Operation Physicus

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Operation Physicus
Status Threat Level: Extreme
Factions Involved
MSI Aztechnology, Yakuza
La Rapide
Arcology Guards
Dr. Iagi
An entire runner team, 2xStreet Sams
Casualties and losses
None Dr. Iagi successfully extracted, guards engaged in firefight with Aztech runner team The entire runner team, Yakuza dead
This run was multisession


The runners were contracted by N-51 into an MSI arcology located in Germany to extract a scientist. Through a significant amount of legwork and a sizeable amount of luck, they were able to successfully convince their target to leave with them by helping their family.


Markus Krüger sold the team out to Aztechnology for a quick payday Old Fritz is the former leader of the MSI anti-technomancer group The Aztechnology runner team is rumored to have been killed in the massive firefight

The Meet

The team met up with Commander in the usual way, and agree to go to Germany for the operation.

The Plan

The team would first collect as much information as they could, and then convince Dr. Iagi to leave with them willingly and smuggle him to the target destination.

The Run

The team began with a large amount of legwork. They were able to find out that Berlin is divided in 3 different district types (Alternative districts, Extraterritorial Corporate Districts, Standard Districts), that the law in the different districts depends on the owner of the district and may vary even within the district in case of alternative districts, and that police duties are assigned by the District owners and approved by the Berlin Senate. For the standard districts, the Sternschutz takes over the police task. In the corporate districts, corporate security is also the police. In the alternative districts, there are a large number of different "police" service providers (from mercenary groups to KE to rocker gangs). With regards to their target, Dr. Iagi, was a former employee of Aztechnology, is a detection and cyber technology expert, that MSI/AG Chemi presumably became aware of Dr. Iagi through an error made by Aztechnology at a scientific forum, and that Aztechnology believes that he died 8 years ago with his family while attempting an extraction. Their contact in Germany, Markus Krüger, was able to find out on the basis of a data leak from MSI Arcology that Dr. Iagi is alive and working there for MSI. However, he does not have a corporate SIN from MSI/AG Chemi. He also noticed that Iagi receives visits from his family at irregular intervals of one to two months, who are then granted guest access to the arcology, which led to the conclusion that the target's family does not live with him in the arcology. On a video of Iagi's extraction that was available to Markus Krüger and shared with Swerve by Woedica Kryptman, Iagi and his family board one of two helicopters and take off, which is then struck by a surface-to-air missile, causing one of the helicopters to crash down in an enormous fireball. According to the records, it is the helicopter with Dr. Iagi and his family were riding. This video also shows Iagi's daughter being carried by a troll-sized figure and her posture indicates a chronic illness.

Following their initial legwork, the runners flew to Germany with the aid of N-51. Having to wait for their high quality burner SINs to become available, their immediate destination was the safehouse organized by a contact provided by Amelie, which was also used occasionally as a hideout for infected. After getting situated, and making contact with Markus Krüger in person to collect the last of his info, Bannerette called Sunglasses to attempt to find a point of contact within MSI, however all he could provide was an MSI insider by the name of Der alte Fritz (The Old Fritz), who was the leader of a gang called "The Shaders" that was smuggling various types of chips, pirated software, and other related things. Sunglasses also was able to provide a decker named Tundra, whom the runners were able to negotiate a deal with depsite Bannerette's generally poor social abilities. After meeting with Tundra and setting up a deal, the team pursued a lead on a cure to Progressive Muscular Atrophy, which was the chronic disease afflicting Dr. Iagi's Daughter (that information was provided to Swerve by Lamashtu). They first find the professor's lab assistant, who in turn leads them directly to the professor who is working in Switzerland in the alps. The team splits up to cross the border and convince him to help, and do so with the promise of a new Job overseas applying the cure which had previously been suppressed.

The team then proceeds to Hamburg, to organize the smuggling of Dr. Iagi, his family, and the professor to North America as well as getting the needed materials for the professor to synthesize a cure. The team cuts a deal with the Vory (the russian mafia) to secure a shipping container filled with drugs for them in exchange for the services and materials they need. The dock is in a bad area and all the personnel there are eliminated, but despite a missile being fired the police did not show up. The team knew they were running up against the Yakuza, however they did not realize that the drugs they had stolen for the Vory were alone worth millions of nuyen, and failed to capitalize on the opportunity to take some for themselves. The Vory, as promised, assisted in providing the needed medical supplies and later with the smuggling.

After the team met up with Der alte Fritz and got their burner SINs, they set up a meeting in the arcology with Dr. Iagi. They presented him proof of their claims that they could cure his daughter and get his family to safety. Though initially hesitant, at these promises with proof he agreed to go willing with the runners. The primary obstacle, to be handled by Tundra, was the tracking technology injected directly into Dr. Iagi's blood. Though originally planning to make a second entrance into the arcology, Swerve got a tip that Aztechnology had hired a runner team to extract Iagi and that they were there right now, forcing the team to accelerate their plans. The runners made their way to the garage where they were parked after having Tundra work their matrix skills on the tracker implants, which were promptly fried with a tag eraser. The team bumped straight into the Aztechnology runners, and Bannerette (disguised as a MSI arcology guard) stopped them before they could act. The surrounding guards jumped to her aid immediately, and a firefight almost immediately broke out. Bannerette and the rest of the team went running for the garage, putting the sound of heavy machine gun fire and grenades behind them. They were not directly pursued, but Bannerette was struck once in the helmet by a stray bullet during the initial outburst of violence which nearly knocked her unconscious. She and La Rapide were later pulled over, and narrowly avoided getting caught with copious amounts of explosive ordinance by the German Police, but were able to get away largely unscathed.


Dr. Iagi was successfully extracted from the MSI arcology in Germany. He and his family were smuggled to Nevada, and his daughter was cured of her ailment. Bannerette possibly has a minor concussion.


For Operation Physicus 2,16 Multiy Extreme Run (64 RVP)
30 RVP - 60.000 Nuyen or 120.000 Nuyen in Military gear N51 can provide up to A19
20 RVP - 20 Karama
10 RVP - 22 CDP

Optional (have to payed with RVP above):
Common Sense for 3 RVP
Commander (2/3)
You can buy +1 Loyalty for Commander if you have him at 4 or 5 for RVP or CDP.
Tundra (6/4) for 9 RVP

You can buy +1 Loyalty for Kerrigan if you have her at 4 or 5 for RVP or CDP.
Can buy a Barret Model 122 out of the Nuyen.
Sharpshooter for 4 RVP
Shoot first don't ask for 2 RVP
IG 3 discount

Guts for 10 RVP
Can buy the following things out of the Nuyen:
- Anti Vehicle Missles - 2800 - up to 2
- High Explosive Missiles - 2100 - up to 4
- Optical Explosive Detonator R3 | 21F - 600 - it is a rating Item. - up to 10
- Electrical Detonator R5 | 20F - 150 - it is a rating Item. - up to 10
- Atomizer (For explosives, not the alchemical one) R10 | 20F - 3000 - it is a rating Item. - up to 10

La Rapide:
Innocuous for 5 RVP
Linguist for 4 RVP

Linguist for 4 RVP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


When I started running, most of the jobs were local, but I've enjoyed my trips to Germany. Such a beautiful country, and I think the language sounds very nice as well. This job got a little complicated, I'll admit, and I had some trouble figuring out what was going on at some parts, but it is probably one of the smoother jobs I've been on. I forgot to get a pretzel though, which I meant to do last time as well, and I got hit in the head pretty hard, so it wasn't all good. Sucks that runner team aztech hired got geeked, but thats the job and it was them or us. In any case, I need to work a little more on my German (and my negotiating skills).


Operation Physicus has been a full success, now we secured a very important piece of the plan for the operation that will lead to the stealing of that Blood Hawk. Most of the people that helped us on that operation are people that i already worked with and i'm always pretty pleased by their performance...They did actually do better than me on stuff that i should have take care off.