Don't Kick The Anthill

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Don't Kick The Anthill
Part of No legion but still deadly
LocationSwiss Alps
Status Threat Level: Semi-Prime
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Shiawase
Crazy Hoof
Heart of the Tempest
Turm Falke
La Rapide
a lot of bee drones
a lot of Goons
Casualties and losses
Turm Falke all
IG Run for Hoof


This is the run in which Turm Falke dies but becomes an eternal memorial on Hoof's mantelpiece. The runners free a bunch of kidnapped people from the clutches of Shiawase and help turn off the blue ant hill once and for all. All this on behalf of Kaltenstein.


Most of the background can be found in No Legion But Still Deadly. Kaltenstein has found out the whereabouts of the blue ant hill and is now hiring capable runners to free his charges. Afterwards, the facility is to be destroyed. Shiawase, however, has continued his program worldwide in the meantime. Therefore, there are smaller and larger facilities of similar design and spirit all over the world. Nevertheless, the loss of the original facility of the program is a hard blow to Shiawase.

The Meet

The meeting will take place in the matrix. The Black Forest can be seen in the background. The J can be represented as a troll. All the runners arrive on time except Hoof who is a little late. The J explains the mission: invade a facility in the Swiss Alps, destroy its air defenses, free some children (he calls them little people) and collect data on the facility's host. After the mention of kidnapped children, Hoof is directly ready to work without payment and wants to be dropped immediately over the facility, please. Turm Falke asks for more rats and mouses in Bellevue as a reward. The Runners are flown to the Black Forest and after some incidents on the plane they also land at their destination. There a young troll is waiting for them and gives them the coordinates and tells them that it is a Shiawase facility.

The Plan

Hoof wants to leave right away, but Chipset, with the help of Tempest's magic, fortunately starts to look for some information in the matrix. Chipset is able to collect some information about the facility, a large part of the site plans, air defenses, defenses, etc.. Chipset also tries to enter the host but gets caught and decides to leave right away. Turm Falke flies off for a physical reconnaissance of the facility. But he is caught and attacked by some bees drones. He is hit trying to escape but the needles were covered with aconite and the tower falcon dies a tragic and lonely end due to the toxin effects in a field somewhere in the Swiss Alps. Tempest can observe the whole thing in astral space. Thanks to Tempest, the team knows where Turm Falcon crashed and launches a rescue operation. Unfortunately, they are intercepted by the drones and lose two tires, so they have to run to Turm Falke. Marionette tries everything to save the falcon (including body blocking a drone) but they are attacked again by bee drones and one of the drones decides to shoot at the falcon once again. Hoof is sad and collects the hawk, after which he calls La Rapide to ask her for help. La Rapide agrees to help the runners. The team is trying to repair the vehicle. In the process, they are observed by some snipers. As they drive away to meet with La Rapide, the snipers place sensors on their vehicle. Chipset takes care of them with a bug scanner and places it on another vehicle. The team meets with La Rapide and Chipset tries again to attack the Shiawase host to find out the shift schedules. He succeeds, however, he is discovered and the plant is in higher readiness. The team decides to attack in shift 1. Some grenades are glued to bomb packs to destroy the anti-air installations. The team plans to attack from three directions at the same time, taking out the air defenses first. As quietly as possible until all the facilities explode.

The Run

Marionette as the fastest in the team attacks the three air defense positions in the hills under which the plant is located. The rest of the team plans to take out the other air defenses in front of the bunker. Unfortunately, the group is immediately spotted and taken under fire by two snipers. They manage to bomb several of the facilities while the runners fight their way out. A huge thunderstorm is conjured up by a ghost, but Marionette is able to eliminate it quickly. Tempest throws deadly magic at it, but then succumbs to her own Drain damage. Chipset has to deal with a troublesome Technomancer. She manages to knock out all the air defenses and penetrate the bunker. They fight their way through the defenders and free the hostages. Chipset obtains the information on the offline host. After a brief coordination with the J, they can see an old aerial fighter bomber dropping bunker busting bombs over the facility. The Runners hurry with the hostages out of the Swiss Alps to avoid being caught by the Shiawase rearguard.

The team is invited to an audience with Kaltenstein. However, no one can see through his magical defenses (he has appeared in his troll form). Hoof, however, recognizes the connections thanks to his knowledge of dragon politics.


  • Hoof thinks he failed to protect and keeps Turm Falke as a stuffed bird as a reminder to not fail again
  • Kaltenstein now knows of other Shiawase Program sites and has leads on Morning Light Mountain. He will not rest until all the culprits are dead and the program has ended.


  • 40k nuyen or double that in foci/bioware/cyberware/electronics/animals/sins - 20 RVP
  • 30k nuyen additional - 15 RVP
  • 21 karma - 21 RVP
  • 2 CDP
  • Hoof IG run Discount


  • la Rapide may take a Force 10 Qi Focus for Improved Ability (Artisan)
  • la Rapide may take Rabble Rouser for -6 RVP
  • Hoof may take a National SIN for the Black Forest Republic and Trust Fund 3 for -15 RVP
  • Chipset may take Instinctive Hack for -2 RVP
  • Tempest may take Perfect Time for -5 RVP
  • Marrionette may take Exceptional Attribute for -14 RVP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Crazy Hoof

It is so sad that I did not manage to protect the bird. He will enjoy a worthy memory as a vigil over my fireplace. Rest in peace Turm Falke. Other than that, the run was very successful. We freed children from the clutches of an evil mega and I guess I got the attention of another dragon. At least these creatures seem to recognize my value. Watch out, Aztechnology, I've got my eye on you, and Shiawase won't be expecting any more kindness from me.


Holy frag, that was something. A big league job. I was worried that I would be dead in the host, but somehow I made it. Once they spotted me, I was on the clock, and I thought, "come on, come on, grab the file and dip out!"... Would've gone better if not for the death of Turm Falke, but alas. Good job, everyone.

Heart of the Tempest=

Well. Ouch. Mortal bodies aren't made for channelling this much of the wrath of Thor, but it is awesome to be able to destroy two SAM sites by myself. Well, with a few bits of magic jewellery, but I still do the heavy lifting. Apparently we were working for a dragon, so... glad I was unconscious when we met 'em?