Lectric Kate

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Lectric Kate
Obsessed With Tech
Fond of Upgrades
One of the "Cool Kids"
Contact OwnerBagelsworth
Owner's Discord NameBagelsworth
Public Contact?Yes
LocationSeattle, Central Downtown
Preferred Payment MethodCash(Credstick)
Hobbies/ViceVideo Games/Tech
Personal LifeSingle
FactionThe Cool Kids
AspectsHacker's Delight
"Get Decked Out
Fairlight Fan
"The Corporations want to control you
"I hate Aztechnology"
"I'm the Best Around"
"And I'm Never Gonna Let You Down
Aztechnology's Worst Nightmare


A matrix whiz who considers herself to be one of the coolest kids in Seattle; this is cemented by her membership in an adeptly named Decker Group who calls themselves "The Cool Kids". She hates Corporations and anyone who works for them (unless it's NeoNET) and spends half her time playing pranks on any Corpo she finds in the Matrix when she's bored. She is obsessed with tech - especially her Fairlight Excalibur Deck - and spends most of the cash she earns as a Hacker and "Cool Kid" on upgrading her gear and considers anyone who does the same one of her "Best Friends"(though if they're a Corpo, that doesn't apply). Her disdain for Corporations inspired Kate to get into the Fixing scene - helping those who would "stick it to the man" to do so effectively and get rich doing it.

Of all the Corporations, however, the one Kate downright hates to the core is Aztechnology. She refuses to ever speak of why, and even just asking about it gives her reason to ghost you for a week or more.

She thinks she's the best Fixer around because of her hacking and networking skills, but most people say that's just her ego talking - not that Kate cares about what other people think.

Aspects Description

Aspect Description
"I hate Aztechnology" Of all the Corporations, Aztechnology is the one that pisses Kate off the most. As such, even if the pay is good, Kate will never help find gear of the Aztechnology Brand even if it is related to Deckers. Additionally, while you are on a job for Aztechnology, all Rolls that Kate makes for you during the job take a -2 penalty.
"The Corporations want to control you, Man..." If you are on a Run sponsored by a Corporation in some way, there is a chance Kate will find out and mess with you. Roll 2D6 - Loyalty. If the result is 7 or greater, Lectric Kate finds out you are working for "The Man" and will Prank you (as per the Prank Warrior Negative Quality) as she wants to teach you a lesson about working with Corporations, but not actually completely ruin your day. The only way to avoid this is if you are on a Run that that is not for Aztechnology and that has the goal of messing with a Corporation in some way even if it is a job given by a Corporation (the irony amuses Kate).
Decker Lectric Kate is a dedicated Decker and can act as Matrix Support and a Decker for you on Runs if you require a Decker.
"I'm the Best Around" Kate's skill as a Decker goes to her head, but she can actually put her money where her mouth is. Kate gains a +2 bonus to Active checks for Skills in the Cracking Skill Group.
"And I'm Never Gonna Let You Down Kate has a penchant for pranks and messing with peoples' stuff. She gains a +2 bonus to Active Cybercombat checks on Devices.
Aztechnology's Worst Nightmare On top of her professional skills as a Decker, Kate has a particular interest in screwing with Aztechnology any chance she gets and has spent a great deal of time learning the loopholes and weaknesses of Azzy security. When acting as a Decker and Matrix Support on a run that involves Aztechnology somehow, Kate gains a +2 Active bonus for Skills in the Cracking Skill Group against Aztechnology Personnel, Security, or Devices.
Anti-Corporation If you obtain paydata, secrets, information, or tech from a Corporation and bring it to Kate, in addition to the normal benefits for selling such things, Kate will either forgive or grant you a Favor - the level of which depends on GM Discretion. If it is something from Aztechnology, the Favor forgiven or granted can +1 Level higher than normal.
Hacker's Delight Kate loves anything to do with hacker technology and wants to help others get their hands on this awesome stuff. Lectric Kate gains +2 on Gear checks related to Decker gear.
"Get Decked Out, Chummer!" Kate loves her cyberdeck. Kate loves your Cyberdeck. Kate loves all cyberdecks and knows how to get a hold of better ones when she wants to. Kate gains a +2 on Gear checks to specifically obtain cyberdecks.
Fairlight Fan If Kate loves cyberdecks, then she is absolutely obsessed with the Fairlight series. Kate gains a +2 on Gear checks to get a hold of cyberdecks from the Fairlight Line.


Knowledge Checks 3 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Active Checks 9 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Gear Acquisition Checks 5 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Networking Checks 13 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety


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