Hoof takes a math lesson

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Hoof takes a math lesson
Part of A Ghoulish Case
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Doctor O+
Holly Gardner
Crazy Hoof Mage
Throwing Adept
4xautomatic weapons Gangers
Casualties and losses
Mage and one Sniper survived
IG Run (Hoof)


Hoof tries to solve a math problem, gets a nosebleed and stumbles into a conversation between 162s and Doctor O+. The whole thing ends with some 162s being dead and Hoof having to clarify that Doctor O+ has nothing to do with it but is under Hoof's protection.


162s make Doctor O+ pressure because of their organ trafficking. If he does not cooperate, he will be in big trouble. Unfortunately, Hoof stumbles into this conversation with a nosebleed.

The Meet

Hoof once again let himself be entertained by the ghoul children of his community. One of them tries to teach him math again. But adding is so complicated for Hoof that he gets a nosebleed and asks for a doctor. He is referred to O+ and lets Sandra drive him to the doctor. When he arrives there, there is already a lot of screaming in O+'s office. When his knocking is not answered with "Who is there?" but with "Piss off." He enters without further ado and interrupts the "negotiations" with O+. The 162s leave quite pissed off. Hoof meets Holly Gardner who takes care of his nosebleed and explains that the 162s now think O+ hired Hoof to protect him. Hoof can't let that stand, of course, and he suggests going to the 162s to make it clear that it was all Hoof's idea. Holly offers to accompany him.

The Plan

Planning was never an option - Hoof just mashed through.

The Run

Holly and Hoof are having a nice conversation (outside the 162s lair) about their shared mentor Spirit Dragonslayer and the art of spellcasting when they are interrupted by the local leader. Hoof asks for his name and gets the answer that the leader owns the street. Hoof (using all his grey cells) combines that the leader must be called like the street (Hamilton). But when Hoof addresses "Hamilton" by his name, he is so pissed off that the 162s open fire on Hoof and Holly. That was (and this must be noted here) of course never Hoof's fault. Purely for the purpose of documentation the 162s have started! There is a wild fight in which Hoof, because of a very annoying mage, has to take quite a beating, but finally it comes to the inevitable end and most of the 162s lie dead on the street. The mage is rescued by Holly on Hoof's instructions and Hoof wants to be brought to the 162s leader - which the mage refuses because he is afraid Hoof would simply kill the leader. Hoof actually only wants to deliver a message. Exhausting. So Hoof calls Jenny Smokes and the reporter agrees to write an article clarifying that all activities at O+ are on Hoof's head. Hoof agrees and lets the magician go - he is not a monster after all. (In retrospect, it would have been best to call Jenny right away).


Holly is now Hoofs Sensei for Sepllcasting - good day at the end and all starts with a lesson about math.


  • Doctor O+ (Connection 4 Ghoul Organlegger/Cyberdoc) at Loyalty 3 - 6 RVP
  • Holly Gardner (Connection 3 Ghoul Mysad) at Loyalty 5 - 7 RVP
  • Sensei (Spellcasting) - 5 RVP
  • 2 karma - 2 RVP
  • 1 rank of Academic Knowledge Skill: Mathematics
  • 1 CDP
  • IG Run Discount

  • +10 Ghoul Liberation League Rep
  • -25 162s Rep

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Crazy Hoof

Wow, the 162s are taking themselves seriously for once. They should be ashamed as ghouls you have to be a role model. Were immediately offended and violent. Since they have but this time with the wrong. But I'm glad I went to O+ Holly is really cool and helps me understand this complicated issue with the spells.