Enemy Dragon-130 Above

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Enemy Dragon-130 Above
Part of Hail to the Pumpking
Status Threat Level: Extreme
Factions Involved
Shadow Projections
Shy Shadow Babylon
Shadow Babylon
Shadow Zenith
Shadow Swerve
Shadow Halloweener
Shadow Kalanyr
Casualties and losses
8 kilograms of C4 Shadow Spirit Curse
Initiation Ordeal for Shy


Shy gets rid of her Enochian brand.


See Dernier Saut sur l'Enfer and Core of the Problem.

The Meet

Kalanyr's right hand man has prepared a draconic ritual in Shy's apartment in Sophocles to empower an astral gateway for Shy's purposes. She'll enter a desolate minor metaplane while he and two Great Form spirits prepare to excise the brand from her body. The brand's magic will manifest in the metaplane and try its hardest to prevent her from achieving her goals. She has to keep it preoccupied until the drake is done.

The Run

The metaplane looks like a verdant, lush set of grass-covered hills from the outside, but the facade fails and reveals a desolate barren landscape riddled with deep canyons and crevices and a blood red sky. Shy begins exploring this insect-riddled, bulbous undergrowth and encounters a Peacemaker Mentor Spirit who tries to convince her to abandon Bishamonten. Unfortunately Shy refuses.

After some exploring, she thinks about manifesting the brand, looks down at her abdomen and notices the brand bulging out of her skin. She manages to grab onto it and rips the text out of her astral body, pulling it into three-dimensional space. It manifests people Shy has assensed since receiving the brand; runners such as Zenith and Swerve are copied in their most basic shapes into shadowy, twisted distortions. Lugging several kilograms of C4, a Barrett and a dream, Shy leads them into the maze-like canyons for guerilla warfare. While she manages to pick several of them off, she eventually circles around to the black, floating sphere that the brand has turned into. Out in the flat wastes, out of the canyon maze.

The sphere manifests Kalanyr several times, each time it's defeated by carefully placed anti-materiel bursts despite its attempts to irradiate and dissolve Shy from the face of the planet. Swerve's banshee howls and Babylon's physical barrier spells fail to contain Shy's increasing rage, and to finish it off Shy takes K-10 to leap across a chasm and blow the black ball to kingdom come.

All that's left is a Jack-O-Lantern which she shoots into pieces, feeling a wave of relief. The drake informs her to return at once.


There were complications with the extraction. Electric signals from Shy's brain interfered with the ritual, forcing the drake to crack Shy's head open and remove her cranial bomb. The skin on her stomach was flayed off and attached to a fist-sized rock, binding the shadow curse to the rock instead. Should Shadow Jack ever choose to activate the bond, he'd be permanently bound to an immobile rock that can go nowhere. The drake naturally takes this rock and the skin with him, leaving Shy with a fully healed body, a migraine and an extracted cranial bomb.


  • 20 Karma
  • 2000 Nuyen
  • 8 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Free at last... From the curse and from the remnants of my biggest failure. Now nothing can stop me from achieving my glory... This was an harsh lesson but in the end, i won... Now this battle is over and i need to prepare for the next one. Farewell Shadow Spirit, you have been a worthy opponent.