Big Game. Big Hunters.

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Big Game. Big Hunters.
Status Threat Level: high
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Toxic Mage and his Gang
Crazy Hoof
Toxic Mage
Casualties and losses


The runners are hired to solve problems with wild animals in a village. They end up facing a toxic mage and his bears.


A Toxic Mage and his bears are terrorizing some villages in China. The villagers don't know what exactly is going on (and have already lost some people) but they ask for help and get it from Mr. Wu who hires runners to investigate the incidents.

The Meet

The meeting will take place in a restaurant (bigger building, 3rd flore) near the Seatec airport. The runners are supposed to go to Guangxi to protect the local population from paracritters. The J (Mr. Wu) does not say what kind of Para Critter. The payment is 20.000 Nuyen, but they have to pay extra for the flight for heavier material like cars or drones. The runners agree to the deal. However, the Wahre that are smuggled will be transported separately from the Runners. The runners can carry their armor and legal or small weapons. Danndy let his Vehicle and Hextech her drone transportet to Guangxi.

The Plan

They arrive at the airport and then have to be transported by boat to their place of operation. Unfortunately, the equipment has not yet arrived. Five hours later they are loaded onto the boat and their equipment is still missing. Hoof, however, smart as he is, organized a replacement sign at the airport in the form of a large lid for a trash can. They reach their destination but unfortunately the equipment is still not there. The runners are loaded onto a pick-up and driven to a small village. The runners get a report from the population that they have lost people to an animal - the runners should stop it. The runners will be accommodated in the village. Hoof takes an abandoned hut outside in order not to endanger anyone. Dandy and the team starts looking for traces of the animal. They find tracks and think it could be a bear, but there are no bears in the region that could be big enough. A man from the neighboring village comes running into the village with a severed arm and tells that he was attacked by a creature. The villagers help him. They warn the villages around and gave them instructions how to protect against a Pandamonium.

The Run

Hextech can access the matrix and find out that it is probably a Pandamonium. The Runners are provided with a helicopter and Dandy and Hextech's drone do a quick reconnaissance and discover some toxic mages.


The villages can return to their peaceful secluded life.


Rewards for "Big Game. Big Hunters." + RVP Time Bonus 20k Nuyen (10 RVP) 10 karma (10 RVP) 2 CDP (0 RVP) Handmade Chinese Dumplings (0 RVP)

Optionals: Hoof: Brand Loyalty (Blood Drinker Combat Axe) (3 RVP) Dandy: Perceptive 1 (5 RVP) or 2 (10 RVP) Ranks

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Crazy Hoof

MMMUUHH the area where we fought that Toxic Mage and his fur balls was really exhausting. Still have a headache from it now. Fortunately everything went well. I was quite surprised when suddenly a ghost attacked me in the astral space. But Hextech and Dandy's drones did a good job on the bears and the mage, and I took care of that hideous spirit. Cool team - I hope to travel with them in the future.