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CEO of Stonehome
You're not worth his time.
Public Contact?Yes
LocationGlow City
MetatypeWestern Dragon
AgeGod only knows.
Preferred Payment MethodService
Personal LifeUnknown
AspectsNot Worth His Time
Assume Competence Ultra


All of Kalanyr’s colors have taken on a certain iridescent quality. He has a faint glow—almost imperceptible in daylight, but apparent to natural vision in low-light situations and easily detected with artificial vision. Best guess is it’s a result of his extended stays in the Glow City area of Redmond, Seattle, and increased radiation levels in his surface tissue. On the astral, Kalanyr reflects his physical form, typical of dual-natured creatures; his magical powers are far beyond that of most beings, meaning it is hard to measure them with any meaningful accuracy. Recent scans show variations in his aura indicative of both acute radiation poisoning, no doubt related to his visits to Glow City, and extensive ritual sorcery.

Though he seems to have little trouble clearing the radiation poisoning from his system, he does not wait until full recovery before returning to Glow City. Difficult to say with dragons, but there may be a cumulative effect. Few meet with Kalanyr personally, however all report his mental speech to have an interesting accent, usually described as a cross between Bavarian German and London British. While Kalanyr is not condescending, it is clear that he thinks himself superior. He refers to metahumans as “the lesser races,” as though it were a point of fact rather than a derogatory term. He addresses spirits by their own names if they're free or by linking them to their summoners. An interviewed free spirit said the dragon has different titles for different spirit types. Despite a clear conviction of his own superiority, Kalanyr is courteous and shows a certain level of respect to everyone.

Aspects Description

Aspect Description
Not Worth His Time It's practically impossible to raise Kalanyr's Loyalty above 1. He just doesn't care about runners that much.
Assume Competence Ultra He's got 13 aspects. Just assume he can do a lot of crazy drek.


Knowledge Checks 13 + Loyalty + Aspects
Active Checks 13 + Loyalty + Aspects
Gear Acquisition Checks 13 + Loyalty + Aspects
Networking Checks 13 + Loyalty + Aspects


Player Characters with this Contact

Crazy Hoof1+2Even

NPC who know this contact

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Scale And ProphetAsmodeusThe Arrival27 January 2084
Hoofing It To The MountaintopsAsmodeus20 October 2083
Enemy Dragon-130 AboveAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking11 September 2083
Core of the ProblemAsmodeusThe Crow of Seattle
The Arrival
20 July 2083