I Of The Storm

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I Of The Storm
LocationContainership in the North Pacific Ocean
Status Threat Level: Extreme
Factions Involved
Jenny Smokes
Crazy Hoof
La Rapide
Jaguar Warriors
Agular GX-2
Casualties and losses


The crew is gathered due to Hoof having visions. They acquire a military jet to borrow instead of the ship offered. They sneak onto a ship, murder all the blood mages, a cyber-nut, and an attack helicopter.


The Tezcatlipoca is a containership that visits seedy and smaller ports, often these visits are accompanied by increases in missing person reports. This is because the vessel serves Aztechnology (through 3 layers of deniability) as a place to train blood mages and experiment with spells.

The Meet

Jenny Smokes serves as an impromptu Mr Johnson and offers 10k nuyen out of the royalties to each of the runners if they can capture the events. The crew agrees.

The Plan

Sleathliy fly to the ship, use a Zodiac Scorpio to approach silently, climb onto the deck, use knowledge gained during legwork to find the "secret chamber", kill everyone evil and rescue hostages.

The Run

The crew easily slip on board without being noticed, especially due to cover from the storm. They work their way through the ship's maze of corridors, HardDrive's FlySpy leads to make sure nobody surprises the team. They come across a pair of heavily armoured guards. With some observation and preparation, they ambush the guards, not even giving them the ability to call out for help. With the guards dispatched they break into The Chamber to take on several blood mages and their spirits. They expertly dispatch the newbie mages. After the fight, they talk with some of the captives, most of whom just want death. The crew wishes to save them and tries to think of ways to steal the boat, settling on contacting the crew. Unfortunately, the crew has been utterly slaughtered. Shortly after this, the Agular shines its floodlight through the blood-stained window, trying to get a view. Shy decides to try and take it out before it becomes an issue. The crew still in the basement is ambushed by a cyber-warrior named Nightmare. After the Assassin is dealt with the crew ascends to help Shy while she's being suppressed. eventually, the crew through combined efforts bring down the helicopter. With all threats neutralised they escort as many captives as possible onto their jet and steal the helicopter for N51. Hoof makes sure Aztechnology knows he is responsible for this act by writing "Hoof was here" in large letters all over the ship.


N51 gets a new helicopter, Hoof integrates captives into his commune, and everyone gets paid.


  • 25 Karma (25 RVP)
  • 10k nuyen (5 RVP)
  • 2 CDP
  • Hoof: IG discount
  • Hoof: -50 Aztechnology Rep

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Crazy Hoof

MMMUUUHHH I showed the guys from Aztech who is the best. Time for new goals. I have to make sure that I am their enemy number 1. The weaklings should tremble before me and the decision to dismiss me from their military. I couldn't stand blood magic even back then. It's time to hunt blood mages.


Magic with fucking blood ?! Thought those were crazy rumours at first or overexagerated things...But that bone spirit thing ? Never again. On the good part tho we managed to grab a gunship for the N-51's operation.