A Billion Different Pieces

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A Billion Different Pieces
GMxGugulu#9963 Intrusion Countermeasure
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Parcival Smithens
Crazy Hoof
Spirit Speaker
Template:2 Sentry drones
Casualties and losses
No Casualties occured 9 opposition units (stunned/killed)
Shadowrunners successfully retrieve the package


Hound, Crazy Hoof, Spirit Speaker, and Voxel receive deets from their fixers looking to steal a corporate owned property, develop some kind of Prototype Nanoware System by independent laboratory. Four Shadowrunners began their preparations while Voxel access the public matrix to penetrate and retrieve the corporate's architecture map, to find entrances and routes to plan their escape. Hound and Voxel infiltrated the compound, sneak pass the guards, and stole the Nano-system triggering the alarm. All opposition forces have been dealt with, and made a clean getaway with the help of one of their contacts. The package is delivered successfully.


The Meet

The Johnson implored runners to enter the night club providing them a pass phrase and be discreetly. Hound, Crazy Hoof, Spirit Speaker, and Voxel all arrived at the location and met with the Johnson. The Johnson provided vague information to steal a Prototype Nanoware System of Parcival Smithens Bio-& Nano Technology Laboratory located In Tacoma. The Johnson isn't certain the layout of the building, but given a grain of salt from rumors this facility has been hit at least 30 times. Most of them are successful, some of them are not. Once they retrieve the package, their next phase is to deliver the data and nanites at Redmond Barrens Warehouse, someone will be present.

The Plan

The runners began discussing their plans, one of them calls a cab to accommodate everyone arriving the Tacoma District. Voxel runs the matrix to gather information from the corporate facility where the package is being held, to gain more insight of the building layout. This took them more than a day to gather enough information. The place is guarded by private security & surveillance drones are surveyed. Front entrance looks obvious to enter, the yard is also being surveillance, so Hound and Voxel decided to enter the yard and enter the back entrance. Getting out won't be easy without a getaway car, so one of them decides to call one of their contacts to arrange a getaway man. If the alarm gets triggered, they have less than ten minutes before the authorities showed up (Tacoma District is a Security A zone).

The Run

Voxel and Hound did the physical infiltration, had to snuff a guard before they noticed one of Voxel's drones, masterfully snuck by the Security cams.

Upon grabbing the Nano-system the alarm triggered, the two had to make a run fight of the sentry drones an one spirit, while Spirit speaker dealt with the mage and Hoof with the rest of the guards.


The getaway driver is already prepared to leave soon as they fled the scene. Shadowrunners successfully delivered the data and nanites to someone in Redmond Barrens Warehouse and called the Johnson they delivered the package.


  ▶ 17,000 ¥
  ▶ 7 Karma
  ▶ 2 CDP

  ▶ 8 GMP for Mad Max (Premade Character Hound)

Game Quotes

"Rest in Pieces" - Hound

Player After Action Reports (AARs)