gm rolls a 1d6 and on a 5. they are sent a message that he is currently busy at the time. and will try to get back to them later.NoFixerFixer (G,N,K,A)12
Involuntary Program Updates
Dial-Up is a sentient AI, and as such cannot provide physical active checks or legwork.
While quite excited to work with runners, it tends to view interactions less as straightforward requests and more as a group collaboration. If not carefully checked, the task or idea asked of it might "evolve" in a direction that it feels is either more effective, interesting, or profound. Sometimes it even remembers to call back to update the team.
Ex-Renraku Artificial Intelligence
Bungee and BooPacifists
Joined at the Hip
Violence is the mark of an amateur thief. Bungee and Boo are true masters of their craft, and will not knowingly participate in any jobs that involve directly harming other living beings.
B&B have made it this long by always watching each others' backs. They don't trust anyone but themselves, and are usually very hesitant to split up while on a job. They will only act as a pair for anyone below loyalty 4, at which point they trust the runner enough to separate if need be.
NoProfessional ThievesLegwork21
Greasy EddieLook pal, this ain't my stuffGreasy Eddie isn't an expert in magical stuff, nor cutting edge brain bioware, nor much else really, and he doesn't lie about it. He suffers a -5 to all gear checks that are not covered by his aspects.NoMechanicCustom(G,A,K,N)21
Elijah RosewoodLow CredentialsElijah isn't exactly the most influential man in his worklace, and rarely has access on classified informations.NoCorporate HeadhunterNetworking10
DakotaNaN Pride
Loyalty to the NaN
Dakota won’t work against any members of the NaN.
Dakota hates the UCAS. She will interface with UCAS Corps and UCAS SINners on a professional level, but it never goes beyond that. For anyone with a UCAS or Ares SIN Increasing Loyalty with this contact requires the following equation: New Rating x 4 CDP.
NoSSC RangerFixer(N,A,G,K)61
Karahashi AtsutadaMita-Gumi LieutenantKarahashi will not work against the Mita-gumi Clan.NoMita-gumi LieutenantFixer(G,N,K,A)41
ChitinOff The Grid
Chitin is incredibly difficult to get a hold of. Always roll Availability when contacting her during a run and treat her Connection as 4 higher than usual.
Due to her Dissonance, if any contact roll you make with her is a glitch, she'll deliver the information or service in an unexpectedly destructive way, such as nonsensical dossiers or bricked devices.
NoCyberscreamers GuideLegwork41
General ForbettS-K Loyalist
My Blood for the AGS
Will never work against S-K and will refuse to work with any runners who have a bounty with S-K. If you contact him during a run and use the information provided to work against S-K roll a loyalty check. if it fails he immediately burns you. If it succeeds you owe him a chip to reearn favor with him.
Will never work against AGS interests and will refuse to work with any runners who have a bounty from any AGS State. If you contact him during a run and use the information provided to work against AGS interests roll a loyalty check. if it fails he immediately burns you. If it succeeds you owe him a chip to reearn favor with him.
ToltecohNaive MagicianHe doesn't know about twisted magic (Blood, Shadow, Insect, Toxic, etc).NoAztec PriestLegwork12
Dr. HansonNanocybernetics ExpertHanson cannot provide bioware or new cyberware. She can upgrade existing cyberware by calibrating it and changing components, but she can only acquire fresh nanoware.No
Matthew ReyesNo Man's SlaveTreat this contact's loyalty as 1 lower for the purpose of availability reduction.NoGun RunnerGear50
FonzNo Pomp, No Style, No ServiceRefuses to assist any individual without style as well as anyone associated with them during a job in which one of his runners is involved.NoOwner of the Vintage Styles Hair SalonFixer51
Randall CageNosyRandall asks way too many questions, especially if you look remotely interesting when you stop by. If you call on this contact (for some ungodly reason), you'll need to make an appropriate social test to either spin him some bullshit or intimidate him into not asking. Otherwise, he'll leave out the juiciest bits of gossip.NoNosy Stuffer Shack CashierLegwork11
Juan "Guapo" ManuelNot a morning personJuan likes to sleep in and is rarely up before noon. Don't expect him to pick up his commlink between 4:00 and 12:00 after a big job or a night on the town. If you insist on meeting with him in the morning, bring soykaf, and make it a double.NoService10
KanaOath BoundThis contact is bound by an oath of secrecy and will not reveal important information about the Kenran-Kai or assist in anything that might harm them, on pain of death.NoYakuzaLegwork40
WusanOcean Bound
Spirit Bound
Wusan is bound to the waters that they serve; namely the Pacific Ocean. They can respond to those who have the capability of contacting them from any point within those waters, but cannot leave them.
Long ago, Wusan's Spirit Formula was bond to a drift woood staff, that can be used to control Wusan directly. Wusan harbors only vengeance against those who would control them in this manner, and will do anything in their power to regain their staff.
NoOverlord of the SeasService56
Tim the OwlmancerOwl Over-EnthusiasmTim will only communicate over long distances by a courier-owl (Owls that carry letters or other small packages), which is his animal familiar. He will often use this mode of communication to deliver short messages, and if extended correspondence is necessary, delivering a meet location. It is impossible to contact Tim first without physically going to see him.NoFixer, Owl ManiacFixer(G,N,K,A)21
HollidayPatience for PerfectionDue to her want to create only the best possible magical compounds and items Holliday can have a difficult time settling for less than the best components. Double the wait-time for failed item acquisition rolls.NoRoving TalismongerGear50
The MoversPlease Sign on The Dotted LineThe Movers are very particular about paperwork as it key to any delivery. When picking up something the item will need to be signed for, and when an item is delivered it needs to be signed for. If an item is not signed for remove 1 Loyalty and the item is not delivered as The Movers have no obligation to move something without proper paperwork.NoMoversService23
TirinPrejudiced: Non-ElvesSkeptical of non-elves. -2 dice pool to anyone attempting to con or negotiate with Tirin unless there is an elf in the party.NoTir Intelligence OperativeFixer50
Matt StrykerPro-MetahumanIf you're going to work for this piece of drek, just remember he does not take too kindly to all metatypes, especially he hates the Frankensteins and Ancients equally. The last guy who tried to kill him ended up sleeping with the fishes wearing cement shoes. -2 penalty to all social interactions with him if you're not a human. If you are human, well you're in luck.NoFixerFixer31
Top DogRed Dragon TriadTop Dog will never work against the triad, if he suspects a service asked of him is to be used against the Triad he will give out false information and attempt to have the runner who asked ambushed and killed.NoStraw SandalCustom(G, A, N, K)50
Dylan MontgomeryRehabilitation not Co-ConspirationDylan is more than happy to try and help people rehabilitate into polite society however he absolutely refuses to be party to criminals not looking to reform. Contact is lost if any heat is brought to the Diner by a runner he is attached to or if he learns of a criminals active dealings.NoService10
Ante(Contact)Roll of the DiceHer addiction to gambling and sheer reliance on luck has always been her game. Roll a 1d6 and follow the results;

Result of 1: Lose 2 dice and roll again for this aspect until you don't roll a 1, lose 2 additional dice for each 1 you rolled this way to the contact roll. Do not gain any more Lucky aspect bonuses except the ones you have already gained.

Result of 2-5: Do nothing

Result of 6: Gain 2 dice and you may roll again for this aspect.

Do this until You've reached the maximum counts of Lucky
SphinxServant of the sea dragoness
Welcome to the Dragon Game
No matter what this contact does for you he will always pursue the Sea Dragon's advantage. Regardless of loyalty, he will actively work against runners (GM decision) if he thinks he can work out an advantage for the Sea Dragon. This can range from false information to sending mercenaries to work against the runners. He will never let them see through. He will always deny it.
Will never work against Sea Dragon and will refuse to work with any runners who have a bounty from the Sea Dragon. If you contact him during a run and use the information provided to work against the Sea Dragon roll a loyalty check. if it fails he sets a bounty of 25.000 Nuyen on your head and burns you. If it succeeds he just immediately burns you.
NoAgent of the Sea Dragon, TalismongerCustom(K,G,A,N)85
Rick RolledShort on CashTaking care of a whole community is hard work and very expensive, sometimes he will need to ask for a bit more than usual. (roll a 1d6, on a 1 he will ask for 1d6 x 50 Nuyen more to help)NoFixerNetworking30
Dr. NightshadeSleep is For the WeakDr. Nightshade is used to being the only doctor on call for the gang's local chapter, and has to be available to serve her patients. Long Haul helps with that--except when it doesn't. When contacting Dr. Nightshade, roll a d6. On a 1, Nightshade is sleeping off a Long Haul crash and will respond to your message when she wakes up in 8d6 hours.NoAncients CyberdocCustom(G,A,N,K)41
Carter StevensSmall fish in a big world
Utter Coward
Carter is not used to social mobility and has no skill for it. Requires thematics approval to improve the connection above 3, and a dedicated run to improve above 6.
Always roll an availability test on this contact with their connection 5 higher than normal if the runner's request brings them into danger.
Amélia BezerraSpokeswoman
You are only business
Will never work against Nebelherr or the DeMeKo and will refuse to work with any runners who have a bounty from Nebelherr or the DeMeKo. If you contact her during a run and use the information provided to work against Nebelherr or the DeMeKo roll a loyalty check. if it fails she immediately burns you. If it succeeds you owe her a chip to reearn favor with her.
Amélia's loyalty can only raised above 2 as a run reward from runs with a threat level of extreme or above and increased by only one per run.
NoSpeaker for NebelherrCustom(N,K,A,G)102
Terry OsbornTir Tairngire AssetIf Terry's firm is used in a job against Tir Tairngire, or one of his drivers 'overhears' information of a plot against them. Terry will have his driver do the job, then rat you out to his masters.NoChauffeurService40
Isaac DanielsTough Times, Tougher HistoryIsaac is brash and has little respect for those who abuse power. If a character has a strength of 4 or higher and has the is considered by Isaac to be a bully (term applied liberally), they take a -4 to negotiation pools and a -2 to rolls having to do with loyalty.NoFixer40
PitcherUp and Coming MusicianPitcher has recently tried to get into the music scene and they're taking it very seriously. Roll 1d6 and they will only answer on a 5 or 6, otherwise they're pre-occupied with their band.NoFixer20
Orianna CazadorUrubia's Bottom LineUrubia, for the time being, prefers the Barrens' power structure to remain stable. Calling this contact on a run that might destabilize the status quo in Redmond will have her dox you to KE IF she finds out.NoUrubia's SecretaryGear62
HollyhockVisions Within the SmokeHollyhock is addicted to both Oneri and Deepweed and is almost constantly using them. On calling this contact roll a 1d6 and on a 1 she is high and seeing visions that are useless to both her and the runners. That does not mean that she doesn't think that the visions are incredibly important and will explain in detail what she is seeing in the visions to the runner. (Up to GM Discretion)NoInfected Community LeaderService20
Felix "The Owl" SmithWantedStole from Wuxing in Hong Kong and was able to escape to Seattle and is being actively hunted.NoAlchemistService10
FiendestWantedFie may or may not have eaten her former boss alive as a form of resignation. As a result, there's a 75,000 Nuyen bounty for her head by Lone Star.NoHMHVV FanaticFixer25
Bernie the Spider BoiWounded in the line of dutyBernie was severely wounded in his last fight with a bug queen and now only has control of left arm. Because of this he rarely leaves his den and is almost defenseless when he does.NoBug HunterGeneralist32
SvyetaYakuza PariahWith her past, she is always weary of getting tangled in again with the big Y. She will be incredibly weary of doing stuff with/against Shiawase and Renraku, and will outright refuse to get involved in anything that concerns MCT or the Yakuza itself even tangentially.NoFixerFixer(G,K,A,N)41
Vasily GorbunovZa zdarovye!Vasily appreciates alcohol a little too much. While he never lets it affect the quality of his work, it does affect his working hours. Work takes 2d6 days longer to complete.NoAuto MechanicService20

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