It is a good day to die in the beautiful landscape of Kraichgau

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It is a good day to die in the beautiful landscape of Kraichgau
Part of enemy within
LocationKarlsruhe, AGS
Status Threat Level: Extreme
Factions Involved
GBC (and unkown) Hells Angels
La Rapide
Mr. Cromwell
Rigger (3 Drones)
Support Mage
Combat Mage
Masterminds Cyberagent
HA Mage
HA Troll
HA Dwarf Adept
HA Human Streetsam
Casualties and losses
Combat Mage HA Dwarf Adept,HA Human Streetsam


The Runners drive into an ambush in the Kraichgau a beautiful landscape that belongs to Karlsruhe and is therefore within the special rights zone of the Bundeswehr. They are overrun, but thanks to the help of some fighters from the free city of Obergrombach, they get the opportunity to make up for it. What they succeed in a raid on a nearby Hells Angels gas station.


After a long period of data analysis, Mr. Cromwell decided to take action and laid some traps worldwide. Supposedly valuable targets are transported and parts of the transport route are leaked in different parts of the network. If one of these transports is attacked at a certain point, this allows conclusions to be drawn about the attackers. If it is also possible to identify the attackers, Mr. Cromwell can determine even more precisely who is working against them in their network. The unknown mastermind behind the attacks on the GDI receives the information and has two attacks launched on the convoy through his scattered agents in the network. The first attack is carried out by a cell of GBC members and controlled through one of his agents in Hamburg. Additional equipment and a heavily cybered field agent are also sent in support. The second attack is carried out directly on the ship in the Rhine harbor in Karlsruhe and can be disguised after execution and the information that the attack on the convoy was successful so far that no information is readable for Mr. Cromwell here except that the leak took place in the Asian network.

The Meet

The meeting was held as always at GDI Runs at the Harrington Hotel. Mr. Cromwell explained to the Runners that they were to bring a military transport from a Bundeswehr base to the Rhine port in Karlsruhe. He was able to negotiate this deal with a good friend in the Bundeswehr and the preparation had taken some time. It was quickly agreed on a base payment of 10,000 Nuyen and a bonus of 20,000 Nuyen when the mission was successfully completed. Unfortunately, none of the runners realized that the transport was just a trap to lure out the enemies of the GDI. Mr. Cromwell then released the runners into the safe hands of Kevin the pilot who was to fly them to Baden Airport where they were to meet with General Forbett (Mr. Cromwell's friend) to discuss the exact details of the mission.

The Plan

The team flies to Baden Baden where they are received by Lieutenant Karl and registered in the Bundeswehr system with their fake sins. After a short drive to Karlsruhe, the Runners meet General Forbett at the Caffee am Marktplatz near the small Pyrmaide in honor of Karl Wilhelm von Baden-Durlach. Forbett explains to the Runners that there is a route for the transport that must not be left under any circumstances. If the route is left, the Luftwaffe (AGS Air Force) will lock down the transport in about 5 minutes for security reasons. Forbett is a little wounded that the Runners do not know that the action could be a trap, but does not inform them about it. However, he hints to talk to Mr. Cromwell once again. The general gives an insight on the mission map at which places of which parties with incidents are likely. He explicitly warns the Runners about a village of madmen called the Free City of Obergrombach. The residents there probably had a conflict with the Bundeswehr, which has since been settled in a contract. This contract ensures Obergrombach some privileges and the general wants in no case that it comes to renewed hostilities. Lieutenant Karl then drives the ladies to the handover location near the General Dr. Speidel barracks. The Runners look around in the landscape and cannot discover any immediate threat. Pell summons a spirit which she channels. It is decided that La Rapide should drive the truck, which is soon brought. It is a really old model that must date back to the year 2000 or before. Unfortunately, the Runners made no attempt to scout the route ahead of the transporter, e.g. by a spirit. Since they unfortunately did not find the hidden clues in Mr. Cromwell and Forbett's conversation, they drove into an ambush quite unprepared.

The Run

The Runners drive off and La Rapide has the truck well under control at first. After passing some villages on the way, the route leads over a longer stretch through the open field towards a forest before Obergrombach. The traffic is clear but in front of the truck and also behind the truck are some civilians on the road. After the runners have driven into the forest (and unfortunately couldn't discover the very well hidden enemies) there is a small explosion that blows up a big tree at the roadside and lets it fall over the road as a blockade. The civilian vehicles in front of their truck can't brake in time and crash into the tree. La Rapid also fails to bring her truck to a stop and gets wedged into the vehicles in front of her. A second explosion knocks down another tree behind the accident scene and traps all vehicles. Stun gas escapes through previously placed gas grenades and takes out all civilians. The runners are all protected thanks to FBA. After the runners get out of their truck, they are taken under barrage by the well-hidden attackers. Fortunately, the enemies primarily use non-lethal weapons to avoid killing the civilians and causing more trouble with the local population. Pell, who is identified as the greatest threat, can be put to flight by an Air Spirit using Fear. La Rapid falls unconscious while trying to leave the barrage. Sasha and Bannerette are taken out by flashbangs and spells. After that, the cargo of their truck is quickly reloaded with the help of several ghosts and the unknown enemies disappear. Pell, who in the meantime has fled into the forest, can finally shake off the effect of fear even thanks to taking a drug. When she has briefly oriented herself and is about to return to the scene of the accident, she sees two figures approaching her and several others hiding in the undergrowth. The two figures are a good-looking human (Patrick) and a pretty bad-looking Mutaqua (Krim) who belong to the "free city of Obergrombach" and are here to see what's going on. After a short exchange of pleasantries, Patrick offers Pel her help and they go back to the accident site together. Since there is also a doctor in the group from Obergrombach, they immediately start to heal the civilians and the runners. After the runners are back on their feet but still a bit banged up they look at the damage: The load is stolen and the truck is irreparably destroyed for them. Patrick offers to have the truck towed to Obergrombach by a tracktor and to bring the runners to Obergrombach with the help of some jeaps that have already been driven there. In the meantime, Pell summons an earth spirit to move the trees aside. Sasha summons an air spirit that he sends ahead of the team to scout. Then it goes to Obergrombach where the air spirit sent ahead also immediately sounds the alarm due to the massive magical activity. But the driver from Obergrombach waves it off and says it's normal. The runners are taken to the town hall where they rest for an hour and recover from the exertions of the raid. Afterwards they talk to Patrick, who tells them that they have followed their attackers and if the runners are willing to do the "Free City of Obergrombach" a favor in the future, he is willing to share the information with them. The cargo from the truck was probably taken to a larger branch of the Hells Angels in Untergrombach. Part of the team that raided them, however, has already left. Pell calls General Forbett who agrees to help with the Hells Angels but insists that the Runners first inform Mr. Cromwell. Mr. Cromwell is not very happy about the situation, but now comes clean with the runners and explains that the operation was only a trap to get more information about their enemies. The cargo is essentially unimportant because it consists only of play dough.Unfortunately, the runners could not provide any information about who attacked them. So Mr. Cromwell can trace back where in his network the gap is, but he can't determine who exactly is responsible for it. He offers to pay the runners the full amount if they can get more information about the attackers. He also recommends to talk to General Forbett, who is not too fond of the Hells Angels anyway. After a further short exchange with Forbett, the Runners meet with a rapid intervention team of the Bundeswehr in Untergrombach. The plan is for the Runners to take care of the targets who have stolen their cargo (who are currently in a kind of tank site facility of the Hells Angels) and the team of the Bundeswehr to arrest the approximately 50 members of the Hells Angels in their club house at the same time. The runners agree with the Bundeswehr that they want to scout their location first and then give a signal to the squad when they should strike. The gas station is surrounded by a wall, but there are some open areas with simple barriers. This allows the runners to quickly spot the two surveillance sensors mounted there. Banerette sneaks onto the site and examines the facility. She hears voices at a rear door and discovers that weeds are growing in front of the door, indicating that the door is not often used. Using her lockpick, she unlocks the door for the others. Then she goes to the roof where she can see two Hells Angels. The Runners decide to proceed together, with Bannerette attacking through the roof and the others advancing through the weed-covered door. La Rapide is the first to open the door and is just in time to discover a trap that drops a grenade from the door frame. However, La Rapid is able to catch the grenade and throw it away. But the loud bang of the flashbang can't be ignored. Thereupon, the Hells Angel members and the two unknowns who attacked the runners in the forest take up positions opposite the door. Bannerett has to change the position and takes the second Hells Angel under fire from the other roof window. In the course of the fight the runners manage to overpower the Hells Angels or to put them to flight. The two unknown attackers try to escape, but only one of them succeeds. The other is overpowered and then interrogated by La Rapide and Pell. La Rapide is able to get out of the prisoner that he is a member of the Great Baden Crusade (GBC) and that they received the information about the military transport from a source in Hamburg that he does not know personally. He also reveals that the escapee is not a member of the GBC but someone sent by this contact for support. They also received not insignificant additional equipment to carry out the raid. Pell conveys this information to Mr. Cromwell and he is satisfied with it.


The information gathered allows Mr. Cromwell to close in on the leak in Hamburg. However, since the agent of the unknown mastermind has escaped, there is still no clue to the real power group behind the attacks on the GDI.


  • 30.000 Nuyen (15 RVP) or 60.000 for Forbitten or Restricted Bioware, Cyberware or Weapons
  • 20.000 Nuyen (10 RVP) Bounty from the General
  • 15 Karma (15 RVP)
  • 12 CDP (5 RVP)

Optional for everybody Quality at Chargen rate:

  • Common Sense (3 RVP)
  • Perceptive R1 (5 RVP)

For Raps:

  • Accident Prone (- 4RVP or directly buy off with double RVP from Run reward)
  • Optional: Soul Swallower (7 RVP)

For Pell:

  • Vindictive (-5RVP or directly buy off with double RVP from Run reward) Optional:
  • Guts (10 RVP)

For Banerette:

  • Inpasive (-7 RVP or directly buy off with double RVP from Run reward)
  • Optional: High Pain Tolerance R1-R3 (7 - 21 RVP)

For Sasha:

  • Vindictive (-5RVP or directly buy off with double RVP from Run reward)
  • Optinal: Adrenaline Surge (12 RVP)

Optional Contact:

  • Mr. Cromwell C6/L2 (7 RVP)
  • General Forbett C6/L2 (7 RVP)

Note: All runner owe a favour to the "Free City of Obergrombach".

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I went all the way to germany on this run. It's got beautiful landscapes, the sound of the language is nice, and the in flight trid wasn't terrible (the leg room was pretty good too). I can't say I'm terribly happy about getting into a car crash, having a hail of flashbangs rain down on me (my ears were ringing for days!), getting used as bait and lied to by our fixer, but all these things can be considered occupational hazards in this line of work. We delivered payback for the ambush and got a really nice payday, so what's there to complain about? I even picked up some german. Maybe I'll return there on vacation some time!

la Rapide

I should get someone to show me how to drive. This has been the second time that I'm the driver and it has (nearly) gone wrong both times. Maybe Ace can drive? Not sure, but I'll have to ask about the next Russian lesson. Well at least we didn't die, so that's a good thing. And that crazy village... Oberbach? Wait no, Unterbach or so. At least I can remember that unter ober thing, cause they were named wrong. Seriously, why is Unterbach higher on the map than Oberbach? Anyways, they are nuts. Completely batshit insane the people there, insane but surprisingly nice. Maybe I can go on vacation there next time I visit Europe.


Well, that was a giant dumpster fire. At least I've networked with some people in high places over there.