Pacific High Way

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Pacific High Way
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Pink Samaurai
Bwyell Waedlyd
Crazy Hoof


IA bunch of documents that could be used to discredit the DA and the current bug incident that is happening on the side of Seattle, therefore a group of runners was sent in to retrieve the documents. instead of the social infiltration, they send in a hit squad to do the combat path and to require the information the old-fashioned way, with blood and violence


The light in the dark campaign is currently going on and the ever-increasing exhalation between the bugs that are trying to occupy the DA and the FBI is increasing in the number of runners that are being employed to make sure this doesn't end up like Chicago.

The Meet

the runners showed up at High Water, a high-class bar that sells very costly drinks, and none of the party faces did anything to help with boosting their rewards but they were ready to face whatever was ahead of them.

The Plan

There was no planned set out due to the runners, aside from the one the rigger had and kept it secret till it was ready to be pulled out, that was to pee it hidden and let Hoof rush head first in to bring all of the guards on himself, while the Scrappenny when into the back to steal what was needed without being seen.

The Run

Hoof and Bwyell jet pack their way onto the top of the boat where they would start a fight with the corps guard, being very pink samurais while Scrappenny went down below deck to find the info. During the fight upstairs the rigger ends up running into about 5 bug spirits who all try to kill the alone runner, who somehow survived which could have easily gone south if the other runners couldn't get there in time.


More info to help the FBI to help bring down the DA and end the light in the dark campaign.


  • Run Rewards for "Pacific High Way"
  • 24k (12 RVP) or 48k in High Fashion Armour or Cloaks
  • 8 Karma (8 RVP)
  • 2 CDP (0 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Scrappenny i was never ready to deal with a room filled with 5 mages and all of them was trying to use their powers to bring me down...I'm tougher than I look but I fear that could had went another way.

Crazy Hoof What a fancy boat. A shame I didn't find a reason to sink it. Well there were some Bug Spirits on board but otherwise the boat was harmless - didn't even have a cannon to shoot at me. The samurai on the ship were funny. I'm not sure if they wanted to go to the carnival or if it was serious equipment.