Crazy Hoof

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Crazy Hoof
Crazy Hoof.png
Minotauer Tank
yeah Tank
more Tank like a real Tank
Prime Slot
Metatype(Ghoul Minotaur)
Street Cred30
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.Character's Date of Birth
PriorityMetatype - A
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - D
Skills - E
Resources - C
Number of Runs:24
Runs since Rent:0
Infected Powers open:2

Character Information


Crazy Hoof is a burnout adept who has been called to do one thing: To defy any harm thrown at him. He is a walking tank on two legs.


  • Make everyone understand that ghouls are the best.
  • Never get out of the way.
  • Help the sages of Seattle
  • Show Aztechnologie that they are weaklings (I Of The Storm)

These two goals are currently suspended due to the events in Fast Tempo until Hoof finds out if Aztechnology has realized that he is the best. Who knows, maybe he and the J from Fast Tempo can become friends.

  • - Become enemy number one for Aztechnolog (-1000 Rep)
  • - Kill a feathered snake from Aztechnology


Jack Miller grew up in a sage house on the outskirts of Redmond, at least for the first few years of his life. When he was old enough to go off the rails, he did just that. Being the stable boy he was as a Minotaur, the gangs knew how to use him as muscle. Time and time again he came into conflict with the law and it all boiled down to the fact that his life would come to an end all too soon. Then Atztechnologie came to the Barrens in search of cheap cannon fodder for the military and young Jack thought it was a good idea and would bring in good money. In countless battles he learned one thing above all to take. Yes he was literally always sent to the very front to draw fire. One day it was too much and Jack was so battered that Atztechnologie had no further use for him. He came back to Seattle in a roundabout way and infected himself with HMHVV Strain III and became a ghoul. As horrible as that may sound to outsiders, it was a blessing for Jack. He regained his strength and was lucky that the cyberware left by Arztechnology was not rejected. He found refuge in a ghoul community on the outskirts of Glow City where he became known as Crazy Hoof. Because his old behavior of always standing in the middle of enemy fire had not been discarded. To support his ghoul friends and show everyone that ghouls are the better metahumans, he set out to get nuyen by working as a runner. The knowledge he has and uses in runs he has acquired the hard way. Nothing was given to him and he has no sin for weak nothing ghouls. Only for children he can soften his heart because he himself had a shitty childhood. Since Dragonslayer came into his life, he sees himself as a Black Knight who defends the rights of ghouls all over Seattle.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Biocompatibility (Cyberware)
  • Infected: Ghoul
  • Mentor Spirit (Dragonslayer)
  • Mentors Mask
  • Rad-Tolerant
  • School of Hard Knocks
  • Shoot First, Don't Ask
  • Tough as Nails (Physical) 1
  • Perfect Time
  • Dualnature Defender
  • Cyber-Singularity Seeker
  • Drug Tolerant
  • Candle in the Darkness (In Hoof We Trust)
  • Sensei (Hoof takes a math lesson)
  • Trust Fund 3 (Don't Kick The Anthill leeds to a support from Kaltenstein for Hoofs living. Thanks to his connection to Kalanyr, he has a castle of Stonehome built in his ghoul community)


  • Code of Honor (Children)
  • Favored (Specific Target, Fanatic) (Ghouls)
  • No Man Left Behind
  • Poor Self Control (Thrill Seeker)
  • Records on File (Aztechnology)
  • Charisma 1 - While he may have once been charming (for a minotaur) in his former life as a minotaur, his transformation into a ghoul has turned him into a curmudgeonly contemporary.
  • National SIN Black Forest Troll Republic (Thanks to this run Don't Kick The Anthill Hoof is a proud citizen of the Black Forest Troll Republik)

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
The Infected and the BugbearsAurora12 December 2083
Hoofing It To The MountaintopsAsmodeus20 October 2083
Don't Kick The AnthillAuroraNo Legion But Still Deadly2 September 2083
Last Light in the ShadowsTekomandorShadowHaven Shutdown22 August 2083
Renton Prison BreakAurora20 August 2083
Pacific High WayPokémonemocow718 August 2083
In the Dead of NightArchtmagDarkening the Shadows Event17 August 2083
Fire EatersZerre29 July 2083
Paleblood MoonEdward25 July 2083
Hoof takes a math lessonAuroraA Ghoulish Case24 July 2083
Big Game. Big Hunters.L13 July 2083
AAAH FUCK WHAT'S THAT!Edward10 July 2083
Screw Humanis, amirite?Isaac4 July 2083
Fast TempoAuroraUp Tempo29 June 2083
"What do you mean we're not supposed to blow that up?"Isaac10 June 2083
I Of The StormPokemonemocow75 June 2083
Some Very Angry DrugsEdward2 June 2083
Friendly Neighbourhood PoliticsArchtmag21 May 2083
In Hoof We TrustPokemonemocow720 May 2083
And Definitely Don't Mess With Crazy KnightsEdward7 May 2083
Standing Here, I RealizeAsmodeusThe Arrival6 May 2083
A Billion Different PiecesxGugulu#9963 Intrusion Countermeasure30 April 2083
Dead On ArrivalBrockThe Wailing of the Walled City12 April 2083
Proverbs 30:14Brock4 April 2083



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Taxi Sandra 1 2+2 Fixer(A,G,N,K) Taxi Driver Big Van with Smuggeling Compartment, Sidelines Even
Dr. Henry Wallace 6 4+2 Custom(G,A,K,N) Cybertechnologist Cybertechnologist, Designer Deltaware, Cyber Snob, Embrace the Chrome, Biotechnologist, Black Market Pipeline, Cyber-Singularity Seeker Even
Hideo Masamune 6 2+2 Custom(G,K,N,A) Talismonger Enchanter, Talismonger, Arcane Blacksmith, Moshi Moshi, Sushi Chef, Guardian Of Horrible Secrets, Tattoo Artist Even
Frank Grover 3 1+2 Networking KE middle management Corrupt cop network, KE Coordinator, Emergency call, You are family Even
Jenny Smokes 1 4+2 Legwork Small-Time Reporter Small-Time, 100 Favours, Dedicated Following, Julio Even
Doctor O+ 4 3+2 Custom(G,A,N,K) Street Doc/Organlegger Medical, Illegal, Organlegger, Ghoul Organlegger, Armorer, Ware, Rarities Even
Holly Gardner 3 5+2 Service Ghoul Organlegger Ghoul Organlegger, Mystic Adept, Medic!, Axe-Wielder, Ghoul Liberation League Even
Le Bourguinion 3 3+2 Custom(N,G,A,K) Mercenary Group Leader Casevac, Gunship, Care Package, Tools of the Trades Even
Marika 8 4+2 Generalist Drake Mystic Master, Servant of Dragons, SK Connections, The Magical Side of Life, Black Operations, Persistent Conditioning, Socially Proficient, Secretkeeper, Priority Flight, Tooth and Claw, Occultist Even
Kalanyr 11 1+2 Generalist
CEO of Stonehome
Not Worth His Time, Assume Competence Ultra Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

  • Turm Falkes stuffed body has an honored place above Hoof's fireplace in his castle. It serves as a reminder for Hoof to become even better at protecting his kind.

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result


  • Fake Sin R4 Gustaf Horn - S-K
  • Fake License R4 Weapon
  • Fake License R4 Bodyguard
  • Fake License R4 Adept
  • Fake License R4 Restricted Augmentations
  • Fake License R4 Retricted Armor



Show as little skin as possible. Just do not expose anything to the sun.

Matrix Persona

What ever is default.

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