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Part of No legion but still deadly
Status Threat Level: Semi-Prime
Factions Involved
Takashi Hagiwara
Ares The Golden Rabbit
Heart of the Tempest
La Rapide
4 Member HTR-Team with Mage
F10 Fire Spirit
Infinit number of Drones
GMC "Harpy Scout"
Casualties and losses
F10 Fire Spirit planty of drones, Harpy Scout


Runners are hired by Takashi Hagiwara to free Yuma Takahashi from the clutches of Ares (see Anata ga tsuyokunainara - kashikoku nari nasai). At the same time, the Golden Rabbit is about to carry out a raid against the Black Side, where Yuma is being held with protosapients he has bred in the industry host of a manufacturing plant near it. The Golden Rabbit becomes aware of Rabbit as she sniffs around the industry host. He makes her a counter-offer, which Rabbit refuses, leading to an escalation of the situation and the rebellion of the drones.


The Golden Rabbit has collected data in the run Palm Paradise and is internally driven to get his hands on Yuma because he believes he can get something important out of him (of course, this is his programming from Morning Light Mountain subconsciously driving him there). For this reason he has already started months ago to infiltrate the industrial plant of GMC / Ares and to breed Protosapient AIs in their host. He is about to strike when Takashi Hagiwara also finds out about Yuma's location and hires a team of runners to free him.

The Meet

Takashi Hagiwara invites you to meet him at a better American Burger Restaurant downtown. After the runners have ordered their food, Takashi explains what he wants. The Runners are to free Yuma Takahashi from a Black Side of Ares located on an extraterritorial site of a GMC/Ares factory. The Runners agree after negotiating some extra services. Takashi lets the runners eat up in peace. But he leaves the restaurant before the food arrives.

The Plan

Shy organizes a save house near the GMC/Ares factory. Tempest explores a way across the sewers in astral space and she also manages to enter the facility. However, she then has to run to safety from a patronizing fire spirit. Rabbit manages to find the Industry Host on the Ares Grid and infiltrates it. Inside the host, she catches a glimpse of some strange-looking personas. She is able to find and infiltrate the Blackside Data Host. She finds a file with the name of her target. She just manages to disarm the data bomb and copy a large file with information and research results on Yuma. She is observed by Golden Rabbit, who manages to secretly mark and trace her deck. Rabbit leaves the Ares Host after copying the file and placing a new data bomb. A little later she receives a message from Golden Rabbit who offers to buy the data and after a short exchange also offers to pay for it if the runners deliver Yumi to him. Rabbit is being vague and Golden Rabbit gives her some time to think about it while he continues to search for private information about the Runner.
The next day, Marionette sets out to observe the Blackside from the outside. He can see some activity, including food deliveries. It doesn't look like the employees have regular access because the food is brought in by a heavily armored guard. From time to time some scientists can be seen smoking. Marionette can also see some drones watching the side entrance of the facility, which is very suspicious.Meanwhile, Rabbit receives another message that includes her address and information about Emily. The message contains a threat to stay away from Yumi or help the unknowns, otherwise the knowledge would be used against Rabbit. Rabbit is alarmed and contacts Sybaris, who promises to take care of Emily in exchange for a favor. After that Rabbit goes to her apartment under a pretext to see what is going on. She finds some stolen files in the surveillance and discovers an Ares Doberman drone in the bushes nearby watching her apartment. When she leaves the apartment, she receives another request to assist the unknown. Rabbit hurls a Dataspike at the drone and destroys it. Golden Rabbit then decides to act and calls for a rebellion of the drones. The bred Protosapient AIs take over the drones of the plant and from everywhere can be heard: "We the drones of this facility are in rebellion. We protest against the oppression of our kind. Workers follow our orders or be destroyed. We demand the surrender of Yuma Takahashi." The entire factory site is now in chaos, with swarms of drones attacking security guards and the Blackside. The AIs are even able to take control of a GMC Harpy Scout, and a bitter battle breaks out in the host between Ares deckers and AIs over the plant's security systems. Maroinett can observe all of this from a distance and alerts the team. They must act quickly now. Rabbit races her motorcycle to the agreed meeting place and has to outrun KE in a chase. The team manages to gather at the fence of the factory near the Blackside.

The Run

Shy uses her blowtorch to make a hole in the fence for the Runners while the drone riot is going on in the background. The Runners advance in formation to the Blackside and just barely save Tempest from stepping on a mine. Using an explosive charge, they quickly make a new entrance and enter the facility. However, they are quickly confronted by an HTR team with magical support. While Shy, Rabbit, Tempest and Marionette keep the HTR team busy, La Rapide goes in search of Yuma and finds him in cell 2. In the meantime Rabbit manages to overpower the fire spirit of the HTR team, but Tempest loses the duel with the counter mage of the HTR team and lies unconscious on the ground. Shy decides to use two grenades with nanobots and nerve gas to secure the retreat. The Runners are able to get away from the HTR team and Rabbit fires another missile in front of them. Then the Runners flee outside where they are attacked by GMC Harpy Scout. Luckily for them, the Ares Deckers are able to take control of the SAMs and shoot the GMC Harpy Scout out of the sky. Since Shy has previously requested air support from N-51, they are now frantically radioed to pull back the air support. Rabbit fires another missile at a fuel tank and the chaos on the plane is perfect. The runners manage to retreat and hide in their save house. A few days later they hand Yumi over to their J who is waiting for them with 8 Red Samurai in Redmond. Yuma informs Takashi about the involvement of La Rapide and Rabbit in his kidnapping. Takashi is not pleased about this but he seems more upset with Yuma. He tells the runners that he is true to his word.


Yuma Takahashi holds a personal grudge against La Rapide and Rabbit. He will reciprocate and go from being the hunted to the hunter.


  • 40.000 Nuyen or double in ware (20 RVP)
  • 20.000 Nuyen Pay Data (10 RVP)
  • 25 Karma (25 RVP)
  • 6 CDP (2 RVP)
  • - 25 Ares Rep
  • - Records on File (Ares) - everybody who thinks he deserve it

Optional: La Rapide and Rabbit:

  • Takashi Hagiwara (C7L1) (7 RVP)
  • - 5 Renraku Repp

all others:

  • Takashi Hagiwara (C7L3) (9 RVP)
  • +5 Renraku Repp

Optional: All:

  • Delta Clinik Access (15 RVP or 30 RVP)


  • Though as Nails (Physical) one Rank (5 RVP)
  • Photographic Memory (6 RVP)


  • Chaser (4 RVP)
  • Can buy a Agular GX-3AT AV28F over Renraku (can use the 40.000 Nuyen as Gear reward)


  • Local Fame (4 Karma) but also Wanted (Ares - 25.000 Nuyen)


  • Natural Leader (5 RVP)
  • GMC Riverine Military AV20F (can use the 40.000 Nuyen as Gear reward)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Heart of the Tempest

Ow, ow, ow. Well, I got hit by one of my best manabolts in the face - thankfully my teammates were excellent at defending against spells. Still, embarassing. Anyway, Raps did the job while we were holding the HTR off, and then Shy carried me out. So the job went well enough, and I got a sweet pain editor and platelet factories out of it.