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Host some Special Operation.
TypeParamilitary Mercenary Group
Player May JoinYes
Need an introduction (For Special Ops Branch)
Area of OperationNevada Desert, Seattle

Faction Information


The Task Force November 51 is an old unit from the French Army, they are technically rogue because they did leave while under orders for the DGSE. (French Equivalent of the CIA) The group stayed in their local hidden base of operations in the Nevadean Desert. Recently the Task Force managed to overcome its internal problems and is now more than ready to work toward their objective.


  • Put together Operation Hell's Gate (Stealing a Blood Hawk) to get a reputation and don't kneel in front of SK
  • Settle the situation with SK
  • Reinforce the effectiveness of the Rempart Branch to reach Battalion strengh (between 300 & 1200 men)
  • Reinforce the effectiveness of the Special Operation Branch by acquiring some recruits and better gear.

Rule of the Faction

  • Strict respect of the hierarchy.
  • Know the N-51 code language by the book and usage on radio com.
  • The uniform and FBA given by the logistics should be in pristine condition at any gathering.
  • Rempart Branch troopers don't have the right to interfere in ongoing Operation of the Special Operation Branch, if something need to be discussed it should be mentioned in a report.
  • Special Operation Branch trooper don't have the right to interfere with Rempart Branch Operation.

Rule of Engagement

  • Shooting to Kill should be avoided against Civilians, if they are witness to Confidential or higher operations, they should be take care off according to procedure.
  • Law Enforcement should be avoided at all costs, if a firefight occurs, breaking contact quickly is essential. Avoid killing at all costs is mandatory.
  • Prisoners should be treated well, those who hold valuable information should be handed over to the JURY Protocol.
  • Heavy Vehicles and Airframes need to have an approved flight plan or planned route, military hardware is only to be moved when necessary to avoid suspicion.
  • NCO and Officer can overlook precedant rulings but may be held responsible of any fallout and face the repercussions of their decision.

Rule of Discipline

  • Light breach of the rules (Example : not having uniform in good condition) will bring chore punishement (Guard Duty, training overseeing and so on)
  • Medium breach of the rules (Example : Being late to operational briefing) will bring demotion and reassignement, as well as retraining.(in the case the breach was made by a member of the Special Operation Branch).
  • Serious breach of the rules (Example : Refusing direct orders, not attending an operation etc...) will lead to the trooper being sacked or in dire cases could lead to an execution.
  • Any traitorous actions (Selling intel to a group labelled as "Enemy", shooting allies and so on) will lead the trooper to be send to the JURY Protocol and executed after interogation.

Information Classification & Rules

  • Access to a category of information shall be approved by the Headquarters.
  • Temporary access of any files by outsider shall be approved by the Headquarters.
  • Anyone trying to get an hold on Confidential Files without authorisation shall be considered a potential traitor, handed over to the JURY Protocol for interogation.
  • All Troopers have access to the Restriced category of information.
  • Access to a category of information can be removed at any time.
  • Information are classified in the following category from the least secret to the most :

Unclassified : Public Document of the N-51. (Recruitement Papers for example)

Restricted : Regular document for troopers. (Assignement to base, patrol schedule and such)

Confidential : Document about ongoing low-level operation. (Attack against a local gang, or the organisation of Sophocles actions.)

Secret : Personal Information of the N-51 members of the Rempart Branch, medium level operation files. (Most of Commander's operation are Secret)

Top Secret : High Profile operation file & personnal information about Special Operation Branch members. (Detail about the Blood Hawk theft)

Extremely Secret : Most secret pieces of the information of the N-51 (Commander and Le Bouguinion's identity, details of the N-51 deal with the UCAS about the Blood Hawk)

Faction Locations

Main Base : A little encampment in the Nevadean Desert, the place count a few building, an “airstrip” (Enough flat ground to land a big military transport aircraft). The fact that this is a remote location makes the location pretty secure by itself, however the base is planned to be expanded or changed in location. Le Bourguignion leads the element of the N-51 that want to go on mercenary business but Commander sometimes comes by when he needs specific stuff or personnel.

Seattle Outpost : An old warehouse in the Barrens, the location is surrounded by a barbed fence and patrolled by operativea at all times, it hosts the Clandestine Operation part of the Task Force, the place is well organised and not a single square meter is wasted, the place hosts a “helicopter pad” (just enough space to let the helicopter land easily.) The place holds a properly geared medical facility, some “interrogation" rooms and also most of the documentation about the N-51s past, present and future operation. (Paper files only.)


Main Leader Le Bourguinion

Second in Command Commander


The Task Force November 51 was created around the early 2060’s as part of an expansion of the special force by the Foreign Legion, it was volunteer based but some soldiers received invitation to join the unit. Quickly the unit got closer to the DGSE (French CIA) and would serve as a Clandestine Operation unit and would be specialized to operate in remote terrain (jungle, mountain and all that.) Presumably to prepare strike against a variety of target. The unit saw it’s first deployment mid 2060’s; most of the unit were already veteran of such operation (many came from other units) but some were recruited and were just out of special forces training program. The N-51 was a pretty good unit with an average success rate. During the event of the Boston Lockdown the Task Force was deployed in support of the Foreign Legion and runners team to save Angélique Rouge, a french national hero. Heavy casualties followed and after the operation success the N-51 was sent to a base of operation in Nevada to look after some people who could have been linked to Angélique Rouge's presence in Boston. When the Neo-Revolution kicked off, the N-51 was basically stranded from High Command, pissed off by the situation, the officer of the unit decided to break their bond with the French Army and to relocate the base of operation, leaving with a lot of equipment in the process. Commander lead that movement, however, was in the minority when it came to the future of the unit, most of the operative were bored of the whole Clandestine Operation thing and were okay to move to regular mercenary group, Commander took his distance and reached Seattle with the one that were okay with his view. The two sides still stick to the whole N-51 unit concept but they are on the bring of tearing themselves apart. Recently the signature of the N-51 unification treaty led to a reorgnisation of the Task Force where both parties are happy, and with this operational capability of the Task Force is reinforced


The N-51 has ties with Mr Cromwell and some think that they work together sometimes the N-51 being kind of needing weaponery for their operation.

The unit has also ties with the UCAS since Ltn Commander Yennefer Kerrigan struck a deal with them. She would be the potential buyer if any Blood Hawk would come into the N-51 hands.


Saedder-Krupp or more specifically Amrei. The N-51 stole files from the Megacorps and plan on being the first to steal a Blood Hawk from Aztechnology. A Dangerous game indeed.

Current Status

The N-51 deployed the Rempart Branch in Sophocles to help the local with free health care and a local police force.

On the meantime Special Operation Branch are actually working on the prepartion for Operation Hell's Gate as S-K is getting on the Task Force back.

Due to an overconfidence in their action they are greatly overstretch and most of the soldiers are on Long Haul to keep up with the pace.

Health Summary

Bruised The Task Force is actually struggling to keep money balance because of all the things they have to keep working together. Commander is staging a long run big operation while Le Bourguinion try to make some money on regular mercenary contract.



Commander2Custom(N,G,A,K)Black Ops Veteran
Etrius's Team1ServiceSpecial Operation Team
Hank1ServiceSpec Ops PTT Killing Maching
Le Bourguinion3Custom(N,G,A,K)Mercenary Group Leader

Operational Organisation

Headquarters :

- Capitaine "Le Bourguinion" (Real Name unknown) : Leader of the Task-Force and overseeing the operation of Rempart Branch(Mercenary Group)

- Lieutenant "Commander" (Same issue) : Leader of the Special Operation Branch.

- Major "Mazarin" : Second in command of the Rampart Branch (Replace le Bourguinion at the Nevada headquarters while Seattle situation is settled.)

  • Rempart Branch Organisation :

The Rempart Branch is the part of the N-51 that decided to turn his back to the Special Operation doctrine and to embrace the life of the mercenary. Since discussion with the West Coast Monolith they embraced strict ROE, avoiding civilian casualties and have somehow also embraced the hatred of gangers. They use regular infantry tactics and count on the skills of the hardened veteran (that are still numerous for now) to overcome their opponents. The recruitment to the Rempart Branch is affordable by any combatant with average skill which is going to dilute the potential of the Branch on the long run. (Current Composition between old veteran and new recruit is 90%/10%)

Groupement Nevada led by Major Mazarin : Main base of the N-51 holding location of heavy assets and vehicles. The Groupement Nevada is thirty mercenaries strong and around sixty non combatant personnal (technician, armorer, cook and so on) The mercenaries are orgnised in three squads of ten.

Groupement Seattle led by Le Bourguinion : The Groupement Seattle is located around the old territory of Pump King Jack. The N-51 have the bulk of their forces on the field there to do policing and help the locals. Forty mercenaries are doing regular patrols in area, there is also an higher number of trained medics and the head physician of the N-51 there for now.

  • Special Operation Branch Organisation :

The Special Operation Branch are the "Hardliners" of the N-51 they sticked to the old teaching and are true to the historical leader of the Task-Force, Commander. They do the dirty work (assassination, false flag operation, raid and so on) when it's needed and offer their services in the shadows as well. They have a strict recruitment policy and so far most of the recruit has been captured and offered position to diversify the unit due to their skills. (MCT Prototype Transhuman or PTT from other place are so far the only recruit they had made). They have little regard for civilian life and will avoid bystanders at all costs, thought being trained professional they usually avoid being seen in the first place. They have a huge power of adaptation when it comes to tactics and they use a wide array of gear to prepare the diverse missions they could receive.

Special Group Alpha led by Commander : Only special group in activity so far, theirs is around forty personnel dispatched in several specialised squads, each working on their own objective. Those teams are lead by very capable NCOs and are the cream of the crop of the N-51 troopers. The list goes as is :

-Elite Team (Etrius's Team) (4 operatives) => Currently working on Operation Hell's Gate (Blood Hawk Stealing) / Recon and Sabotage Specialist

-Alpha Squad "Shield" (Led by Sergent-Major Bayard) (10 operatives) => Currently working on reconnaissance in the Barrens (Target is the 162's) / Regular Special Ops Team

-Bravo Squad "Judge" (Led by Sergent-Chef Murat) (10 operatives) => Watching the Seattle Outpost perimeter. (Hank is in that squad) / Specialised in Ambush (Also host of the Jury Protocol and as such the interogator.)

-Charlie Squad "Shadow" (Led by Sergent Shy) (6 Operatives) => Mustering squad and in training. Not combat ready yet). Support Squad

-Delta Squad "Firebat" (Led by Sergent-Chef Louis) (8 Operatives) => Squad in training for further operation in Sophocles. Heavy Weapon & Heavy Armor team.

-Ghost Team 1 (2 operatives) => Designated Sniper Team if need be.

  • Inventory of the Vehicle :

-An heavily retrofited UH-60 Black Hawk (Looking like an UH-80 Ghosthawk from Arma 3) Callsign "Ronin" (Usual Duty : Casevac and Tactical Insertion/Extraction) Currently assigned to the Special Operation Branch.

-An A400M heavy airplane with four turboprop engine and capable of landing and taking off in any flat enough ground. Callsign "Dreamlifter" (Usual Duty : Carrying heavy supplies & vehicle from the Nevada to Seattle. HALO Drop)

-A fully fonctionnal BTR (AMV-7 Marhsall from Arma 3 for silhouette) Armed with a 40mm autocanon, there is a trained crew for it...Never used for obvious reason. Callsign "Warpig"

-Four Humvees mainly used at the Nevada base, thought two of them has been send to Seattle and armed with heavy machine gun to serve at checkpoint.

-Some GMC Sidewinder used to navigate through Seattle, as well as some Yahama Growler for troops that need a ride.

-Two Ares Roadmaster stationned at Seattle for now, used for transport of Special Operation Group or as troop transport by the Rempart Branch.

-An Agular GX-2 Gunship stolen from Aztechnology. Stationned at the Nevada Base. Callsign "Viper" (Usual Duty : Standing by for Air Support)

-An old AD-1 Skyraider a Vietnam war propeller CAS aircraft, hold 8 tons of ordnance. Callsign "L'Olonnais" (Usual Duty : Standing by for Air Support)

Known Members (NPC not contact)

Price and MacMillan (Sniper duo, always use Ghillie, those are recent recruit they speak with Bri'ish accent moite) (Ghost Team 1)

Helicopter Pilot Plisskin (The pilot of the UH-60 Black Hawk "Ronin 1-1")

Spad : Pilot of the A-1 Skyraider

Dreamcatcher : Pilot of the A400M

"Surgeon" : Head Physician of the N-51, Health specialised Mage and also a real Surgeon as it is.


NamePositionFaction Rep

Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Holding the RempartZerreOperation Hell's Gate3 January 2084
Operation Hell's GateKaterSalem4 December 2083
Old is Good... Old is Reliable...Zerre17 November 2083
Indulgence for the 14th of SeptemberZerreTemple in the Shadows5 October 2083
Ghost of a ChanceZerre30 September 2083
The Dragon strike BackZerre2 August 2083
Communication is one of the KeyZerre21 July 2083
Core of the ProblemAsmodeusThe Crow of Seattle
The Arrival
20 July 2083
The N-51 Unification TreatyZerre2 July 2083
Operation PhysicusKaterSalem22 January 2083
Operation AmethystZerre de Seattle30 December 2082
Black Hawk DownZerre de SeattleTwo Steps Ahead3 June 2082
Red AlarmOnebi1 June 2082
Where's the escape vanZerre de Seattle25 May 2082