La Rapide

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La Rapide
La Rapide.jpg
(Short Blurb)
Theme SongMy Immortal
MetatypeElf (Banshee)
Street Cred54
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
looks like 22
FolderDrive Folder
Metatype - D
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - D
Resources - D
Number of Runs:71
Runs since Rent:3
#Max IGs/Ascension18

Character Information


La Rapide is a Banshee with a whip and a tendency towards sadism.


Find love again to fill the void in her heart, but she hasn't found the right person yet. She completely fell in love with Vibrato, and he returns it. - "Now I just need to not lose him again..." Fuck him.

Build a home for herself and the wolves in Brittany. - "Maybe an old manor in a forest southwest of Rennes would be nice." It's not a manor, but it's nice out here.

Get more in touch with the beast inside her. - "There's no use in fighting it, so I would much rather cooperate with... myself." I think I'm more in tune with myself now, but now the hunger is starting to be a real problem, maybe it was a mistake.

The hunters are out there and she is scared. The only way to not die is to be better than them - "...and dying is not an option."

Serve Queen Elizabeth XXIII, until the end of time and beyond. - "God save the Queen"


Clairise Grenouillie was born on March the 1st 2017 in Paris. She had a lovely and easy live with her Parents in a small apartment in the outskirts of Paris. The dawn of downfall was the 19th May 2037, Clairise meet a guy named Charles Bonsoir. She fell in love with him and a year later they moved together. In the "night" from the 15th to the 17th December 2039 she found out about the true nature of her boyfriend, he was a banshee. 2 monthes later, he turned her, after she decided to do so. He helped her lessen her hunger after she woke up. He taught her all the things he knew, and they continued living together. On the 13th June 2045 there was a big fight between Clairise, Charles and another Vampire, and a team of hunters. Charles was impaled with a bunch of silver crossbow bolts and died shortly after all the hunters were murdered. Clairise burned his corps and then got on board the next ship towards the UCAS, where she eventually settled in Seattle in 2046. She started a new life in the shadows under the name of Claire Amare or "La Rapide". She became friend with a few other infected individuals, and started a career as a Shadowrunner.

Life Style

la Rapide has two Lifestyles. One is her regular one in Seattle, while the other one is a very secluded one in the forests of Brittany. At the start of the run I decide where she is currently at. If you as a GM do not want to have complications from her starting in France, then just tell me to start in Seattle.

The Lifestyle in France has the Haunted quality, so you may have fun with that. The most likely things making trouble are critters, especially para critters, and fae. Shadow spirits could also come around, but toxic ones are pretty unlikely to be found in the middle of Brittany.

Narrative Significant Qualities

'SURGE' (Virus Mutation: Biosonar, Keen Eared, Thermal Sensitivity, Vomeronasal Organ; Impaired Att (Log), Nocturnal) - The virus inside her mutated, triggered by an aurora, which enhanced her predatory capabilities, but also pushed her deeper into bansheeness.

Black to Red (Paradigm Shift Red Magic) - She recently discovered the power that could be drawn from the blood itself. Her red magic may be misunderstood as blood magic. At least if you have no idea about either.

Turned in love, separated in violence (Banshee + Phobia Banshee Hunters + Emotional Attachment (Whip) - Was turned by her love, who was killed by Banshee Hunters. She still mourns a lot about his death, though it has gotten better in recent times. Needless to say that the failed imbuement of her whip, a gift by him, was a big setback.

The Hunter (Mentor Spirit Wolf + Mentor's Mask + Chosen Follower + Beast's Way + Soul Swallower) - She's been more and more connecting with the nature of a predator. This shows both on a surface level by her strong connection to wolves and deeper down by a stronger connection to her as a monster.

Allergy Dryards - Nature is weird sometimes.

Addict (mild Bodyguard/Foci, dry mild Guts, Moderate Essence Drain) - She helped Shy with her addiction, but she has a few of her own.

Mentor Spirit Wolf

The mask replaces her head with that of a wolf and covers her back, shoulders, arms, and upper legs with white fur.

Her Mentor Spirit manifests as a pack of wolves that where over time more and more members show themself:

1. The Hunter - He came to her on the hunt and gives her advice about how to move, track and survive.

2. The Advisor - She is the old wolf, who has seen it all and passes her wisdom down to the rest of the pack.

3. Swerve - Though she is not part of La Rapides Mentor Spirit she is still considered part of the pack.

4. The Caretaker - She is the one who makes sure the pack doesn't fall apart and that everyone fulfills their role.

5. The Quisling - He showed himself to her after she backstabbed Amelie in favor of working with an Aztechnology vampire in A Very Unsuccessful Assassination. Betrayed his old pack for a better future. If that decision was a smart one remains to be seen.

6. The Healer - He takes care of the sick and wounded in the pack.

Run History

Run History
NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
I Had Strings But Now I'm FreeSarcarian13 January 2085
RemaniementZerreContre-Révolution7 September 2084
What Is Lu-(i)ckKeeper MIt's a Small Underworld After All12 August 2084
Big Apple BayouBulldogcTrophäenjagd3 June 2084
Shock DoctrineZerreContre-Révolution2 May 2084
The Infected and the BugbearsAurora12 December 2083
Prometheus 4KaterSalem6 November 2083
The Womb of DemonsZerre5 November 2083
Reconnaissance Step 2: HamburgKaterSalemEnemy within26 October 2083
This Is MidnightAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking24 October 2083
RebellionKaterSalemNo Legion But Still Deadly16 October 2083
Investigate quickly, stay aliveKaterSalem12 October 2083
It's Jarlin' TimeAsmodeusThe Crow of Seattle
Temple in the Shadows
30 September 2083
Reconnaissance Step 1: SeattleKaterSalemEnemy within29 September 2083
Please Don't Drop ItArchtmag24 September 2083
Only a job for the AncientsKaterSalemThe Crow of Seattle13 September 2083
Don't Kick The AnthillAuroraNo Legion But Still Deadly2 September 2083
Was that just a coincidence?KaterSalemArtifact hunt2 August 2083
AAAH FUCK WHAT'S THAT!Edward10 July 2083
Wasp Your Way Into My HeartAurora8 July 2083
Paris Deep InsideKaterSalem5 July 2083
First Light in the ShadowsTekomandor23 June 2083
What a bloody chaosKaterSalem18 June 2083
Idiot you negotiated with a dragonKaterSalemThe Crow of Seattle10 June 2083
I Of The StormPokemonemocow75 June 2083
Angry Singed RaccoonEdward27 May 2083
Friendly Neighbourhood PoliticsArchtmag21 May 2083
Implement reclamationKaterSalemEnemy within18 May 2083
And Definitely Don't Mess With Crazy KnightsEdward7 May 2083
Adrian Maersk on detoursKaterSalem15 April 2083
Dead On ArrivalBrockThe Wailing of the Walled City12 April 2083
Proverbs 30:14Brock4 April 2083
Don't Mess with Raccoons, EitherEdward30 March 2083
Free the StreetKaterSalem23 March 2083
The old man and the seaKaterSalemArtifact hunt19 March 2083
The book of a dragonKaterSalem4 March 2083
Tacoma TroubleshootingEdward4 March 2083
Chaining the Broken MindArchtmagThe Burning Star of Redmond26 February 2083
A Strike Against House ChristobalAurora17 February 2083
Anata ga tsuyokunainara - kashikoku nari nasaiKaterSalemNo Legion But Still Deadly11 February 2083
The FBI Is Still Fine I'm SureAurora10 February 2083
Operation PhysicusKaterSalem22 January 2083
It is a good day to die in the beautiful landscape of KraichgauKaterSalemEnemy within6 January 2083
Operation AmethystZerre de Seattle30 December 2082
Ice ArtKaterSalem29 December 2082
No hope for MCT experimentsKaterSalem11 December 2082
In. Out. Easy.Archtmag10 December 2082
A trip to the snowKaterSalem3 December 2082
The Secrets in the TreesArchtmag2 December 2082
A Very Unsuccessful AssassinationArchtmag14 November 2082
A Shadowrun Based on Can't Cheat Death by The Ballroom ThievesDr Burst30 October 2082
Just The Right ColourAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking17 October 2082
One Simple Bad DayDraknic10 September 2082
A Box Within A BoxScrantonI Make Things Happen5 June 2082
Red AlarmOnebi1 June 2082
Dead and DeaderAuroraTemple in the Shadows20 May 2082
Ain't Afraid Of No GhostAsmodeus14 May 2082
Bogged Down And SwampedAsmodeus6 May 2082
Operation: Kick the AnthillZerre de SeattleHail to the Pumpking29 April 2082
What Lies BeneathMursey2 April 2082
The VantablackAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking13 March 2082
Piracy! On The High Seas!Aurora6 March 2082
Bunraku BluesOtter4 June 2081
Where There Are Crumbs...Aurora25 May 2081
404 ErrorAuroraDeus Machina16 May 2081
The Battle of SolaceDarklordiablo
Project Insight14 May 2081
Trailer Park ChummersAtlatlThe Farm and The Furious11 May 2081
Get Em' HighPillare4 May 2081
First and Last TimeEye of the Storm25 April 2081
Dogs vs CatsDocGod Save the Queen7 April 2081
It's A GasTeksuraShadow Heroes4 April 2081

Run Rewards

Datastick with information that will lead to a Delta-ware clynic (from Asmodeus in The Vantablack)

Owes a favor to the Free City of Obergrombach in Germany. She doesn't really intend to pay it back.



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Amelie and Jean-Baptiste 5 3 Fixer(A,N,K,G) Infected Cabal Leaders Ghoul Royalty, Vampire, SK Kid, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Corporate Kid Even
Fiendest 2 1 Fixer HMHVV Fanatic Wanted, Infected Organizer, Lavawalker, Terrordome, Darkdweller Even
Mateo Rodríguez 6 2 Fixer Blood Panther Affiliate Aztechnology Connections, Infected Recruiter, Blood Panther, Outdoorsman, Gear Pipeline, Restricted Access, Underground Networks Even
Mint 3 2 Fixer Farm Operations Officer Construction Contractor, Green Thumb, Beacon of Hope, Earth Aspect Even
Adeptus 2 1 Fixer(N,A,K,G) Fixer Spirit Expert, Magical Appraiser, Location, Location, Location Even
Emelie 2 4 Custom(A,N,K,G) Decker and Clubber Find me if you can, Matrix Vampire Adept, Matric Spechialist, Club Life, Found it! Even
Janelle Ellis 1 5 Networking Vampire New Vampire, Barrens Rat Even
La Peste 6 1 Legwork SysOP / Infobroker Decker, Ghoul Liberation League SyOps, Chicago Man, Know your enemy, The enemy from Within, Info sponge, Matrix Security Specialist Even
Miguel Rivera 2 5 Custom(G,A,K,N) Garbage Man Corpse Removal & Cleanup, Garbage Sifter, Remains For Sale Even
D'Auriel Peirson 4 1 Custom(G,A,K,N) Smuggler Smuggler, Thalisa, Hellbringer, Subtle Pilot, Scrapper/Salvager Even
Joshua Calvert 6 3 Legwork Ex Spy and Special Forces Ex Agent of the Federal Office of Homeland Security, Berlin connection, AGS still needs protection, Protector of the weak, Former agent, Split past with the golden dragon, Where do they come from?, Dragons love and hate, In S-K from love Even
Queen Elizabeth XXIII 6 3 Legwork Free Spirit Alley Cat, Anarkitty, Queen of the Cat's Paws, Tails from the Astral, Gossiping Free Spirit, Purrceptive Prowler, Cat and Mouse, Mew-sic of the Spheres, Hungry Free Spirit Even
King HumungaMax 2 2 Gear Halloweeners' Mid Boss Fire and Flames, Barrens Warlord, Political Scientist Even
Lachance 5 1 Legwork Hitman Trainer Nocturnal, Child of the Night, Mystic Adept (of the Night), Hunter of the Night, The whistle of the Night, Brother of the Night, Chimneysweeper of the Night, Death of the Hunter Even
Holly Rogers And Crew 5 3 Service Pirate Shadowrunners Pirate-Themed, Drunken Pirates, Shadowrunner Team, Flashy, Yo-Ho And A Bottle Of Rum, Cannon noises, Pirate Ship, Pirates Vs. Ninjas, Emerged, Awakened Even
Mr. Herenight 7 2 Custom(K,G,N,A) Black Lodge Magician Old Fashioned, Vampiric Veteran, Grim Talismonger, Mr. Worldwide, Astral Knowledge, Drug Deacon, Reagent Retailer, Safehouse Scout, Soul Sustenance Even
Woedica Kryptman 5 1 Generalist Rider of the Wild Hunt Magical Inventory, Astral Expertise, Spellslinger Sensei, Psychometrist, Rider of the Hunt, Astral Rider, Seelie Savvy, Blood Magic Even
Commander 5 2 Networking Black Ops Veteran JURY Protocol, Old-School Operative, Casevac, Tactical Insertion, Shady Knowledge, Military Intelligence, Safehouses, Shady Deals Even
Pump King Jack 5 1 Legwork Halloween Spirit Herald of Halloween, Extraplanar, Spirit Savvy, Hella Halloweeners, Goodnatured Guide, Formula One, Ritualist Even
Camila "Novicio" Sanchez 3 3 Custom (K, N, A, G) Aztechnology Mrs. Johnson Too little experience, Fashion Victim, Ares hater, Dragon lover, Atztechnology Magic Insider, Great horizontal network Even
Danny Hoffman 5 3 Custom(K,N,A,G) Special Operations Coordinator Espionage Expert, Ares Executive, Company Man, Smuggling Routes, Dissident Watcher, Orbital Overwatch, Disposable Assets, Arcane Evaluations Even
General Forbett 6 2 Networking S-K Loyalist, My Blood for the AGS, SOX Veteran, Bundeswehr Network, Who you marry, Network of Savehauses, Hiding under the radar, S-K connection, Disciple of Sun Tzu, Also a politician not just a soldier, Talking is better than shooting Even
Tundra 6 4 Custom(A,N,K,G) Member of the Schockwellenreiter Berlin, Shadow of the Matrix, Data is for everybody, I know my firewall, Hacking is my life, Matrix addict, Intuitive approach Even
Amélia Bezerra 10 2 Custom(N,K,A,G) Speaker for Nebelherr Spokeswoman, You are only business, Dragon Game insider, Dallmayr influence, Movie business insider, DeMeKo connections, News is what I pretend, Audience on Herreninsel, Information Broker, Faster than the news, An eye on S-K activities, Pepper sack politics, Magical mission, High society, Speaker connections Even
Xyvis 2 1 Service Bat Shifter, Hard to Call, Very Good Listener, Moonlit Mage, Learning Time! Even
Geoff Montgomery XLII the Raccoon 3 3 Custom(A,G,K,N) Raccoon Raccoon Shifter, Masking, Lookit the buttons!, How the hell did he get in here? Even
Sphinx 8 3 Custom(K,G,A,N) Agent of the Sea Dragon, Talismonger Servant of the sea dragoness, Welcome to the Dragon Game, Enchanter, Talismonger, Orchialcum access, Sea Dragon influence, A wet grave or an audience with the Sea Dragoness, Dragon Game insider, Magic specialist, Traveler of the spirit worlds, Secret facilities, big players insider, The Empire of the Ocean Even
Mr. Cromwell 6 4 Gear Black market trader for large transactions Weapon Dealer, Loves forbidden goods, Cyberware Dealer, Bioware Dealer, Armor Dealer, Transport Network, Black Market Pipeline Even
Taxi Sandra 1 3 Fixer(A,G,N,K) Taxi Driver Big Van with Smuggeling Compartment, Sidelines Even
Sabrin Leng Contact Not Found. Please create contact using Template:Contact. 2 You may also see User:Free Sprite for bot instructions. Even
Red Sonya 5 0 Custom(A,K,N,G) Assassin Cat pendant, Cats have claws, In-depth training, Know your business, Tactical position, Hire a professional -2
Takashi Hagiwara 7 1 Custom(K,N,A,G) ex Red Samurai - Senior Security Manager Seattle Meet the Chairman of the Board, Good network, Red Samurai, Master strategist, Renraku is your best frend, Magic threat, Bushido, Man of Honor Even
Katrin Morgentau 10 1 Custom(N,G,A,K) S-K Prime Senior Executive S-K Loyalist, You are only business, I have work to do, On the Watch, Worldwide political network, Smuggling is her job, Controls are really annoying, You want a meeting with the CEO?, S-K is a large company, Quick access to a Delta clinic, S-K Arsenal, Forbidden or restricted are only loose words, Weapons dealer, Armor Dealer, Drone Dealer, Electronics Dealer, The influence of a Corporate Oversight Office Member, Magic Equipment Dealer, There is no Availability Even
TechnoRATS 1 4 Service Nezumi Rats Technocritter Troubles, L33TSP37K, Ohhh, Shiny!, Taking a Crack at Cracking, Urban Jungle, Rat King(s), Resonance Depths, Blink of the Screen Even


Contact Position Connection Faction Rep Archetype Health Location


Faction Faction Rep Significant Runs Notes
Black Lodge 1 The Vantablack Slowed down the spread of shadowmagic
Vampires of Seattle 2 A Shadowrun Based on Can't Cheat Death by The Ballroom Thieves Got rid of local Fear the Dark cell
Aztechnology 8 saving a mining operation and doing other jobs
N51 5 Double Crossing on a job
Ghost Cartel 5 killing someone
162 5 defending them
The Sea Dragon 12 The old man and the sea didn't fuck up something important as a minion
KRIME 3 Testing gender reveal bombs
Interpol 10 Getting shaman back

Considered to be friends (for her mentor spirit): Swerve, Koschei, Shy, Six of Hearts, Ace, Crazy Hoof, Heart of the Tempest


Faction Faction Rep Significant Runs Notes
Nightlight Society -50 A Shadowrun Based on Can't Cheat Death by The Ballroom Thieves Killed a squad, is a Banshee and exploited them against FtD
Ares -25
Catholic Church -20 Stealing a big foci book
Black Chrysanthemum Triad -15
Renraku -5
DGSE -5 double crossing french intelligence service
Humanis -2
Flaming Swords -2
Skraacha -2

Plot Hooks

Aspect Information Related Run(s)
Between 2 Places la Rapide has both a home in Seattle and Brittany, France. The one in Brittany is got abandoned when the mist first came, and wasn't reclaimed until recently. Probably because of the dangerous paracritters and occasional fey who visit the place. This can become quite an issue when you just want to rest, or are in a rush.
False Ally While Raps has been working for Amelie and Jean-Baptiste since shortly after they established themselves in Seattle, she isn't one bit loyal to them. Raps has betrayed them before and will do it again, if doing such seems profitable. Amelie doesn't trust her, but she does not know of the betrayal. Instead thinking it was just a failed run. Betrayal in A Very Unsuccessful Assassination
Magical Connections Raps is connected to her whip, a powerful weapon foci and a gift from a dead lover, and to a wolf in Brittany. Having access to either of these would make it rather easy to magically track and target Raps, and get you onto the top of her kill list.

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 The translation from french to english: The Fast
3 Articles and information about an old steam car called "la Rapide" from 1881, a few race horses with the same name. And a Horizon super hero film with the superhero "The Fast" who bears a mild similarity with her.
5 A few different snippets of video footage and articles from the last 37 years. She appeared to have moved from NY to Seattle over a long and more or less aimless route in 2045/46 and few murders, from that time, all over America, might be linked to her. Sometimes with more, and sometimes with less certainty.

Ask Syphilen on Discord for more.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 Close combat Combatant who uses a whip. Has been running the Seattle shadows longer than most can remember.
3 She's infected and part of the Shadow Haven. When she uses her adept powers a wolfs mask appears.
5 She fleed from France to Seattle a little under 40 years ago and has been running here ever since. There are a few rumors that she was behind a few gruesome murders with drained bodies and missing people, but it could have been another infected too. When the Night Throne established itself she began running for them but she doesn't seem to be a member.

Ask Syphilen on Discord for more.


Rating 6 by UCAS - Claire Amare (PI license, firearms license, adept license)


Clairise Grenouillie looks like a slender female Elf, with pale skin, amaranth hair and a gaunt face. She is usually reserved but if she speaks with somebody she can be very charming.


Matrix Persona

Pitch black elf.

Media Mentions

She was seen on a Horizon Trid, but in really good disguise and under the name "The Fast".

ShadowGrid Profile Comments