Core of the Problem

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Core of the Problem
Part of The Arrival
Part of The Crow of Seattle
LocationGlow City, Redmond
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Chaplain Carmilla
Toxic Spirits
Dr. Lollipop
Katherine Tyler
Sludge Spirit
Abomination Spirit
Nuclear Spirit
Casualties and losses
Local doggos.


Shy has some weird Enochian drek on her stomach. This is bad. She looks for a cure and finds a lead thanks to Babylon

The Meet

Babylon did some looking into Shy's little problem and called in a couple of favors. While most had limited aid, one offered to look into it and deal with it. Chaplain Carmilla was unusually forthright. Shy and Lollipop stop by her mansion in Glow City, using the underground Nameless discovered last year to get past Renraku's perimeter. Carmilla's demands are straightforward. Go near the center of the Glow, fetch a radioactive item in a safe container for her and then she'll introduce Shy to someone who knows plenty about spirits and their drek. They're given a location, nothing more.

The Run

Upon further inspection, they do find the item - a blob of corium in a basement radiating extreme amounts of gamma rays. The team begins working powerjacks, repairing local drones like Mesametric Kodiaks and Renraku Manservants as well as requesting Yennefer Kerrigan for construction drones. Combined with N-51's heli support for transporting the cargo, they manage to strap together a method for fitting the corium inside a lead-lined container, closing it shut and ferrying it to Carmilla's mansion via helicopter. The commotion attracts local wildlife as radhounds, hungry for radiation, charge the garage they're working in. The team engages the local fauna with N-51's new sniper recruits taking a position on a rooftop and funnel the opponents into a chokepoint. Kate's infested with an Abomination Spirit's powers, falling into a 41 Celsius fever just after they manage to fight everyone off. Her chemical seal is compromised and she falls unconscious from the magical disease ravaging her systems. Shy and Lollipop ensure the extraction continues and Kate's given Rock Lizard Blood.

A mysterious, suit-wearing black figure follows them around, at times merely observing, sometimes interfering and sometimes even helping.


Carmilla leads the team to her backyard, a toxic swamp, once they arrive. They're met by the same black suit they saw before, only now he transforms into an enormous glowing black and green dragon. His interpreter appears, introducing the dragon as Kalanyr. He's taken interest in Shy's condition and for providing dangerous material for safekeeping, he will in turn permit her to be granted audience again in the future. Carmilla gains entry to Kalanyr's inner circle due to proving useful to him and Shy gets a future lead from a powerful party for figuring herself out. In addition, she's given four fetishes to hang in cardinal directions inside her adept's lodge. It will stop nightmares caused by the Enochian brand, a brief stoppage of symptoms, a mere treatment rather than a cure to stay her over until the cure is ready.


  • 10,000 Nuyen (5 RVP)
  • 5 Karma (5 RVP)
  • 10 CDP due to getting home schooling from Carmilla (mostly) and Kalanyr's Translator (sometimes) (4 RVP)
  • Contact: Chaplain Carmilla, 3/4 Cabal Leader (6 RVP)
  • Shy's Initiation
  • + 1 Wild Reputation

  • Optional Positive Quality for Kate: Rad-Tolerant (3 RVP)
  • Optional Positive Quality for Shy: Radiation Sponge (10 RVP)
  • Optional Positive Quality for Lollipop: Samurai Way "Sharpshooter" (10 RVP)

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Katherine Tyler

What a fine Navy day huh? We really stepped in it this time. A spirit pact with a Shadow Spirit? Dealing with Dragons? Glow City? ELDRITCH HORRERS?! We got the whole spread here. I also got my ass thoroughly spanked by that freaking spirit. That was a hell of a day... But Kalanyr? Really? I thought I got into trouble, hanging out with Teldragon, working for S-K all the time. Oh no. My shenanigans seem tame compared to this. But this whole thing piques my interest. Why is this happening? Why now? Kalanyr would not move unless he has something to gain. There has to be more going on. Even Teldragon has little idea what it might be, and that does worry me a bit. Apparently there are powerful beings at play here in Seattle. This is something I would like to find more information about. I think I'll stick with Shy on this one, as she seems to have a big part to play in all this. Plus, I told her I'd help her and I am a woman of my word.

Dr. Lollipop

That was once again work like in the past at S-K. Deadly environment and work with drones. I'm not sure how smart it was to give the corium to a dragon and I really hope none of my S-K contacts find out about it, but I'm glad I could help Shy. Let's hope the dragon has a solution for her and doesn't just use her as a pawn on a chessboard.


Well...Thanks Babylon i guess, now i deal with a dragon ! Well it's kind of reassuring in some way...I guess it mean that people with great knowledge will help me get rid of the curse.