Anata ga tsuyokunainara - kashikoku nari nasai

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Anata ga tsuyokunainara - kashikoku nari nasai
Part of No legion but still deadly
LocationKorean jungle
Status Threat Level: Semi Prime
Factions Involved
Renraku Sons of Sauron
La Rapide
Danny Hoffman
Yuma Takahashi
Red Samurai Mage
2xRenraku Samurai
F12 Fire Spirit
F10 Watcher
Hand of Sauron Troll
Troll Grunt
3xOrk Grunt
Casualties and losses
Red Samurai Mage, 2xRenraku Samurai, F12 Fire Spirit


Anata ga tsuyokunainara - kashikoku nari nasai. (Japanese for: If you are not strong, be wise.)

The Runners travel to the Korean jungle to kidnap a Red Samurai equipped with a new type of cyberware. In the jungle, they are also confronted by the Sons of Sauron who want to strike at Renraku's training facility. After a visit to the facility's host, the Runners are able to figure out a good spot to set an ambush. This leads to the successful extraction of the Red Samurai.


Ares has discovered through a data theft that Renraku has very advanced cyberware (see: No legion but still deadly) that they have installed on some of their employees. Ares would like to benefit from this progress as well and get their hands on copies of this cyberware. Ares is also trying to understand how Renraku has secretly made these advances. With some effort, Ares was able to find out that Yuma Takahashi a Red Samurai was almost exclusively equipped with this new type of cyberware and that he is currently assisting in the training of Renraku Guards and Renraku Samurai at a hidden facility in the Korean jungle. Since overpowering and kidnapping a Red Samurai in this environment is a significant challenge, Ares decides not to hire just any runners for the job. Ares succeeded in proving Spider's guilt to Pursess (A Dragon Corporate Court enforcer / From_Lead_to_Gold) dead by analyzing data only available to them. Ares now wants to use this information via Daniel Hoffman to blackmail Spider into carrying out this mission for Ares.

The Sons of Sauron found out some time ago where this Renraku's training facility is located. Two units of the Hand of Sauron, as well as associated units on Road Nivo, were assembled as a result. Considerable funds have been spent to equip them with military equipment. An attack on the facility is imminent.

The Meet

The meeting will be held in Renton at a large cabin on Lake Youngs. Danny Hoffman first invites Spider to a BBQ at the cabin and presents her with the evidence of her guilt in the death of the western dragon Pursess. If she refuses to carry out Ares' order, the evidence will be sent to the Corporate Court. Spider reluctantly agrees and asks if the matter will be settled after one order. Danny makes it clear that from now on Ares considers Spider an active agent. He explains Spider the mission: kidnap the Red Samurai Yuma Takahashi, if possible alive a transfer of his cyberware is sufficient for the success of the mission, however. Spider should also get Yuma's personnel file to get more information about Renraku's secret program. Danny asks for names for potential runners and if Spider wants to contact them himself. Spider gives Danny some names but asks that Danny be the contact person.

The remaining Runners arrive at Lake Youngs (Shamrock uses Corf to get to Seattle) and are briefed by Spider over a BBQ about what their job is. Danny adds some information and offers the Runners a larger sum of Nuyen for the job. The Runners agree and get to work - Danny offers the shack as a temporary base of operations for the Runners.

The Plan

The Runners are trying to find the location of Renraku's training facility in the Korean jungle. To do this, Danny can provide radar footage from Ares and Spider tries to narrow down the area with information from her contact Knife. The Runners finally discovered the location of the facility, which is outside the road network about 50 kilometers deep in the Korean jungle. The site is supplied by an airlift and is very well secured with walls, air defenses, and drones. Shamrock summons a plant spirit and sends it out to inspect the area. When he returns, he reports paracritters, ghosts, and watchers guarding and protecting the facility. Spider contacts Phil Haskill to arrange transportation to Korea near the Renraku facility. Phil can provide transportation to the nearest small airport and also a jeap for local transportation. He also informs Spider that he has heard rumors that the Renraku facility will be attacked by the Sons of Sauron in the next few days.

Spider and Rabbit are looking for the host of the facility and can find him in the Renraku Grid. They enter the host but are immediately discovered by the IC. There is a short confrontation between the runners and the Renraku Matrix security in which some Renraku employees lose their lives. Renraku decides to temporarily shut down the host rather than let this powerful threat advance. After a few hours, the two try to get back into the host. They discover many hidden devices but no data. The host reacts a bit slower this time and a quick check shows that three IC (patrol, bloodhound, black ic) are running. They can also detect security spiders actively searching for hidden intruders. Spider and Rabbit can detect a data host inside the industry host and try to penetrate it. Unfortunately, Rabbit's attempt fails and the host can place markers on it. Rabbit then decides to leave the host. Spider continues to advance alone. In the data host, she can identify the Red Samurai's personal files. They are protected with data bombs and encryption. There are also deployment plans available. Spider sets out to copy the data of all Red Samurai. Due to the attack actions, the host starts IC and actively searches for Spider. Security spiders also join the search. Spider manages to copy all the files and is about to cover her tracks when she is discovered and attacked by IC and the security spiders. She stays long enough to cover her tracks completely and then leaves the host - not without giving one of the security spiders a bloody nose. To get the operation plans and more information Spider contacts Miyuki. Miyuki agrees to get the information against Nuyen because Miyuki is not well disposed towards Renraku anyway. After a short time Miyuki comes back and gives the information to Spider.

Based on the information they have, the Runners decide to take advantage of an upcoming Red Samurai training session with some specialists in the jungle and prepare an ambush there. They hope to meet the Red Samurai team as separately as possible - which is very likely given their training plans.

The Run

The runners fly to Korea and drive their jeep as close as possible to the Renraku base. Between them and the base, however, there are still 40 kilometers of rough jungle terrain that they must negotiate on foot to get to the site where the training is to take place. Shortly after they enter the jungle, the matrix signal is lost and only with the help of satellite uplinks is a matrix connection possible. After a few hours of wandering through the jungle, the Runners stumble upon a unit of the Sons of Sauron, which they unfortunately discover right away. The two trolls and three orcs immediately take the runners under fire. The Runners resist and manage to seriously wound one of the trolls and one orc. Shamrock uses Incubus Shroud to convince the Trolls that they are all on the same side - which she succeeds in doing. The Runners are able to convince the Sons of Sauron to delay their attack on the facility so that it does not affect their operation.

The runners manage to determine their path quite precisely and reach the Red Samurai's location after 1.5 days in the jungle ahead of them. They explore the area and find an old ruined facility that clearly shows signs of training like firing at a wall. They decide to place some directed plastic explosives opposite the improvised shooting range to catch the Renraku Samurai as unprepared as possible. On the way to the ruins they discover some more old booby traps. Before the samurai arrive, they all hide in the old ruins. Shamrock summons a plant spirit that supports with Consealment. Thanks to the team's good counterspell skills, they can avoid early detection with detection magic. The samurai team consisting of Yuma, a mage, Red Samurei, two Renraku samurai, a high level fire spirit and a watcher arrives at the training facility. Although the Renraku Samurai cannot physically perceive the Runners, the Mage discovers La Rapide Astral and can immediately recognize that she is a Banshee by reading her aura. Immediately after that it comes to fighting.

By skillfully using a grenade and a rocket at the same time, Rabit can lure Yuma into the previously placed explosion traps and fan out the field of enemies. Spider also takes the opportunity to detonate the placed charge. Unfortunately, Yuma is very heavily armored and his heavy milspec armor can easily shake off the blast. In the meantime, Shamrock's Spirit applies Accident Power to the enemies, causing one of the Renraku Samurai to trigger an old explosion trap. La Rapide, meanwhile, fights the mage and manages to injure him after a few attempts. The magician orders the watcher to get help. Most of the enemy fire at the beginning of the fight is directed at Rabbit. The fire spirit can also be lured into an explosion trap. However, he is also quite unimpressed by the effect. The Fire Spirit tries to protect the group with Guard. Which leads to a renewed use of Accident that his services are used up and he leaves the event. Rabbit tries to incapacitate Yuma with Nerve Strike, which is starting to show results. Yuma becomes significantly less effective but is still involved in the fight. Meanwhile, Spider protects the entire team with Counterspelling and I m the firewall. The samurai change their tactics and fire grenades at Shamrock and Rabbit and his Spirit, causing all three to suffer. Spider is hit by a volley from Yuma's Ruhrmetall SF-20. Towards the end of the combat, La Rapide has no counterspells left and is hit by an F10 Sunbeam spell, completely charring her lower left arm and separating it from her body. She falls to the ground near death. Rabbit manages to incapacitate Yuma with another Nerve Strike attack. Meanwhile, Spider takes out the mage with a targeted attack. Together, the runners can also take out the remaining two Renraku Samurai.

With La Rapide saved by first aid and Yuma's armor and cyberware disabled, the runners rush to leave the scene to avoid being surprised by Renraku's reinforcements. The runners manage to shake off the reinforcements and find their way back to their jeep. They fly back to Seattle with Yuma in their luggage.


Yuma Takahashi is being held by Ares and under interrogation. He will reveal information about the Red Anthill to Ares over time (Ares will have more detailed information about it from 04/01/2083). It turns out for Ares that the cyberware technology used is very advanced and not as easy to copy as they thought. Ares will therefore plan further runs to catch up on the knowledge. Yuma Takahashi is no longer usable for Renraku. However, Renraku will attempt to free him or render him harmless in the attempt. The golden rabbit becomes aware of the situation through informants at Ares and will hires runes to get the information. (For more information see: No legion but still deadly)


For Anata ga tsuyokunainara - kashikoku nari nasai 1.75 Time Multy Semi Prime:

  • 50 RVP - 100.000 Nuyen or double 200.000 for elektronics, cyberware, bioware, weapons and armor up to A20 and Ares branded equipment up to A24.
  • 15 RVP - 15 Karma
  • 3 RVP - 8 CDP

Optional (pay with RVP above):

  • Daniel Hoffman (5/4) for (8 RVP)
  • Deltaware access for 15 RVP Awakened or 30 RVP for PC with Regeneration
  • Common Sense for chargen cost


  • IG 10 cost reduction
  • Catlike for 7 RVP
  • Sense Of Direction for 3 RVP


  • Go Big Or Go Home for 6 RVP

La Rapid:

  • lost here left lower arm to a sunbeam spell
  • Outdoorsman for 3 RVP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

la Rapide

Well, I'm glad that I set aside money before this happened. My left hand is nothing more than a dead, withered chunk of meat and bones after I blocked the sunbeam with it. Spider already told me a million and one ways to fix it, and I think I'm going with the swappable limbs. Should give me a lit more flexibility than having one that I can't take off. Now there's just to hope that cyberlimbs feel indeed as good as everyone always says and that it won't mess me up.