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Surged Mystic Adept
(I am quite the spectacle)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
PriorityMetatype - A
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - C
Skills - E
Resources - E

Character Information


Wild forest monster that is now living in Seattle.


Get a boat

Open a zoo

Make a friend

Find out who killed his former fixer and made the run go fubar.


2053 Born on a small island within the greek peninsula, Abomination did not have a good life. He was born to a cyclops mother and a regular troll father. His family is all SINless and mostly small time criminals who would rob the occasional ship that passed near their island. He spent most of his days living in the woods around his home and being mostly ignored by his family.

2061 This is possibly the worst time of his life. Abomination remembers looking up with his single eye, with his family surrounding him watching the comet. Then Abomination exploded, as his face grew tentacles, hair covering his body, and new scenes rushing into him. Then Abomination ran into the ocean, living in the ocean for several days. That was when he heard the voice speaking out to him. Shark offered to teach him, and inexchange he work with Shark. Abomination started to distance himself from his family. Living in the woods and meeting with Shark under the sea daily.

2068 Abomination remembers when his father didn’t return home from their last job. His father was trying to steal some drek from a facility when an Ares Predator gave him his last haircut. So Abomination began to became the one who would support his mother. Doing small jobs throughout Greece and eventually throughout the entire Mediterian Ocean. The last thing of his family being his father's cheap helmet and watch he didn’t bring on his last job.

2076 Abomination began to work consistently for Seader-Krupp on shadowruns for a fixer he met. With Abomination working on just constantly and drawing in a large amount of money for his family and his hometown. Abomination not having a good understanding of the larger political moves of the shadows, Abomination had a great time working with all the shadowrunners he met. Though most of the people that he met did constantly talk about how he looked like an Abomination, and thus his name was born.

2079 The run went fubar as Abomination escaped the Aztech facility in Seattle. Their face had his head popped by a blood mage, the mage bounced after they saw the face get geeked, and the sam was really giving it his all as the blood spirits cut him down. Then Abomination got a text, his fixer was geeked and Saeder-Kruup had all info collected between him and his fixer. “Happy doing business, we’ll be in touch.” Was all the last text said.

Now on the streets of Seattle, Abomination was homeless and maybe a little crazy after his team cut up like a Thanksgiving soy turkey. So, he began to sleep on the streets. Then he came across a god send, a spirit named War Trash and him became friends. The urban brawl loving spirit and him becoming fast friends as Abomination began to live inside of the dumpster.

2080 Eventually Abomination would rejoin running and was sponsored to join Shadowhaven. Abomination was thrilled and continued to live on the streets, giving most of the money he earned to charities that he feels are more deserving. He also is afraid to sleep anywhere that isn’t a dumpster now.

Abomination also began to meet with a weird old man. First time Abomination met Zinnia, he sent the troll flying ass over tea kettle. So Abomination began to learn from him and actively work to help the old man. It also helped that both were homeless and shared a lot together.

2081 Abomination continues to live in War Trash. He also stole a shotgun from a ganger that threatened and kept it with him. At the moment Abomination is really just trying to make enough money to sort himself out.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Animal Empathy

Razor Claws


Changeling (Class III SURGE)

Gills (Full)

Mentor Spirit: Shark

Sensei: Unarmed Combat, Zinnia

Strive For Perfection




Emotional Attachment: Goggles

Favored (Specific Target, Outspoken): Surged

Hobo with a Shotgun

Slow Healer

Unusual Hair

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Big Game. Big Hunters.L13 July 2083



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
War Trash 2 3 Fixer Dumpster "I've Got Wheels Baby!", "Free as a bird", "A literal dumpster fire." Even
Zinnia 3 2 Service Martial Artist Unarmed Sensei, Mystic Adept, "I'm so old!", "I may be old but I still got moves" Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result


R4 UCAS: Philip Manning Licenses-Adept, Firearms, Emotional Support Animal


His face is a blob of tentacles that is slightly glowing vibrant colors.

His skin is pure gold.

He has hair patterns that cover him is red and make him look like a monkey.

His horn is thin and curls.

He wears a very cheap watch which was his father's.

He is usually wearing a baggy or unfitting suit.


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